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June 6, 1925     Farmers Advocate
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June 6, 1925

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FEDERAL BLUE PENNANT CORDIn- Low in Cost-- High in Quality The Federal AUTHORIZED SALE8 AGENCY AND SIGN mrs the Guaranty of A Square in Quality, Price and Service. BLUE PENNANT CORD The real tire bargain We sell it in preference to any other cord tire because of its exceptional quality and service. .For the same reason it will pay you to use it exclusively. HYMAN VIENER AUTHORIZED SALES AGENT CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. PHONES: niece 253. Residence 250. @ Doose B00oTMeas CO H M E-RClAL CAR Dodge Brothers Commercial Car advertises the business it serves. .In fact, merchants value the ap- pearance of the car second only to the low-cost, dependable mileage it delivers. -,-. The price is $960 delivered SOUTH GEORGE D. L. HEDGES ST. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. PHONE 97-R. RESTAURANT STATE ROAD SANDWICHES MEALS Propr. W. VA. Truth Of It. A Rare Bird. Roth:--"I hear Sam Heath wrecked Whiskers:--"I'm proud to say nat [ his auto down the Mill road last night. I am an old-fashioned doctor." what was the cause of the accident. Patient:m"What does that mean, Graham :--Chicken" Dc ?" Roth: "B'gosh there should be a Whispers:--"I try. my best to find law against letting chickens run in the out what is the matter with you with- road." Graham:--'arhese chickens were in out calling in a lot of guys to discuss the the ,e. FARMERS ADVOCATE, JUN 6, 1925. ' THREE m WHEN DEATH COMES [eVv-;-;;;rI.;-JWff'# ] , ?N TH E FARM.! -- C. P-ENGLE a K.K. CAVALIER " The gool man the maser of the, unartes Town, W.V. Bolivar, W. Va house, lay dead.' He had fought a i rnone 20-F. Phone a-K. good fign i-it had not failed. Star-: ' l' ENGLE & CAVALIER rounded by friend.--human friends,  "'E R'AL ""E WIRE i animal friends, true friends--and in l In  lv -- fan atmosphere which for more than Io h U C T I 0 N E E R S - , ELL ANYTHING, ANYWHERE , he .fell asleep. Peaceful was h]s! DAIRY CATTLE AND REAL ESTATE A SPECIALTY PaFs:rngda= before the end ne]ghbo  Write or Phone for Date. Your Patronage 8elicited. who had iong known the good man' COMPETENT CLERK ALWAYS AVAILABLE. c&me to see him and to comfort and eI trt_Il-r-I!I-IIfFle/J#-Jlt!lllJlllllt cheer him and other members of the household. About this there was noth- in strange or new. It represented ;only the carrying out of a beautiful and long-es*ablished country custom. !It savored of a sympathy and sincer- ity born of the soul. In it there was no half-concealed bid for business, l The promptings were b:gger and bet-' .ter by far than such as stimulate! *.raxle. Int many of the homes rep- resented by the friendly visitor the' good man. .vo ag. and ill health had, come upon him had gone on similar l missions of mercy. Never once, i though I we,n. had he thou'ht of these vis;ts a:-" ueh. for to him they repre- ::ented mere]-: the natural thim to do. Was a neighbor ;n trouble. Then all must help lighten the load. help "brighten the corner." What did the nqghbors talk about whon they came to seo the good man? Did they deliver deep and perhaps dark discourse. on death ? No, never! The little that the)" said was of the weather, of crops or cattle or other commonplace things, but both the man in armchair o on the bed and he who. as in the most unconcerned manner sa(l good-by, quickly running to hide an unbidden tear. understood. Theirs Helps Children Grow SCOTT'S EMULSION RICH IN COD-LIVER OIL ANII HEALTH-GIVING VITAMINS Tonight [ Get a ! 25. Box Administrator's Notice. All persons with claims against the estate of the late Edward J. Tearney are hereby notified to present the same properly verified to the under- signed administrator. Those indebted to said estate are hereby requested to make prompt settlement. WILLIAM V MARMION, JR., Administrar of the Estate of Edward J. Tearney, Deceased. May 2-4t. Haers Ferry, W. Va. OFFER FOR SALE The undersigned Executors, offer for sale. privately, the late residence of Mary V. Miller, on the corner of West anti Washington streets, Charles Towm W. Va.. at the price of $10,000. Terms made known on application to the undersizned who re.,.rve the right to reject any and all bids. T. C. GREEN, and J. ED. BURNS, Co-Executors of Mary g. Miller. 5lay 23-4t. PATENTS INVENTORS Send us Your IDEAS and we will, ASOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE, was the fellowship of the soil, the; JEFFERSON PHARMACY :arch the records of the Patent Office and report to you our opinion as to comradeship o the country. He- who-,....,1,. 1D'lnt-, 11. ,1 whether or not you can obtain a patent i has not experienced these can never i UrUtUttt xtct. x'v kTa, on your invention. know the meaning. Between. men who . ..w: ..... .P"*'*a .... a ........ o,,- famou.s VCe have assisted thousands of in- have shared in the same gifts and to- Georgia Yams. Prepaid mail, 500, ventor.a in DEVELOI'ING and PER-" !gether suffere,t at the same Gethse-'$1.50, 1000, 82.50. Express $2.00 FECTING their IDEAS before filing their application' papers in the Patent :manes there is a tie that is not easily :thousand. Greater__ B a!timor Red Office. , ,  - ,- .... Rock New Stone, 31aemess lomao severe(L Jroutn, (emge or other rt s-'Plants same )rice Open field grom WE CAN ASSIST YOU .aster. when sxve,jfing over rural com-i PARKER. FARMS, Take Advantage of This FREE Offer :munities welds the tmf0runate vic- ! ..31ay 23-3t Atlanta, (a. Write Todav for :tirr, s into a solidarity seldom seen in' - ][-lOt-T-l--Ir-A-X''rQt';rl Ui:3r_ l-2l, II,U[ VALUABI.E INF'ORMATON ..... ithe ciD'. Then in the country friend- a GIBSON & FOX i ships, warm and sweet like the fresh-I as i Give me a chance to do your 305-C McLachlen BRig. turned soil in the springtime, grow i WashinKton, D. C. grow the most abundant crops. In HOUSE PAINTING April 25-13L fact, the finest of all country fruits are the fruits of friendship. The good man slept. Neighbors, SOme of the same neighbors who had come to see him ere he fell asleep, watched in the big room, silent now, but made beautiful with flowers, mo.t of which had been grown in home gardens and gathered by loving hands. Mothers and daughters from neighbor. ing farms came to offer their sympa- thy-and more. Some brought hread can do inside or outside work ]to the satisfaction of the most exacting. See me at my home near the Burns Elevator, Charles Town, W. Va. GORDON BALLENGER May 23-At. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE LOANS Finance Mortgage Company, Baltimore, Maryland. will finance First Mort- gages on Improved In- or other food so that the members of!IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA., ON the family where life's last caller hadi. SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1925, come would be relieved of the ordinary, t At 2 O'Clock P. M. household duties. Were suitable ar-, ONE NEW 7-ROOM HOUSE come Producing Real tieles of dres lacking, they were pro-'l,---.J ........  x^, __. x,^-,.  ' : lGt2u tb Ju/IJE u Yv t:b ttltu 'UI u/l vided in a manner so gracious as notfsreets, Charles Town; also One B00ld.IEstate Imssesmng Gen- to offend. Wants were anticipated, ling Lot 60 by 260 feet. One Building t . Tv.... Every need was surmlied for fre-uent. Lt 48 by 378 feet; One Lot 130 byteral U1;lllty. -a  '   n l thro .... 245 feet. .bout 50 Perch of Buildi g| .... y ugn our nearts we can see more antt of second * iStne- A large qu ' Y "I ADply tO. than through our eyes. ,hand lumber. / - - When the morrow had come and asi TERMS OF SALE:---One-half Cash'FORREST A. BROWN that the good man who had been gra- cious as he was good, must surely !meet and welcome them as of yore. !But it could not be so. He slept. I None there were who could or would waken him here. Soon the start was made for the church, where the last service was to be held, and to the city of silence, where rest friends who had gone before. Perchance the sun, as if in sorrow, was hidden behind a cloud; doves in the yard filled the ees, which the good man had planted cooed in most melancholy manner; Ring, faithful collie, lay dejectedly in some secluded slmt or vainly sniffed about the crowd in search of his mas- ter. About such a leave-taking there is an indescribable sorrow, a solemnity the old clock which on each Saturday Ion day of sale, balance in two equal night for so many years the good man i installments, payable in one and two .... years from date of sale, the deferred had wound, indicated me approacn oI payments to be evidenced by the note the hour designated, a crowd, not corn-t or bonds of the purchaser, bearing in- posed of curious folk, but made up oIterest from date, and secured by a lien real friends, assembled. As they ap- i on the property. The right will be re- t served to reject any or all bids. ,roached the house it seemed to many Sale will be held on the property. A. F. BOWERS. Chas. T. Engle, Auctioneer. t -Ti{i00l STEE'-S-00LE ' OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. By virtue of aof trust bearing l [date on the 3rd day of February, 1923, i i and of record in the Clerk's Office ell ;the County Court of Jefferson County, West Virginia, in Deed Book 122, at page 489, made by R. J. Funkhouser and L. Merle Funkhouser his wife, land E N. Funkhouser and Nellie E. Funkhouser, his wife, grantors, to H. IV. S heetz, Trustee to secure George I M. Beltzhoover, Jr., Trustee, two cer- tain notes therein mentioned, the un- I dersigned Trustee will offer at Public Outcrv in front of "the Court House fin saicl County, ai 11 o'clock, a. m., on ] TUESDAY, JUNE 23rd, 1925, which approaches the sacred--yes, and l the following real estate descmbed in i a solace, sweet and satisfying. :said deed of trust. I At first thought it might seem that i All that certain parcel of real estate] to take one away from the home, the !situate on the East side o fthe Shen-] farmstead, the surroundings, in thelandoah River, about five miles South] making of which he had played so !of Charles Town known as the large a part, is harder to bear than "FURNACE TRACT" or Tract No. 2, containing 1649 acre, 1 death wold be under other crcum-12 roods and 1 pole, and it being all" stances. Is it so ? True, it is differ- and the same parcel of real estate that ent when, in a zrowded city, the last.was conveyed to the said Grantors by call comes to the dweller in a great George M. Baltzhoover, Jr., Trustee, apartment, for instance, where friends i by deed dated February 3rd, 1923, of l ......  . . recoro in tne t&lerg S UMce OI gala ---Close ana in,imam'--are iew. Ine . [ County, next preceding this deed of [ severance from mere material things ltrust. '. Imay seem less sad, for in going.the t TERMS OF SALE:--ne-third of [sleeper may leave- behind him btrt httle thepurehase money cash in hand, one. Charles Town, W. Va. May 16-tf. Punctures Blowouts Road Delays. Spares t: Carry Tire Upkeep Cost Figure out for yourself what tire service like that would save you. Then come in or call us. We'll he glad to show you how such service can be ob- tained. W. W. KELLY i LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR f Shenandoah Junction, W. Va. " Vhre Tire Troubles End" of his own.handiwork. '. But think of the compensation{ which came with the passing of the! good man out in the country. He had worked and wrought long and well, i md in doing so he had builded a monument more useful by far than! stately shaft or marble or costly tab-I third thereof with irKerest from one year and the residue thereof with in- terest from twoyears from the day of sale taking from the purchaser his notes w'ith good security, and the legal title to be conveyed to the purchaser, and securing the deferred pa.xmaent by deed of trust upon the property let of bronze. His was a home, a cen- sold. ter for character building and beau- H.V. SHEETZ. Trustee. ty. He loved it and so long as he liv- ed he did not leave it. What more ap-! We pay the highest market price propriate place, then. for the passing for beef hides, horse hides as well as of a good man? Yes, death in the country is differ-:for all other marketable hides and ent. but who is there that would not l raw furs. HYMAN VIENER, ha:e Town