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June 6, 1925     Farmers Advocate
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June 6, 1925

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00gun . • FAnME00 00U)VOCATg, -JLmE 0, 1925. -- •  -- Pm{MFRS AI00VOCATI: t LOCAL Bm l LOCAL BRIrS. 1LOCAL WHOLESALE MARKETS. , ....... ..J t=. .......... [   | -- m . [ __ ! - ............ i Among the Washington victors in: Miss Ella Engle returned on Friday l Thu.-:.av, June 4, 1025 m m Pro=H= -- " "" &apos;"---Pishr, t Charles Town on Memorial Day were In,am the Howard Kelley Hospital in -. , . - ; .._ " . ." ..- da, last ho.00 Ji " ...... : ............ ii ,' :Max ore :. Pt'BLiED ,'ATURDAYS. ,their aunt, Miss Su3ie 9Ly, all offi ,-convalescing at the tome oflEicen ....... " ............... ! CHARLES TOW%', . r. " " WEST V :, .... '.. _:'2 . a .... ,,L__,__!gnom iormer resiaenls el ta€ courty.,her ister, Mrs Gerard 3I Rissler on! . ...................... i= "- - ." ......  " - * ,lntere. atne Im’ m aeiat nart..1Mr. Gray is an engineer and is in thetthe Kabletown hike Mrs Risie.iYoung Ohikens ............. 22! .......... :, ow, "n..a., asl-seconu:ciass mmiiemploy of tile He.add andwho went to Balimoie sho'/tlv a'teriCreaz3 ter Butr ............... ":5; - , '  - atter. • . Tnnes Printing Company. t tho operation to be with her "accom-{C?untr I;utte.. .............. 0  iI?' ,.. ,;r__: CL • ' o , -- ........  ............. - - 'tried her home ' !noumers ann mes .............. o:  ttc z-x, e low ' nowlnff '*-----__-7 ................... ine tlocesan OLInCli Oz .ne EpLS-i v` - ' p,,.. , .)rt 7-_"- ........ :) St,UllrrlO. larv.. !c0pal Church of West y.:g, a I i,-. Shiley, a farmer residing t'ourlBeef Cattl,.. .............. ..05 to .091 A 6[l)I I,nq]l -I IN,Tl gL- i .....  ........ }session in rarKersourg last weeK, ap-lmle s west of Middlewav has "t froakIVeal Calve 09i . ,x JXVt JLXa= LXl Lr : Montns to County Subscribers 75e., / .; - s " fo Kirls in ithree .uperflous limbs pcotrudin' i';," Lard ...................... o0'  f " ,a, $#'l’ " l'ear to Interstate Points $1.50 Chalc logan, and conduct it as athis [hroat between hs breas: an, Wool . . :;5   .'::.:'VHIRT5 ' 'Mnths to Interstate Points 90e. {church school in tiae future. This ae- lower jaw. Barrin his srolu.av ,ff " ]" " ". "--'[ "." ' "" " :" ] ......  .. -:.t-,.-: :-7 ] . " &ll suhrintinn -, nsvhlo €, d Lion of the council has be: aatiei-]liubs he is a eormal 1)g'" wiU 'el lOal Ketall ,larKets. l l " " f' ." -mlff;',* "'i_ . Notice is sent to our sub- Pua d for some time, as t&e propostdl.a:ne weakpes for bran mixture pos-IEggs .......................... 32, ,:.:i',':..': '.'..' seribers of the expiration date of their I p cnase nas seen amcused m church  sosscd by all the others in the litter. Creamery ?,utter . 0  " . i;i :. -  '('" "":' • . • con[erences Ior more rma a ye't • , : ' ,.-   , '-  '  \\; V mibscnptlons and the paper will bet " "  A- it,nes, of two dav ?,,m k,,,•]--Cg, unt-T Bt:.ter .................. ,. :- . I " /  discontinued unless renewal is receiv- Mr and Mrs J J y had a family 1 roulPt "caused *b n;k"..'V ""7-• [Youn Chh.kens ................ 25  -" -- "" ' -' i/_ "  : ed'at thin office, aecompamed by the reunmn at their home n(r to,'.-n o ' Bovd colored r.•* .... e , .n in;. Potat)es .............. : ...... 1.a0  -: '.-. - ea,. or ts eqmvalent. In order to !Sundy May "H, 1925, wlven th,  .rv-!('haoel in Chn, o- Tow M.d - •" Lard ...................... 25  _./ ] ,  ,., a v01d m,ssmg copies your renewalled a b,g droner to fnen4s a,,d rel-ltornoo.u at 5:2.'} o'c'ock .Re,- B),'d -' ............ '. /   . ..... oum oe sent in promptly, latives. Tho pesent were Mr atIcame to Charle Totem ! ..... :.. :.., .....  [  *- =r.t* " " J k-k  \\;k-'\ ........ tMrs. Eugene Eby and faxnfly, of Was]'o to assume the duties ,Is p:tor a[i )) lIl l)enver i₯111K. , = t/Ylf-| t ] . rne Aavocate invites eommumca-iingrn; mr. and Mrs Harry Eby and|St PhilCvs' fx)m NoToll V 4. w'  " tmns from the people, containing news IMr Hems, Eby, all of M.arylan[; Mr. ]a0 vear of a.e A wife <,,,-,-h-o : I am dehverlng milk to customem =.  In=,. Mnwnl’,o I. rpk-_ Or discussion of questions of, public|William by and famil,x Mr ShirleytHi,'ro,uain we,-o LaL;o, to \\;',-’,IL- f, iin Charles Town Parties wishin a  JlaLut 'evitti;Ti ill 11113 iterest. • Letters for publication must I Eby and family, Miss Willie Eby, Mr6 burial ...................... :'supply will telephone Charles Totem  - - , bear ame and addrdss of the writer, Eichard Frazier, Miss Rene Bane and ", iExehane 917-15  [4lff'2T-][..]A]V] I-]Tlrr hot, necessarily for publication. Mrs. Frank Bowers, all of 'lesl A pleasure pm'ty of motorists, en-i o - JAMES A DAILEY _ ...... ,zL, lt*Xt ':::d Town oute to turay Caverns was detained Route 2 Charles Town W :a  ol.'.t '_]____ _-  p  =  • ._ =-= _ ............... I . " .... nee over Wednes(!av nig,t owi,g to .... :-= ' ,. • "'  t,.ilLl[ tulors in ngnsn lroaocto[n ]PallCY S FDERAL AMENDMENTS AGAIN. ].mr. nas. E. Busnong, a, Iormer res-tgaskt strain and the pari-'w,* ,r-( i tay a-m.  . -- _ ,. . ,^_ imen’ oi ,naxles Town, wan has been fat The Inn "Th- to,,rLs*- v -," .: * ........  llr:-l, t_n___  r .  " .. ....... :-- /in business in Waming'tn for somelca., of Mr"-ndMr ohn'.' " ''ilill I I  vvJtn t.,ouar I lvla[cn ';6ince writing the communication in |time, was hez-e several dav this weeb t ,' ,. : a X.. " . • :- ' ..   _ -- . • • . -- -,1o[ loungsrown. mo who with Mrs " • • • yOI: last WeeK'S issue, in wnien the!introducing the Orchard Mouse De- ..... ' ..... "ll ae.,ation Excursions I _ Ai d-l|,=- A,,k. ,vor was made ro elucidate the l * .......................   . ,Jasper ropsev rtun, o t.oz lsialm, I • j   aaQt -tlallt2U. t,l uyvt, ltt appai'akus pventea Oy " - " " - ' r - L • .-  .... New ork, are guest of Dr 3la.'le TO WONDERFI. I .... • f0|lowlng propositions: (1) U. S. con- himself*termmate nnce m fiel4s: .. - " " , .  ......... , itution lS the sunreme law of the 'and orh,r*l, THe ,,- ...... e,, ; .! Louc Montatue, m lw sulme:: ]i .Dtm iml roll ] a2.!f.l.e ,.rt20_Iflf,,l ' -nen o n ] --. ......... y -2 v-- W ...... ,at Ht.rDers PerlT All a-co nllnDe'] - " " ----- * lana; (z) namench tt such co - , glass poison container easdv acces-I ......... ... • ; " iingalPaia|| .... . • - " " • • . .. ' * ' OI rAae lnxernatlOnal Huluanlty t,eague, , stitutaon when rutiiied bec.omesa part sible for mine, and ,s recommenled bytf .... ,4,,4 ,,, r),. ,.., ...... " liMIIII IIM P[iigi # of te consmon ( al. v.. t). . con-]the Federal Bureau of Agriculture, ast-: .................... s-. ]i i  |- I |L l | | | - *' stltutaan; (3)' 'the Prohibition Amend-lwell as the agricultural deffartment of .Notices have been maiicd m the i  • | . raeltt was a rect grant of sovereign-{Vir-irfia -- |creditors of E. B. Reed, the Charicu • _ _ __ -' _ | "  7'   "   "" " tyandpower,totheU. S Government ................. ITownmerchaptwhofiledapetitionii:: "7 "/LI .... -,, i I/00larb I_00tt00rl00 u • over the liqu0r or wet statues; (4) That mr. w nnam .Cnsen, wan resid-}bankruptey i Mmh last, to attend,• %( II  .IUF Ui" |   'r. i.[i J 1 '_ ,I--  ii .... no state could in i * constitution or lea eal" Y, lppon, nls couavy, years ago l a meetir in Charle Tow- -n Tues :i --*"" I -- w  ".  t,d  m., iavs violate the Bill of Rights Amend- ] ............. [ day, June 9, to consider a propesition • iram CHART,E. qVN | • Inlle l;fl [ , • - .................. tr " s sou o raw Jffa.v, in *.₯1Olgah{ ....... ,  --- numt (a) as to unreasonable search , , .......... to compromise then" clafls. Mr. Keed • | and ,i*,,re h *wice in i'mrmrdr {e 't |county, wnere ne nan llveu Ior rme ,ha  oonlL.ted arrG._.e,.L.., _. .. t-tln , i "l..Iw o | / .. t9 o n eXcea Mve fines &c., &c., in enforcing[__'°jaff" ,,r rmweu,]tha t willenab{e him to'pay off his/• .... o ..... | • *" -- -- ' -- •  / _: yttr mu ne reaves one son uwng  L tO a, t the Prixhibition Amendment Of the U ..... 7 ...... s , _ unsecured creditors at; 40 cents on te; • P "-- ' " " ] • t ''   [   /  P .... v • Im ne sr.ave oi wasfllngt:on, one oaugn- r .... S. consiff.itutmn, I ha'e read m the ........................ ]dolla,andyetallowhnntoretamhis;i ,,,o __ ._o I ill-OOil tidlllllt-. • • . te, .Wtk'. r*lIll " rlletl..ln waslllltg-oon, } . :. ! x a-..... v a,tV tmblprmts,,Mr. Wayne B. Wheeler, r .... € .... ...... t. ....... property and resmne business. Many:i - ] Bii ,It ,i" .ll /illlllli general count, el for the Anti-Saloon X" _.: ".'::.,_,o\\;"E'',,'t. ' " ,?,: ..,pa, [of his 'creditors have signed an ag, ee- 1 • A,k Ticket Agent for i  I l lJ V B i | • I. Ill • • i i • t • ".,," e v-. .... m ..... ": ........... eigh, in Chicago, and two sisters Mr ; "-- . v e ....... -t.-,:, ....... . Deriptive Folaer. an, WZ, (quoting ls language) [.,; , o,, ..... a a,.. , .... 'o-;" icomP mme amno'ement wall save to • • I i ",When "the ,tates bV constitutional :€ "; ,Y" ": .... ,ss ....  ""'lthe Creditors, it is said, the cost of'i Rltlmnz, , tthi, | " - . VVell, OZ IXtlS county ban " ,v=***v.. .  v*** raehod changed the constitutmn and .... [ kruptcy proceedings. The secu,00,• I .., ......... made Prohibition a national constitu- The baking of the steering geax[credtk, rs, of course will be paid in full , !1 i m q/ l'l'll A I,i, ttorml policy of govePtent there could on. an aumob le caused the machine I ..... be no leeal, se]f-ffovermment as to en- operated by a man by the name of .................... "'- fOre6ment of the constitution." I take i that the writer ha: been Good, of Winchester, to turn to the -" : " - - .... _ "-" -o -" left On the Martinsburg and Winche-t  " • __ PAdgeway. None ,f the p,engers .00llltS were injml thou,h both cars we hopelessly wrecked, qne Ford was tained by Mr. Wheeler, eminent au- thority and expert on the Prohibition Amendment, and am settin easy. An examination of the U. S. Con- stution and ate ]egisLior there- under will be interesting to the read- er in the prem]sees. , , In the every, however, that all our i,dividual rights and liberties under Manl Charts ad the U. S. consti- uon are to be violated br the states in enforcing the Peohibittou Amend, met, I can lut thi,k applicable, tehe Th .Wit Dean Swift's couplet, i’o4- s iderin the lac, itation for def)ve reuaredness f the country a{ time: Th Irish £ men of wit, Wes plainly can be seen, n they lind nothin to defend , The')- built a magazine. Jfe 3, 1925. ..... tEY'S ,SCHOOL CLOSES, On uesday morning, May 26, a ]ax#a.era, ot patrons, and othea- invited uests, ghered to participate in the closing exrc:es of Lhe Ramey's .ehool. The foIlowi program was present- ed: VM,tion Da ............... School iJ  Speech ........ Elizabeth Downey ,Veleome Acrostic---Ann Tharp, Shir- h Macoughtrv. Frances Swartz, Mary Watson." Elizabeth Downey, Pauline Henry, Heater Hayslett. .'!.hired Workmen--l,ester Henry, G.Je Clarke, Patti Clendening, ffh.m Tharl, JameS" Allen, Wil- Swan:, Henry, W00,on, ffharp, John Alleri, Boyd May. 'J'kin a Jokel yFrances Allen, , age Henry. Ann Tharp, Hester • Jett, Shirley Mac6ughtry, 'ees Swartz, Boyd May. TionIM z zie Tharp, Thelm E ion Day, play School - : ...................... School Leonclusion of the program was i . the school yard, and ncluded a h by, twos. et'minatin betoro t S. flag. The salute, Ramey's y . etc. ,were joyfully entered into. 'hilst gamee and p]eLant conver- )r were being enjoyed b.v gentle-- m  and voun Tmople, the ladies jain- e ith the teacher in preparation for rei ng refreshments. These ’onsi ed  caes, ar ice cxmt of sue] nes and flavor as only good hou ers can make. he hert.v cooperation of the fath- toa-d mother,s, t. community, and children has made this a year lonff o :] rememhet in the history 6a the! school .... ------0-------- ttAS00e OF ARTS. ca  defit of Master of Art W erred o C0urtland Darke Bake of Charles Town, at tlz ingtn University corn in Wa hing at Wntmda. Baker won a Bachelor . at the same instttutioa and since then haa been in the departrneat of lish telm. LY NCH---SIt UTT. at the home of the bde's at Khletown, Wednesday 9.7, at 6:30 o'clock, Mim daughter €ff ,, Mr. on Shutt, tt I Ly"ch. Tho cere,v)-, performed by the bride's ntor, F,m’. Dr. G. G Sydor. Only the im- mdte families were prese-t at the CASH PURCHASES Come In And'See The Beautiful Premium Catalog. _1 give the news. ter pike at Bunker Hill Sunday night just in time to be struck by a Ford coupe occupied by Jaaes Miller of Creraxdstown and HamT Carter, of said to be doing its best at speed when it collided with,the other car.   Correctinr ffte R€ord "Brutldrtm and shit.S," said .good did Parson Bagm er in the mtd.,t of a ! i't Sa]btlt .morning's rmtm. "*I rake's dis 'c0ston to,.explanate dat ! ia't in no wise 'sponslble for de squab- blln' and aquibblin' dat's been gwlne o tn the eh,,ir for de past few weeks• I owns up dat I's sev'ral times said. 'Git thee uhhlnt me Satan!' But I Isn't never yil commanded de gen'l- man wid the hawns and stlekery tail to it into the cholr."Kansas City hr. Immortal Marathon .M;rathon is just|y considered one of the decisive I,uttles of the worhl It broke the sl)ell of Persian invim.ilfility. which had prov|ously tvaralyzed (non' minds. It se(.ured for mankind the in. te|ecr(lal trelsurgs of Athens. the growth nf free institutions, the ||heral enlightenmen! of (he western world. and the rlt(]l]l] as(.t, ndvney for many ages of the great prinelples of Euro- penn civilizai,m. The Constitution A quiet enmptmy of gentlemen slt. ring through a dlll summer in the city Of l'htl:delphia worked out for a poor ad rural natlan an |lnnlortfll ron.rittition, wh|ch ha8 made mates- "men nll over the world f.l "confidence In the Dolitlcnl flltnre of the race. They knew that h|]n:M iiherty wss h feas- ible b;l Df gnvernnettt.---W)drow Wilson, in "'){obert E. bee." Water Cortsumpfon |h-:'ords of e|ties show |hat the av- *r:lge (itI;nt|ty of wilier u.,d neh dsv ;,r pt, rs’,n range. from .ev*,n to |lorl,, t]Inotl the poor. where there. [ ol|y on(, flll('et IT1 Ihe |)ollso, to ubom t') gai|om in lhe homes of wealty persons. The average of an ordi,'try fmily in cities Is estimated to be vhout .'20 g:tllons daily for each Healthy Slp O(ten sleeple,ness Is accompanied by cold feet. The coldne Is due to ch)g)ffng the blood-stream; and this etogglng is usua|ly caased by wrong f(ds and drinkL "When once the hl)d tmeomes lmre and clean an(] strop, we ore thrt,uartera of tim way towardsecurtng hoelthy sleep. Mex/co Ltmha Ahead Chauln;ogra trees hve be,n plant. ed ha the "state Of Mercies hy the Meen "l!rtmta/, of agrleultur i, lth the expectaUoff that tn th6 future whey will furnish an adequste suPDlY of 'chaulmogra otl for the trmtment of Mextc.m leIr. Oh, Awtutly Wh.'n mac o Hazel's playmate tol, her that she had beea confined to th house for three da,vs on account o : ver tootlmche, Hazel replied : 'Tn Jugt awfully"orry, Dorothy, for y., muat have enjoyed a great  o THE I & E. BATHING BEACH  IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. WE IOW HA'VF ON DISPLAY '-1 = BA THING SUITS FOR MEN, LADIES AND CHILDREN !] ' in all sizes, either in Wool Jersey or in Cotton Jersey. Bathing Caps, Bathing Shoes and Slippe. Bathing Bags and Water Wings. - Enjoy a "Splm,h" at the B. & E. Bathing Beach. It is the coolest place in this locality, and swimming is the most healthful exercise one can get. T. Slmo art & Son CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. TELEPHONE 47-W I FREE! FREE! One 42-Piece Set of China Dishes Given With Each Pur- chase of a Western Electric Washing Machine. CASH INSTALLMENT ° $125.00 $137.50 $10.00 Down $10.00 Per Month Norlllern Viroinia Power Co. PHONE 171 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. CHARLES C000NBLAIT & SO TOWN, WEST VA.. - i -( ....... | Have you money " to burn ? I:_ f you cool: dth cal or wood a'.! i year round you are burning up a lot of money, money that you can save by installing a Flormme Oil Range. Florence Oil Ranges lmm Imro- scne, fuel which is cheap and plentiful. They put An cad to ashes,  and soot. • Come in and let us show you how the Florence delivers the flame close up under the oook Come in and let me demon- strate the safest, and-most economical Oil Range on the market. Gaaranteed in every respect. WHY NOT ENJOY YOUR P OBC!I- , THESE HOT DAY; i CARRY 4, 5, 6, 8 to Widths, aad 7-fL i # Porch-Chairs, Swings, Hammodm,, Ice Boxes, frigerators, front and imp ictrs; 5-Piece Pador St#In' Davenpo Reed lamitur, Fibre Chairs. Chairs, Library Talh..[, . Tables, Camping "Stoves. A'utomati’ Iy  lnmrys, 'm fat anything you would wat, I have, if not, in a few day = I can deliver it to ytm.- > :.,::. W. H. HOOFF Charles Town, . . . West Prin, at this