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June 6, 1925     Farmers Advocate
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June 6, 1925

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FARMERS ADVOCATE, JUNE 6, 1925. SEVEN THE el Harpers Ferry Harpers Ferry, West Va. CHECKING SAVINGS Time Loans on ACCOUNTS ACCOUNTS Farm Property. It&apos;s New B0me You Want my PLAN BOOKS and select the house are-at your service. Cost you noth- Want to REMODEL your house let me esti- you FREE OF CHARGE. of CONSTRUCTION WORK--Stone, ing, Roofing of all kinds, Plastering, when you need a nice Hardwood Floor. finished, making smooth finish over I guarantee all work satisfactory. My A share of your imsiness is solicited. W. H. HILL .%wBUILDING CONTRACTOR. Charles Town, W. Vs. S. LEZ PHILLIPS, Omkier. Vice-prt. 11- G. ALBIN, Aktut Cdd. Merehants Deposit Co. :[PLAN PROTEGTION FOR STATE MOTHERS In IS other civilized countries of tlle world, it is :afer for mothers to give b!rth t,, -hildren than it :,s in the Unit-,] S:ates. This somewhat startling stater,wn is vouched for by Mrs Jean T. I)ill,,rh d;recuJr of the I)ivisi,,n of Child llygiene and Puhlic llealth ,.Nms:ng ,,f the West Virginia D,part- mel,r of tleaith, in a diseussmn of the midwife law pased by The l.-zisla- turc at its regular seas:on this y,ar. "'rl'he laD;St |iZLI'OB fr.m the Chil- . 1 fl_o dron's ];ureau. t..-<e for r.,. show thai the Uni:ed Sates r:ls 19;lt in maternal mortality am,re'.: civilized eountries of the world." she said. "Thruugh scientific invsti=ation it has been found that Lh(,se countries whicil regulate the pray:ace of midwifvry and provide for systematic irish:ruction of midwives, have a lower maternal mor- tality rate than those countries which have no rvg-ulation.'" In lfV', Mrs. Dillon pointed out, 240 motlers in West Virznia died In childbirth or as a result ,,f chi!dbirtll, and 151 of these died from infectiOn which could, and should, have been prevented. Midwives properly trained and supervised by the State Heal I)epartment woUld gld mlerially In reducing this mortality a-ate. By the action of the Legislature in passing a mi4wife la. Weal Virginia is now among the .37 States of tile Union which regulate the practice of: midwifery. The law is not a model one---in fact it has many flaws---but R is the beinnlng of a definite pro- PROFE,IONAL CARD R. J. L. LUKK, DENTIST Ofllee in Talbott building. G and vitalized air adminiztered fo palale eon of teeth. Ill  prepared to set gold crowm. DR. T. A. RAMEY Dentist Crown mini Bridge Work a Specialty ALL WORK GUARANTEED Oflce at my residence on East Washingn, street, 'narles Town. June 6-1w Geo. M. Beltzhoover,Jr [ Attorney & Counsellor I At Law | Office in Maxwell Building i | Opposite Jefferson Hotel ,[ Charles Town, W. Vs. i !] Practices in State and Federal i| Courts. Special attention given to !l collections. Kr cam Krust flread gram to cut the maternal mortal:.ty fate. Objections have been rais.,d BROWN BROS against it in rural set't)lls ,n :he Ask your grocer ground that it <tel.ives woJ:,-.q :]* :.d)or of the help of neizhhors, relatives or ds tz, case of emergen,:y. '"Iis ,,bjection," said Mrs Dillon, "is fully met in seCtion two. which nr,,hle.- that 'tiffs law shall not pre- nt a l,oizhtmr or friend frnm render- ing as.:s[ance in sucil cases in an emergency.' We realize that there is a great dearth of physicians in the rural areas and we want to train the midwiv,s so they c-an render intelli- gent service. "A midwife or neighbor who has had even limited instruction in the CARLg8 TOWN, WEST Vk. SS0,000 Surplus. $75.000 ould Buy War Savings Stamps. Liberty Bonds For Sale Here. DIRIeCTOMS. Bums Thornton T. Perry lq. T. W. Alexander Jno. L. Burns B.D. Gilmore Alexander C. F. Wall necessity for surgivat cleanEness as a prevention of infec0.on and knows I'iST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. enough to use siher nitrate in the BUSINESS. BURGLAR AND FIRE-PROOF VAULT. eyes of the new-horn babe to prevent blindness, is certainly a sa_fer and DISCOUNTS DAILY. I more intelligent attendant 1:ban a woman who had not had such instruC- tion. We expect to send out forals soon to all women in the state who wish to be licensed to practice mid- wifery aml then make arrangements o instruct them s-ieatifieally. Group instruction will probab'y be one meth- Od of training in local territories  i through cooperation of local physi- XAr. BROWN JEWELER Charles Town. W. Va. r i t MANY" JAIL PRISONERS } OISEASEO Prevalence of veto*real disease amon jn:,l prisoners is clearly shown In a letter from the jail physician of one of the sou hem c.ount, to the West Virzinia Department of Health. This Orticular count3 pris,m has an average of froln 75 to 1N) Inmates. Recently the phys;cfan examined all the prisoners for syphilis. Out of  ,m whom the Aaserman test was :node. 36 showed infection. It is exIIain- ed by the Bureau of Venereal Diseases of the Health Department that more than this numbe may be infected be- cause tile .VasseI'lllan test should not be solely relied Ul,,m f,,r determ:ning the presence of s:,-philis. The letter was written to know about the law relating to tile treat- ment of prisoners :.nfected vetlreal!y. The Healtll Del,artment sent the drugs necessary for trea:ment and advised about the laws. This r,Smrt, aecorrlin to t,fficials of the Health Department ts only one of nlally hn!tar ones show- in= tile ll]zh per('llt:l!.:e of pr,sollers afflicted with venereal disease. Tlle Eureau -f Vvnoreill l), of the XVesl Vir:lga Iteath l)epurtnlent, furnishes drugs for the treatment of lndi'.'ent lmtienls .yen when tit(.) are or phone]us atl0nal Ctttzenz Bank II,ES TOWN. WEST VA. Surplus.'$40,000 of Federal Reserve Association. solicit the public patronage and offer every your credit and responsibility warrant or small, has the careful personal attention oflicer Department we offer you the uniform rate o Your paper on any business day. A. M. S. Morgan. Cashier. Vice-Prest. Cecil B. Watson, Asst. Cashier PHONE 80-K J. C. Blaekiord Sole Agent For The Frick Company of Wayneboro, Pa.. for Jeflenon arm lj oimag counum. Engines, Threshers, Sou HIDES AND RAW FURS HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID BY The Charles Town Metal Junk LET US HEAR FROM YOU-- DROP US A CARD OR PHONE US VIENER CHARLES TOWN, PHONES :--Office WES VA. 253; Residence 250. SAr[, AND sFRVIC[ + -- [ i Are what you get when you engage | one of our Trucks "to do your hauling or ! one of our Cars for your traveling. 1 Telephone .54-K when you need Truck I I T00x, 1 i| H.A. ALGER / !| Charles Town, - - - West Vs. PRODUCE'WANTED Our Truck is now in service for Hauling Produce. We will deliver orders from our store at Kabletown and at the same time buy your produce---Eggs, Poul- try, Meat, Lard, &c. Call 205-2 if you need anything between regular deliveries. Those not on our regular route will be given attention if the produce they have for sale is of sufficient importance to justify a trip. T. W. & E. F. JACOBS KABLETOWN, WEST VA. Mills, &c. -,.,-.,--. flank of Charles lawn J.C. Olaeldord Ske Jmietion, West Vt NEW PEERLESS GARAGE ALL WORK GUARANTEED Accessories Of All Kinds Service and Satisfaction Is Our Motto Four Years in Business Without a Dissatisfied Customer New Lunch Room OPEN DAY and NIGHT Week Day and Sunday A. C. PEER, Propr. RIPPON, W. VA. Telephone 208-22 Feb. 14-1y. Norfolk and Western Railway Schedule in Effect April 12, 1925. Leave Charles Town, W. VL SOUTHBOUND: cheaper and safer than medicines. H.aux'g; comzec at Sh Sinng at ene's work is more  Junction with B. & O. R. R. for Wb healthful than grumbling. , ington and the North, and at Ha4gerl If fathers would instruct their sontown with the Penn. R. R. remrdlng the true facts of life, curios- 1:59 p. m.---l%r Hagerstown, Wash- Rv would be robbed of its danger, and I ington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and n(any a youWa would be spared " New York. i 7:49 p. m.--For Hagerstown, inter- enereal  - i mediate station, Harrisburg, Philadel- !.hia and New York. Broiler Parlor t Car. Sleeper Hagrstow and Phil- Saying .her husband offered to trade i adelphiL ..... "fe Mrs I H 11:54 p. m.Stops to let off pas- ner Ior some omer man s w , " " [sengers from Roanoke or beyond or to Josephine B. Allen, ofLos Angeles, ,take on passengers for connecting .............. l lines at Shenandoah Junction or Hag- ,lliOrnla, na nle(l SUit Ior a reveres, i erstown. " Mrs. Allen charges that at a party[ Additional information and rates her husband suggested that the guests unon application to agents N. & W. IRy, or trade mates. Her husband always was W seeking "spice" and "something dif-' n C.passengerSAUNDERS, ] in the under the care ot pr:vae physicians, i 8:58 a. m.--For Luray, Basic, Roa- noke, Radford, Bristol Bluefield, Focs- as well as to all state institutions and ; hontas, Broiler Parlor Car to Bristol clinics. The cost of drugs for the Sleeper Roanoke to Columbmt, Cin- suite penitentiary a Moundsville alone cinnati. Chica. Dining Car Roanoke FLORIST, Inc -- 12:05 p. m.--Local for Roanoke. 5:28 p. m.--For Berryville, Luray. Y ' qay!n00s Of  Shenandoah and intermediate stations i K 2:29 a. m.--Stops to let offpas- ANNOUNCEMEN--T YanitAry n2 ! sensors from connecting lines at Hag- i erstown or Shenandoah Junction, or to ra! Ltfe is not to live, but  take on patnger for Basic and be yond. Sleeper to Gary, W. Va. and tO be well." ImP i Roanoke. Dining Car to Roanoke ormt lnc, Nature offers the best i of Busmess of Sheetz, , NORTHBOUND. is announced. You are cordially in- )ring tonic. Exercise In  1 8:58 a. m--For Hagerstown, inter- the great outdoors ' IS i mediate 8tatimm and pointe North, via Our greenhouse. Everything in Flowers, ]lilbs, &c, you can obtain from us. Weddings, Banquets will be our skillfally made. We guarantee our qualiy, our prices and service saris- to be Headquarters for Flowers in this d to send away from home. We solicit Call us on the Telephone 101. CORSAGE BOUQUETS "Z, FIA)RIST, INC. at this office._Wil! Please. JOHN PORTERFIELD, Cashier. D. S. Hughes, President. J. Frank Turner, Asst. Cashier. John Porterfieid, Vice-President. W.L. Gibson, Asst. Cashier. Capital $50,000 Surplus $70,000 ESTABLISHED APRIL, 1871. Our Bank never fails to give as good service to the farmer as it gives to any business man. As a matter of fact few banks could exist in this day and age of the world without the cooperation of the farmers. Often a farmer can make money by borrowing, and we are glad to advance money at any time. Do not hesitate to call on us when you want money. We welcome a responsle borrower quite as heartily as a substantial depositor. It will pay every farmer to carry a checking account with us. Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent on Reasonable Terms. DIRECTORS: John Porterfield, Forrest A. Brown, J. J. Wysong, N. W. Myers, Milton Burr, H H. Huyett, S. S. Dalgar:, James W. Strider, E. E. Cooke, D. S. Ht,hes. Discounts Daffy. 4% Interest ,"aid on Time Depit, 00our bill witha chedr.Th00 have a &e& oa your bills. i . /00eCg a recetl00r. The convenience of a checking account cannot be overestimated. It saves you from cazTying money around with you and possibly LOSING it; money can be sent out of town; bills can be easily paid and your eaa- celled cheek is a legal receipt. It helps you to keep your money matters straight and gives you STANDING in your community. We offer you the safety and service of our baak fo your eheeking account as well as the savings accounts of yourself and family. Come in. We will welcome you. JEFFERSON BANK & TRUST GO, CHARLES TOWN. WEST VA. CAPITAL $100,000. SURPLUS $20,000.