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June 6, 1925     Farmers Advocate
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June 6, 1925

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FARMERS ADV(K-tTE, JUNE 6, 1925. \\; C W. Clymer, a Charles Town plus- A land turtle or terrapin, with ini- Buy Dog Tax Tag , is engaged this week on the plas- tials carved on its shell was discoverea work on Grace Episcopal in the lzarden at the home of Mr. J. W. lllWwch, Berryville, Va., which is be- Brown on West Liberty street, Char- Tax tags for dogs ,ill be ready for Jlag remdeled&apos;Laweekhe cm'lesTwnafewdaysa'" The initials Sale by June15 in Ransn" Accrd- Earle Wol llleted a contract for, plastering.the were recognized aa bing the same that ing to the olMinances of said tom Home at Fredericksburg, Va. Mr Brown's gmdson, Raymond Mot- every dog owner msidinJr within the corporate limites of the town is re- .. rims had; carved about ten years ago quired to purchase a tag for each dog MEHA/ICSTOWN, when the turtle appeared at the Brown omed, and to have the dog wear it. home. GEO. A. ROUZEE. Thursday, June 4, 1925. Potomac Commandery No. 5, June6-2t. Sergeant and Collector. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Kelchenstein, Knights-Templar, elected officers Tues- ltir. and Mrs. Kelchenstein, Sr., Mr. day night, the last meeting before the __r__--___ Tent 5h =d rs uer s.nwooa and .o Night Excursion gters, of Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Town, was chosen Eminent leonard Vanmeter and two daughterv, Commander; O. L. Sperow. Shepherds- TO town, Generalissimo; William Melton, York of Malm_ were visitors at Ceptain General; W. H. S. White, Mr. J. W. Smallwood's over the 30th. Shepherdscwn, Junior Warden. The teachers of Mt. Hope Scmol, Edgar Snyder, son of Mr. Newton AND RETURN Misses Nina Ramey and" K'therine Snyder, died at the hom of his lath- Saturday--Sunday ][xwell, gave a picnic for their pupils tit Marlow's Meadow on Thursday. er, north of Shenandoah Junction, near the Ridge Road, Thursday afternoon, JUNE 6---7 Tlm had a besket dinner and in the fllwing a lingering illness frm , --v TRIP CHARLES W[[K JUN[ efternoon after games and eontests, tuberculosis. He was twenty-one eR Rfl ice crean and cake were served by the years of age_ Funeral will be held ROUND Caacher Every one enjoyed the day, this, Saturday, morning, at 10 o'elook patrons as well as the scholars, at the home, services by the Rev. E. From HARPERS FERRY TOWN All .hope for the same te,chers again A. Roades. Interment-dll be made in ;next fall. Shepherdstown. Train 16 Leaving at 8:43 Miss May Costello is yew sick at a P.M. Connects with Special her home with the measles. Train from Washington, ON LOT NEXT TO" CENTRAL GARAGE Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Sanbower spent "'rhree Yearn WitkIt A Delay" unday afrnoon with Mr. Robert Consult Ticket Agents Fadeley and family, in Ransom I do not notice any difference in Miss Virginia Stuart came home resiliency and traction and after get- Baltimore & Ohio n Martnsburg for Decoration Day tingthreeyeofconnuousservice Vaudeville and Dr oliday. without having a single delay, I am Little Virginia Marlow is very sick convinced that Lambert "Trublprdf'" I at her home near here. Tires are by far the most economical] II I l Mr. Luther White and lad? friend, tires to use. /' Philadelphia. are visitina" the form- Hamilton Food Products Co. i SEASHORE EXCURSIONS er's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jame Akron, Ohio, June, 1923. TO V0hRe. ImberffsTrublprufTiresaresoldl MuSic and Fun Mrs. AnMe Kllne has returned from by W. W. Kelley, Shenand(rah Junc-Atlantic Cily a visit to her parents in Martinsburg. Lion, W. Va. SHENANDOAH JUNCTION. WORKERS TO BE PARTNERS. With more than $352,000,000 a year Thur.,lay, June 4, 1925.' pa&ing over the counters ot Its 1Z,0ff0 Cape May, Sea Isle City-. Rev. and Mrs. C. L. Pancoast too-su)res thrug nOul; the cOuntry, The Ocean City or Vqild- POPULAR PRIG Cored to Ncx dcrsey Monday ior u, Great Alantm & l'acitic Tea k.vmpay short visi wuh his mother, announces a plan whereby its employ- wood,. N. J. Miss Elmor t,yne has returned from oes nmy share in tne profits tm'ough Beechwod ;chool atJenkinstowL pa., ownersnp o its comnmn stock. I O C :for tbo acamn month& Empmyees who have een m me era- [ J 1 R()['N]) O1 h!,; b.'oLhcc-li,qtt\\;, Ir. . ,] Johzl- liow be allowed to subscribe to Com- son. -f ; ...... ;,.,a, Va., Sul(lay. M::. mm bcock to 10'A o: thoir wages or FI'Olli CFIARI.ES TOWN 2 Johm;u)n v, as L':meclv Miss Beulah the pasB year, and those in the era- 9 1 o . CO{ .* - -- Meal. w( It h,:own i Lifts comdy wheu pray over one year LO I  .!eu ,o .- July Aug. her f',,r ,::s pagtor ef the Metho- m t0% of then- annual wage:< July 18 Allg. 27 Rev. H-u')y [}o',:'en, a ministerial sta- rc.sslve lines m large busincsse, to- dent, o( \\;,V(,s{:ninstvr, Md., spenl the ay, namely, that Lb.e clo;(,r relation- Tickets Good 16 Days we(,k<>,d with bis uncle. Rev C 1,. shq) between capital and/labor ts pzx,- l'arcoast,. " valent, and, with thia cq:d in xqeu, Ask Ticket Agen! for illustrate; hIi,-'v F:U/,fl,,.th Brown. a nurse,, m" stock that formeriy was very closely Booklet Giving Full Detai.s Cumh<,rlmul. Md.. and her sister, (let- held by the family of the founder or tru&,.vlsih<t relatives in theaunction the business will be distributed Baltimore & Ohio and at,.mde.t Memorial Day in Charh, s;amng st the employees on a paial- Town, where their mother, Mrs Char- payment plan; to facilitate tfis,  I fmTaed Give Your Orders To ::::*,va,z,a ley Brm,.-n is buried. " Maryland corporation has been operat-: Weak and Broken for Cedar'o'bags. n, ofi, proof, re ' Me. ,l.a .., ,. ,. Hill and his sister, ,Miss 'that will hold the stock of the " ' Flv'mceI'iH'paidapleasuretripto'ngcompanms"  Fruits Canned Washington last week. The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea for Rubber Apions, or'Materials for  9 ]treLtm&'St Children's Day will be ob- Company does the largest ca.h bus-1 Arches Suiting's for Men and Womgn. Tele- re. phone 87-K. m e,':- a he,: S,dy ht. a,,e 4th. ines m the wod. t ex. .o MaS J n WYAvr. VEGETABLES, GROCEIES, The Auxiliary of Elk Branch Church credit and its volume of gross sales, ' will hold a Birthday Social at the home now surpaes that of any of the i are the causes of most of your foot June6-2t. Charles Town. W. Va. re f Mr. and Mrs. S. W/Myers, Friday, country s chain of stores or mail-order agony. When the axches become re C A N D I E S dne 12th, beginning at 8 odock. A lmuses. tkened and sag, a. extra. t, is Teachers' Examinations | ilver offering will be taken  for tl The business was founded in 1859 thrown upon the muscles and liga- More for the same benefit of the Charlotte Kemper Sere- and had its inception in a single store ments. Aches and pains axe the re- Examiaatio Schedule for Jeffersem  goods irmrr in Brazil. in that year. in New York City. In sult. County. re the same goods for less money. , The dunctio play "Safety First "i 1869 Collis P. tuntington mi Leland This and other abnormal foot condd- Secomt Uniform and For High willbe qxienbvcataentiniiISL'mfrdjinedtheUninPacidhtinscanbequiklyreievedwithDr.SchCredits. " Charles Town #hool house here next Wednesday and l th. e, Central P' tic, making a dir..t I Scholl's Arch Supports and Foot Corn- Examination for High School Cred- Taur,qay rights, ira ireaa connection zrom me mntic fort Appliances. There is a Selrarate its will be held in Shepherd College Mr. Ad Hendi4cks, who makes hisl.t tle Pacific. George Huntingten,deviee or remedy for eve,T foot all- Bu!hting, Satmxiay, June 6. 1925, be- re and y"00roeer-- home with his dau'hter, Mrs. Wffbur t-larom, zounder and first Psident]ment. ginning az 8:30 a.m. , Morris, was "taken suddenly ill Wed- of the Company, then foresaw a chain] Teachers' Second Uniform Exami- cday .venin- a taken to-thelfrec ' wh,ch would Ivetually re.i Come in and let us give you a Free ruction will be held in the Graded harle.u Town Hospital where he un-]- .oa.t to 0_ast,_ detemm.. I Demnstratin" Many previous foot F.hool Building in Charles Toxin, N.D. LORENZO derwent, a oeratian. There is an ira- ] upon me name The Great Atlantic a' sufferers in this vicinity will vouch for June 25 and 26. 1925. beginning at provemet inhls condition - IPacific Tea Company for "his enter- our skill and efficiency in giving foot 8:00 a m. each morning. CHARLES [K)WN. - - " prise Today the Compmly operates comfort. I. N BONHAM. Suvt. of Jeffm.on Co. Schools, over 12,000 stores, employing over Dr. Scholl's Foot-Eazer June .8t. LEETOWN. 35,000 people. Greater Expansim Plalmed P.UBLIC SALE Last Week Thursday, June 4, 1925. Coincident with the important will positively Mrs. Mgaret Rickard, of Hedges- clumge in the Compang'a financial lieve weak  Of Household and Kitcheo Furniture. ville, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. policy, a new plan of operation has broken down arch- Judaon Blue. been instituted to take care of further es, weak ankles, Having sold my house, 1 will sell Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gardner motor- expression which, when established, cramped toes. tir_ at. te midence of Mr. C. W. Conrad, ed to Fort Defiance, Va., Wednesday will run the total sales for the current ed, aching feet and on SouLh Church street. Charles Town, morning to attend the finals at tlm year to well over $420,000,000. other foot :rou- W Va, 0. ---we were more than Augusta Military Academy for that The A. & P. "Red Front" stores in bles. WEDNESDAY. JUNE I0. 1925. 1 Their son, John, came home with the Southeastern Section come under with your response to our Bishop and Mrs. R. E. L. Strider sion, which includes the Washington, ! arence Ramey folow ' n This Week and li.le son Robin% of Wheeling, lPhdadelphia, Seranto , Baltimore,: $3.50 PER PAIR. ONE OAK CHIFFONIER pot the paat week with the fo,,rmer'slRiehmond, Atlanta, Jacksonville and i mix Oak Dihag Chairs, I Oak Rocker, mother, Mrs Sarah Strider, at 'lose New Orleans districts with executive! CIL[RLES TOWN, W. VA. One 8-Ft. Extension Table. 4 metal Hill." " offices located at Philadelphia, Pa, ,,' bedsteads, 3 of hem t2rree-quaruer Miss Katherine Hirst, of Capon T,he officers and directors of this di- _5YSVTf.I_JW_f0J'JYf_.V size; 2 square stands, some pmtures, : homeBridge'forhaStheCtsedsummer.her sehool 'and is vismndent; ,oh.-: ,. i 00,lc-ro,asV,. V [ l  2oak rockers, kitchen table, I Hse- hold Sewing Machine, 2 porch rockers, --WE OFFER THE Mias Leone Bowers, of Augusta, President; Aloyaius F. Gallagher, Vice   2 small rockers. 2 Wicker Arm Chairs, C., arrived this week to spend the lhesident; James J. Byrnes, Vice-Pres-i 0  1 Reed Rocker, waste paer basket, I summer with her mother, Mrs. C. W. ident; Benjandn F. Vinson, Vice-t ,] AT A SPECIAL PRICE---FAWN Williams, at their smnmer home, neae President; Joseph Strauss, Jr., Vice- ' Victrolas sold on easy  several other bkets, 1 small table, I I haad painted folding Wooden sreen.  the Opequon. President,; Joh p. Clancy, Vice-Pres- 0 weekly or monthly pay- e K H A K I P'A N T S Mrs. Harry Bradley speRt the week- ident; Franklin E Klusse, Treasurer; ] ments---we have them from  one 10x12 Crex Rug, stone jars, 1 lam : mower, I fluting iron complete, kitchen I Rt600 with hme folks in Luray, V& Jaes H. Cnung, Secretary; H. L. ] $25.00 up. A home with-  utensils, 4 mattresses and spring:  SPECIAL $1.25 P .Miss Ann Carrie, of the Charles Tire, Director; C. W. Parr, Director- 0 out a Victrola is almost as ! Feather Bed. chinaware, glasswaxe, "lw vicinity, spent commencement R.D McIver, Director. i  bad as if you did not have e glass jars, 1 leather satchel 1 suit case,, week with Mrs. Charles Fulk. From r to Consumer. O r canned fruit, some preserves, empty [ REGULAR $1.50 SELLEI1 Mrs. Nannie B.ngton, of Washing- T Commmn owns aetoHes and i ,3 a stove in the kitchen.   hall hat rack, 1 sofa. 1 box emach, l Con, D. C., spent the past week with ,m--,,-ri ,--'-t -. n,4.-,,,,.+  v ]   rugs, matting rugs, wash stands, peck i ENGLE'S her brother, Mr John Osbourne and -_,::'t--'7_:' tzL";:: ..... "i ' NEW VICTOR RECORDS s measure, curtain poles, lot of kitten', 11i,." ar'e,otm Jt., we' DeXI, WlS., algol fl  lY'.. ........ " Brooklyn, N Y. The food products I . every Friday, come in and hear  utemsg.s, ome table linen, window cur- SPECIAL BLEND GREEN mr. anti lvirs, lllelgn uunaway re- rodu ' " , u ,..a--a horn 4= ......... p ced at.these plants include such ,] them. RADIO SETS, any kind  rains, and many other articles. ..r'u. e. ounuay,, aer. spentl,nK s'--l_v -- ...... - ---.. *.'-"-.. ..u--a .s--- t u ' that ou want---Raldio l,terie TF_MS:--CASH. ,; C O F F E E C O F F .me tm( ruth relatives m Charlottes. bl .......... I ,1 and Supplies.  ., e .Va . , xoa, cnoeotate, macarom, cen-] , MARY F CAMPBELL. i :"Miss enna Wi,tshire, 0f this vic- _aanSut btteremartedweflrkechu dy'  FISHING TACKLE , C, T Engle, Auctioneer. , e rown, Ce, ! 40, Cents Pound 35 .it, t ...... , gpo , .,i -7 ..... puB-i00i2-sx00 ,'--- y.: a pa.mnt rathe Ch.arles Town chili sauce, extrm:ts, #ereals, etc. The ] of eve D' description--buy your ---- " ..... rmsmuu, her conmaon ,s sermus I Com-- oms cheese-n-eking, and:  Fishing Tackle from thc man v  ""'7'V--" JkIl Mfi I,vnBradtexrhas "treated him I-YY '', .2 ,-_.  . -W; o . _! ..,f,,;,^'_  .... ,^;.'a ,^. _: ..... - isorage tnanvs a t.,UDa, '. X., ana a  who knows. . ;. Ms- ',s'- ,--m^-  .......... [Green. Bay, Win., and three ,almon, , BASE BALLS ' By rtae of a deed of trust and as i CHARMEWrE SILK ,. ,o, .,e oa,.cv ,m une t, ,er fisheri and ,,n-ie* ;- Alak. A ., .... . ....................... t ,, agent of the osmer, Lottie Patterson, Cnrtf-aIe s, f.Mr" F-ankre,,. ChrleBrad]eY'To,-nn the[west Bend, W.,:., the Com-anx..  . own,l 0 Reach and Spalding, Louisville  :the undmigned xxill offer at Imblic } $1.00 PAIR , ..... . ". .... ;_, I the IRrgvst igle evaporatedmilk,  Sluggc Bats, Gloyes, Caps, n, commencemem; oz tJae. jrae, i..a...;.. ; . ..... ,i  Stockings, Shoes, Etc. Every-  -. the fo.low'ng  ooscribed' property 1 HL.b Schoq/ was largely atwded [. An ogle- is mfiint-,nod in London  i  thing ofr the Ball player.  ,on agle Avenue, in Charle Town, ! LI n_(h. MVO,l,-ad =ed :, from ii,m&.u,mers f0,; buyersqm tlvel ui : : ,TUESDAY. JUNE ,30, 1925. i n n ecrloOl, vl,. ; l,Unlc tSl!Ve,te aua and down 0e Continent to sect?re fine,  TENNIS RACKETS  We' Virginia, or, WORK SHIRT I _._ liar: Natha Co|bs. and fmu  from the imrted foods and delicacies for the  and Balls, G61f Clubs, :Bags: and a 11 o dock a rn., in front of the l et'hth rade Mis Marar Blue, A '  -- = ....... , ' - ]  Balls. Rubber Play Bails for Cou House in said town, } " [N TOtrN [ .;^_.. , ...... ;" . .... . -- r. smre, xne wampan.x ,s one _ LADII m;,. v.rr, tmrrle  ugnoer av. of ,h .... .a,o 1.r.... ;...- -!. he "kiddies." ..,a e ........ u ...... : ...... " ......    " A CERTAIN LOT -%,'; ...... .= .... " . .... eaffees aad matalns its own .offices i* BATHING " SUITS. fronting 77-feet on north side of said [  -][nd i'l*00 ||| The U 1--- _ _o. termce tamey, or nep- in Ran,, n,il ",,a ;.. M,.n;,, Co- : m and Iez ", o ,^--,- " ,  For Men and Women, Bathing Emgle Avenue, and extending back to A rq, fl,;, b?: rtawned borne af_a Through owaership of its o.-n pro-;! Slippers, Caps and Belts. Rub- the right of way of the Norfolk &] " S--H--O--E--S tt,, m.s a t'ayne, a "The duing plants and it dirdct connection i! ber Soled Can, as Athletic Shoes Western Railway Company 137 feet, I vw  t- . ,; " .__ ' .... . . .. . ._'  m fore g'n fields, the C0anlrany has been ] for Men and Boys. le on said right of way 184 feet, with ] .- ."  .,,m rrmo.. o* r.. ,rmi'.. en-h4.... " ='+ .,,= ...... - .e .'4.s ----la, , [ the remaining line 169 feet, as de'rib-! WE'LL SAVE YOU A DOLLAR  H.I hooL m Atera.dffa. Va. over its  couters. "Savins thus maie I! If its for Sport, ihe only ed in deeds and enclosed in fence lines ! "" Y'",'" . . by oonsumers haw been. the dominan;, Sporting Cods Store in ! Improvoments on said lot is a partial" ! SHOES---IN FACT "LL MAKE IT r r.o. ,.... ,,'.r o., - ...-- .* fhcto "n it. .... i . the County. i ly destro)fd d'a, eIli house. ' 1 id";"aZ':  lJ re day of sale. ..ring intere, from date, , WANTS YOUR th. purchase in from  " " ' ]tl[l-. /l!.n ,,a be. a'res;a RuciZ:::Z :':[" 222.174.742 Chm-les Town, W, Va.  e vide.pr0m! by a negotiable note, pay- aDl IO tJ)o o]e- oJ I "  . . " .ottie Patterson, ............ Jesse A ........... .90,096,249 and s:ured by a deed of ras on the ........... "-;/e print from a visitin lot rve?Ted. " card to a T. GREEN. Trustee. 7 ' ooo .t4 ro I FA