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August 6, 1927     Farmers Advocate
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August 6, 1927

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> ; ..... : ,+ Now tO Attend the Charles Town Horse Show and Fair, FARMERS ADVOCATE 1 6 1W2 EK O and 11 CIRCULATION THIS WEEK 1612 AL RIGHTS TO ALL. SPECIAL PRIVILSG TO NONE. PRICE:---S1.25 mad $1.50 in Advam VOL XLIH NO. 28. HARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W, YJL SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1927. IL C. RISSLER, PUBLISHEIL 'UtL ,RRY--R|,NAR-i BUILD A MACHINE HOUSE. REFUND COUNTY BONDS. i FAIR NEXT WM i MANGLED BY LOCOMOTIVE. I LOCAL BRIEFS. -- ............ 1 Middleway Road District is to have: Holders of Jefferson county bonds, I Charles McDonald, aged 36 years,' Running Racesdail% at the Charles Kil0,, _  a building to house its road machinery, interest on which ceased on August   who had been employed at numerous --uHARRISON WEDDING--One is being erected on a lot formerly 1, are slow in presenting them for pay-' FINAL PLANS FOR HORSE SHOW occupations about Rippon for several Town Horse Show and Fair, Aigust JOSEPH F TEARNEY known as the Butt property in Mid- ment Money to redeem the entirel AND FAIR THREE DAYS years, was taking a nap on the tracks 9th, 10th and llth, 1927. bRAIL-.BTQTa ,- idleway. The building wilt "be 30 by 'issue of $1d0,(0 that the Countyi N-V-r uv of the N. & W. Railway Company, Bo:n to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. Eoy, .............. 60 feet with a cement floor. Court decided three months ago to re-! ......... 'near the station at Rippon, Sunday of South Samuel street, at the Char- 1' E. Shugart and family, of 0 fund at a lower rate of interest, has Al indications for ! 1 ecast a successful afternoon when a southbound fast les Town Hospital, on Monday, a fine L,.'Ymaont, W. Va., aec.ompanied by ATTEND ROAD MEETING. been deposited in a local bank to re-Horse Show and air at Charles To-n freight came along. The trainmen son. Emilie Wise and Dr. Shaw, were deem them as they are presented. By Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of failed to see the prostrate man on the R. W. Furr, farming Miss Mary of Mrs. M. D. Shugart last Prevalent Roberts of the County luesaay of this weez omy $v,troo oz next week. The race course has been tracks, and his body was ground to Eagan s farm, west of town, threshed Court, with County Commissioners the whole issue haxl been presented forpu t in excellent condition for the rac- shreds when struck V -- - - Frances Fossett came from Shirley, Gibson and Knott, attended a payment The refunded bends ha e ing that will be an interesting feature Deceased was a native of Clarke 1600 bushels of fine quality wheat to spent the week-end at regional meeting of Virginia Road been purchased by A. C. Allyn & Co., of each of the three days. County, Va., and his remains were from 68 acres a few days ago. here officials at Purcellville, Va., on Monday a Chicago firm, trading in state, coun- The ilL-st day, Tuesday, will be taken to Berryville, Va., for burial. The families of J. R. Poland and Hoovermale, of Berkeley afternoon. Addresses were delivered ty and municipal securities, ifarmers' day wnen farm teams will Mr. McDonald leaves a widow and five H. L. Shaull, of Martinsburg, are so- spent atSeveralLaureIdaYsIxlge.With Miss ChailmanbY Gove.mOrHenwHarrYG. Floodshirley,Byrdof andthe -- chantsVie in aandPUllingbusmessCOnteStmen fOrprizetheprem_mer- children. AnneJLtrningPayneat theLewis,camPfarm,cottageSnearOnRock,sMiSS of the Lolxl's Sup- Virginia Highway Commission. No KUNTZ--HENSHAW. i us and prizes in all departments ag- --@- Ferry, this county. administered in the MeVh- reference was made in any of the talks Miss Edith Henshaw, daughter of gate $4,500.. ..... BUY RIGHT OF WAY. Don't forget the Merchants amt Church Sundav even- to the proposed road from Keyes' Cap . r" tu h ..... p., l-Ill "l ne:e m an increase or one-m,a By advancing the price of land from Business Men's Big Race, estimated er the 1926 entree. m the horse sho At 11 a. m. t]ae pas-to connect with the Virginia State ...................... ' ...... *" ....... ' ov ' ' " west of Middleway, bec.ame the bride ..... .. "  $100 to $175 per acre for a right of value 300. One of the features to be ese, a eorresponmng upv, ald trena J. C. Russell will preach. Road system in Loudoun county. This of Mr. John A. Kuntz, a prosperous. "  way for its proposed high tension line witnessed on Tuesday, August 9th at Will be "Good Roads." Sun- project has either died a natural death young farmer, of Nicholas county, W. is expected in the class races. Many from Dam No. 4, north of Shepherds- the Charles ]'own Horse Show and convenes at 10 a.m. or has been indefinitely postponed. Va., on Saturday The marriage took hOrses of national fame are entered to to-n to its power house on the Shen- Fair. T. Smith has .sold his bus-  place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. compete for liberal premiums, andoah River, the Potomac-Edison' party from MmTland. The SWARTZ--WATSON. L.W. Lynch, on Third Avenue, Hinton, ; The cattle department will be in womp,.,,$'" . ,s ..... mai,, .... ,vi a v.'Os,o ........ in  J;" C; Peck.. who has been operating effective on Monday, Aug-. Miss Alma Mac Wars n dau hter W" Va., in the presence of a few inti-charge of Charles H. Strider as sup- acq, ,;,, ............... m a  *-1 r"r aM macKsmtn_.n ......... shop on the old Eagle;: acre offer, the Company succeeded in. ..... Smith has made an envia- ."  .......  :- . g . mate friends of the young couple. The erintendent. Prizes in this department , acre e works iot near the  e w in business through the o .r. ana .ars. tmrnoi tason, o . " "" ...... e-- - i will go to Owners of pure bred stock obtaining the right-of way over only lcany sation, has erected a new M" " "' .__ . .  nouse was aecoraren wln x rns alu he has operated here, and lnoaeway, ;X was maraca ....................... on .baiur(lay, fltt.-ar Tho hvi,to who WaS unattend-only. All breeds will share in the one farm building on the site of one torn down there friends regret that he is July 30 to lr Roy V. Swartz, son of -- "--  e broidered az rivalry for honors. Whether you own In acquiring a right of way for the ,., _' Mr" .e_ 1=. cw...z w,  Wore a pink go 'n m ',.  ...... , ......  .. .........  carried a corsage of pink sweet-peas Holsteins, or Ayrshires, you will have line on the Malryland side of the Pote- A license was issued from the office direction of Rev. J. Cle- of Charles Town.. The ceremony was. nd roses After a weddinv trin which an equal chance of winning a premium mac from Dam No 4. to the corn- of th Count, C.lrk , P,,,,, , .n of the fresh a,r chin .peormed m the parsonage of the wi]l inclule a visit of a week wuth the a ..lthe breederof the most ansto-pany's power house at Wdlmmslaort, ithe marriage of Mr Geora, e A. h- ny the New York Tri- ounern Metnomst tAaurcn, a um- ..^,_ o,.. i _ thi count- Mr and ct'tuc #erseys or tmernseys. :its ac, ent learned that $175 her acre . .,v -..a..,; ' 2" ,,._ ^.. T.ueday, August 2rid ad .mt Point. byhe.Reffk,M: :..Fea{ Mrs. Kuntz will be at home at Swiss, , In t:he s.ane .department:of wlh !s a fmrly sat,facto.r, price to most hne G. Koonce, daughter of Mr. and al; a week eniovlng ne , Fa. ,,,. ,, ,,.o. ,*,. ,,,,, .r V i "'" -x. .'a="v w,, oe upe,,enu*, Jana-owners. xo". rials reason tnev - :,w..., ,v--,, ^,, rJ,,^..._ tm Countrs," They axe be- ake their home m Mddleway. t here wfl! be prizes for the best boar, advanced the price offered here.  ........ ned in the follo'ing' "-------O : 0 2 years oa ana over; for the best boar' The ri'ht of way ouht is to be 100 '. ImS rne vay Sowers, of near Shirley Rckenbaugl2;; MRS ELLEN RAMEY DEAD DIED IN BALTIMORE. iunder 12 months old; the best sow, feet wide. A stretch f land of this:MY erswn, was married on Wednes- 2; Mrs. Eugene Noos, 1; " " " i " _ _ i2 years old and over, the best gilt width will measure about 12 acres today to Mr. Charles William Summers Ugherty, 1; Mrs. P. S.. A rarely useful life came to an end The remains of the !ate Len ock-{under 12 months old; the best pen of each mile of length, iof. Clarke county, Va. They were . A. Kaplon, 1; Mrs. m the deuthof Mrs. Ellen .Rany,,v...lll, a ha.tire ox .t.nares own,_wnolp/g. , n umbermgn less than five, As surveyed, the proposed right of+ umted mnmnaage at theB.atst par- , and Mrs. Ina Am- pas. a w me rewaru o te mtlul me a ms nome m almo[e, wnerelunoer mree monms oia. way crosses the Shenherdtown-Kear-,sna eoy tne ev. ooawm rrazer. at her home on the Middleway pike he na een vmg xor vwmve years  The prizes in the poultry depart- :ne-mrille state road near the Mor-n's i ................. " " rl T  - , ,r. anti mrs. rranz xoomson, oz ;qY wedding was solem- about ndni'ght Wedne.sday. mgh4. paxt were bfought.  es. ownlment. /k: ..L. Wooddy: upenntendent,Grove Fair round. On the Sandv[,, aua,a ,.,  h .... 1,4 .aurae of the bride's par-iner xuneral was held at the home on zonaay xor ounaL unerm ser-lwll De imuea exelumvely to Jefferson Ride e Ro, i will cross on the fa ---'--''-'* "-'-' Y-*-'' t=.:7 ,-'- ":7.: i Mrs. W. W. Kronk, at yesterday afternoon, services by the vices were held Tuesday afternoon, I coury fanciers. These range from of  T u'utler's heirs The Dufflelds n[s oa_ nnevoy.ooy, vor re,me Md, on Sunday, Jdy 31, Rev. M. L. Fearnow, with interment,fter which interment was mace in!75 eent to $1.50 for a single bird to and Slherdetawn roi will be s i-nrs-'wn "n--Pi/0n om.y. ze '" " e Hill ete Deceased was a i i -. "mr. ,omnson m aoctae vm ms 1K. Kronkbeeamethe m Edge Hdl Cemetery, Grles Tow n. iEdg .  o rr. -- ..... I$ . ....... ed at the mtersection of that road wthlfathr i t h ...... ,,, , J Harold Harrison," off. blr.;.,,amey  the wmow o the ner, ana xonowea ms rae .mi As m...atl mrs me. nousenma aepart= te road to Uvilla. Comine down to !P=ol"n'son' ............... &"." .... " ...... u: --" r-C: The ceremony was late wmm.m t;. amgey , a. weU known  Glmrms own nore move_ __ .r l- Imen wnl De an italy, rtmnt feature of the Charles Town-Harpers l'erry tel ............... . rev. Mr. Burgess, iarmer ox me eomay, WhO ea over, tte was zye_ars ox age. u -!rne. unaxles .own. ttor .now an.a road, the line will Imam over it at the[ . r. .ener, mmm lm ster, of Brunmvick, Md. !  years ago. hers  a long., lze i vicing are ms v" w no was a mzsa  Fair. 1., aeparlnen  De m i entrance to Rion Hall farm. Farther  a olaclu]th deparn, ent to his already ' g_.en away by.heriOZ good d ed, of chari.ty and_kind.'- B.aer, o naneo'a vore m. -I  ot rs. #s. ep and!o n it passes over the Keyes' Feri well eqm,pped machine works 0nNorth zrl ILronl the bride's hess, ox nepumess, wmout thought::rge, ,TLdgnters, M rS-core?lr!mrs.o . rl. m. uwsmnax prizes road at the road entering the A n.rst .cla, mec- _.= a.. best  The o pe rcwa.-a, le, wa. lenneay aria .iss vorom Itim ,are aemg orere., ror cannea ve farm. |Icvlil)emcnargeof thisaepartmen, --uy attired m Geor-i. r on marcn.zo, ...l:as Mach aria one.son, von, .all oa ,,,ore. Iol.e, ca nne ,xrm, pserves, jelnes, ^ {a.lle. now .re aoy to handle all worz and carried a bouqueti ce!el)raxea her ro m rr.mlay. The,e amo leaves one sister, mrs. ester tpces , oreaa, pastry, fancy work aria u |m the blaeksnth line. aeauty roses. Dinner be- i greater part of her long lf.e she was .uough, of .Cars Town, aria.;. ..... AMONG THE CHURCHES, ] Charles Walker I-Ia. w'-* o.a noon the hspy coQple:a menmer of the Methodist Church, gnesr. , .ell, a .mac nml[ tsmes the aoove casn prizes oer- - [W,.,  ...... .'.'^'=+' -rnoon train on a trip!holding her membership at Middleway m the ononal lnrary in was/l-led ere  many special prizes oer- : orioo i . v .... , .,.^.;"'--/ '--%", ."", .",mz -2:-. uzz . - . . . . ! ............ ,o ..v..  ou were nnea nve uotlars each mJ l to spend their _, dumng her resldence of 52 years m mgton, ed m all departments. 1 .... honey . Church second Sunday Mass 8.30 a. Justme Will number  *- ........... : that ,- of +-e count,, . I Wednesday and Thursda- m*,ht ........ ;z^ t ey m Charles Town. after -. ane nricle is te _ e rearea a large xamily oi ehil-: .................... mm mmmmcea as me aa ior the! ..... :_ _nea _... u.e__. ;_o..., __ ---.o mmli,h,a a....o, off dren to  and womanhood all m- rt t,trrtzn ea'|k' show dances in Rouss Halt  erves or nenandoah JurctionP ar m a msoraerty oemonsrauon Frank e th re on Sunday m ht k,jewelerin!bat one o 'whom.smive .her. The! Mr. renton Grifl]th for flfty-five!]teh.und .r.linvita.tit.mmIvelmt- , _ .F-Neel, pas[ for I g te of the. Harpers :ons .r. n are er_ Jo_ H., C. lyea a highly  .resident of lsu_/or these_.soc,een_._ _of theisheuun.are aso. 1 The anual Hm.,.est Home Supper" ,, mm has nela a re- -., wu ., . w. m x. --. . ,rle lown diea at the nome o "s u" . .nv mxnm mu --,, o,,v,,, -- , .,, ,,,,.-, tea o the aei .......... , . fhi  .......... , ........ prep Y . t ;esof, ltthet : m wth alarge  an, an residents o z me ounz[. dughter, Mrs. John R. Lewis, on! D 'mPS comprise e com-lvme, u P. m., an en tP. m- ChuvehatUvilla, wIbeven FHday i I for several .er, m rs:,,.en :rruseetl, Sopth Ohu.rchstreet.at2o:.clockTues.imre.. 1"le chaperones are rs:L! The women of the Charles Towniev.emng, August 12, rathe UvilaHtL n holds  anportant mss eru_, h_.e a_ _day mo.rmng. The.'mfirn.ities of ag, el" mwndmr/_: m2rpne_ll, Church 1 hold their monthlyi The .s.uper will be oe of ,m  ox.toe u,$, c    im.e.rt. y enfeebles .r. rilfrths [Af; rmn, r. r=u.yu*m, Msswnary meeting on Tuesday even-Iounuzul.Y Ou save ever seen an. will  -., in Washington. tmut, nealuIl in  1; year or two, gnu on!.. , n$- dal e  MAon%dr., mrs. r. 1. ing, August  at 7:30 o'clock at the[ e serves I0T 0 cenr, s each. as _witnessed by a -----0------- iSsturday hewas strieken with para/Y-leu.n,mrs'.''.-mrganmrs'"church. Leaders. Mrs Virtsand Missl a l .... +ffi, ,,r,...-,, ' : !alu relativesamng DROWNED IN THE SHENANDOAH sis which hastened his death: Mr. l n: mct;ormie ana mrs. Chas. A.;S. W. Striolder," " ll b"'i,:o,'L..'..a"'f'. zrs. Harry Kronk, Griflith was horn in Loudoun oount joanu.  I w' --':. " _' .'5,.* w :  Kronk. Miss Nettle. . , James Murray, aged 24 yeax, a .. Vs., onAugu 8, 1846, so that his age" "'!  ! Nelson Parish, Rev. Hunter David- caU es o xne womans aml wnl e mith, ]Kiss Jenme dent of Catonsville, Md., and employ- lacked only a few days of bein 811 - ison, Reotor, serwces for Su.y, C ah, at the .Char. los Town Opera m Dolly Harrison, off ed m the .bank of the Fidelity year. -- [ RETURN FROM LONG TRIP. lust 7th, a follov...: Summit Poi eve  e'emg? o, lavewer  Elmer Jackson and Co.mpany' m Baltimore, was the vid.m i The funeral was held Thursday I Mrs. J N Zim with tw^ ^ her xt a. m:_ mere wi:ll be no ses mlv, ,v, ng um, n essmen ; , Mr and Mrs o a sa oa-wning ccident on the mornin with,a++o ..... +..._._ " ..:  __.". .... ::any ox she omer cnurcaea ox the par-i ....... y? --, ,, m w . ' of urZ'-k- _ ," e. .... a. .-^. ... o_,..-a^.. , .. , ,-',  .'V:' " '7"'."lmmnuers, mmsestarreanamargarexiah ,,win,, *, r,rh. hoi,,, ,,tl inlmore complexe aunouneemt will be , asmngon. . . . Y .... # Zmn accom amed b Mrs Zmn s-  Lamar. Mi Larn ternoo In cnpany wath his broth- Interment was in Edge Hil Cmtrv i +o "; mp .... )y -- . s s the Leetown Ohurch. Rev. Dvidsen; published later .... a --    ,  ........ : .... mrs. Joavm ann, oz laneytown,;wj H , m- .Krmik, Mr. J. M. el-,  Murk, y, Dr. Wethrb Fort, Mr.. Grifllth s ..... widow, Mrs. Maggie M., returned to her home m" Ranson  preach m St, lhilip s Chm'eh, Mrs. Anne Wells, wife of Jose' .el and Mms Fran- and Ean manwood, James ana a aug G surwves to, ether wth two l,m .*,,,,,,  .... *^,, ,,, *^ i Oharies Town, , 8 p.m. Wells, colored, 1o ed on the W . . --. .................... emp y ood- lire,o.r..l__ i2y him attemptd to^cross tle sons, M.,esrs; CarrollGnflith, of .C-]Ilhnos, an Calgary, Dist ofeA - Clmrles Town M, E. Church, h,[,E,  farm .of the estate of the la.te: o __"7, - a. 22Yr mln ' "T'm'mid- ream'a VUere rain'* oesvte, va, au |arece, ox cl- bera.. , Cn.____, whe' re they visited re]- ' Roy, E. A. ]1I1, Mmmter". ]JOnn . urn$, we. oi ,rvn, ae envards, of Har- i "y" . .  , sere , . round, .Va-, and two daughters, Mrs. ! atves. They left home on June 1. In ..... Se 1ThursdaY of last week, ag. 34 years., ........... an. wind storn.bro.e over me )oat F rrick lahler, of Atlanta, Ga.,ithe entire journey they traveled 75001 ^ .,rm for ~Sulay, Agt 7th. He r deat.h was caused by tubercuMs ,, wmo]v o the winch son e, wa water aasnea arm rs. donn . lews, of Charles miles. The ection of'Canada visited :o a. m.-yun.oy choo.L rom wen sac ad suffered ` seve "aesx.y, ormerty oy me, maa.amam. -- . Town. ' iis a wheat rowin country, and when t^ m.--Ma)rning Worship. months, b leaves two small childa : ,' sulemy at lhe! . r. or was rme.omy memmer OI  I thev wet,* "o-o 7,=. ,,,,,, weot- nl #:oU p, m.ort League. oesmes her htmband. . ineker, Va.l][le Id his im,t for t/m_other. James e 8,00 p. m.--vemng Worship. ! . . .... s. She : h ht of 14 inches and looked thick: . hero of the late James H. rl o ..... ......  ill ozdyY  caught afar.. ).  .be- All of the Jefferson county boys who!thrftv i . You are inwd to attend these ser- ,t,dnv ,.h4 tr,. n,u,o  ,.-' ,.... .ut moo " aM aleo m ......... " Vlce ........  ........ -J--,, ,*... ,. um .... gstio _ ,gnn.$o   . . . ;were m the cigizens military trmmng  _ s ana worsmp wth us. [Viro4,1 ,*, li, .... w...: a ._zmg-hter of the . a gp on rme overturneo m.. tn an camp at Fort Thomas, Kentucky, for , " : -: ............. . ' ....... , ', " , : aes H -,-- :-'--t he '^-" -:- '^' ^- *' '+ ............. n,:D,,t, ,,,,wv,v .,oo,,,, .... The Roy. Dr. Ernest Thompson, of[pubhc sale m front of the Court House , -_ ,,., emu,,,,*  *,, me *,**, v. ,,  tmry cutysare. Altwere pteas-;ruta-., uaaa .oz, ooJe.,t,. CAmrleston W Va will reackat t|Mes- wo,-.,...M,.,w+,.--a T u ^-: i  W.lmm san m twelve feet of water. r. ed wth camp life, many exnresmnr .......... r, ...... _.__ , ...... :-,t'=_ m__ t_, .. .. _ - . naeon, George" Sop- Fort ws impeded in his rescue work their" retention" " of returning'- next year-'i ertntm ot puo uuny prop. ,=royueXmnSunday mornmg,aurrn'A rmnes7 own,Dr bid tppOn,of we re.o re rPUrcnasers at a: hile her r wsiy th dog .wi. viiowsly fonght him The trip to the camp and return  .-.'-..thco.tmtrby. theStte ..B. Thmv. wi. . ^--.^ ..'!^-- :^ _$38.,,_ P .^ acre. ngumer m chief of l away fm.his  master, made m automobileS, o z ,r , _w.o_r._,_en.jr.lo_n.!Geo,Vo,,:i,  2e?r s;m"fne ,o';' ;' ?r, +.uo.a es, warn! __amory. This,_  I the men in t.e aat were The first to reach hone arrived alitie'% ,v?, .... +,m,r, c, ,,oa, m . ^!ner-hf-Tx-'It is--'-a-cli;i--: ....... ". ............ " ---  ooo.. ,,$ ,. -,,,,. ,,u , ,,,o: ,m ,,, ners car. were mapms in-' "- "  - .": --- " " --- he,ear Dr. Thompson. Hee m one of the, one la enneth, ley, filed m the, gter. M,g Wil-of the river The Murray brothers ,,,, u,,a,, u .....  " .... i 1 y$30,000Uumitwasm19,thetol ............ Countv Clerk ,, t,,, . ^. =--=" " - - '--'" -- ....  " ""' .... " assess i in 51 3 1 ,losing nnmers ol e ,'ounern - ,  .......  ,,,-v. o of r had come from Baltimore on Saturday kel] Keister Ever o I .ment th s year be g $ , 5 ,69 , . [ the executrix show i I ....... hart, another Char  , Presbyrnm Church. The pastor Dr. I , s ts total wozIt R ,  Dr ve as aga nst $5,182,985 last ear , .:.Tourney, ofitows)t .Fort_o rmght, intending les Town aspirant for military gloryi The .... L_ w:.: : ea=.,, IG G Sydnor, will be absent for thelto  $19,925. The Stley res wt. the Balti- ro return to Baltimore on uneay. rurned in his car aceomp:ded by l ..... o,, .;,,.. __, .t,m.__-next "o Sundavs and dur] his ab-!an .toe nepnerd pike north of 1,_ a... Johnl  work of r e_v_ermg the youn_g!.Cleon Elliot, C).rge Davis and.Char-lve. ,m ar?gnronTnw 2isem: e there will '.worehip  sermon !hen, s valued at. $9,000.. po .n.le I. !.ma,smmY  artm wve-n n:  mnge.. A ura car occupied by.f,sed '9',; " vue'* your each Sunday morning, but the evemng rso.nm p ropez:y ^holmngs i nel on m teresif__ [,___ ._.,__ ,_y__!.Lo,n, a e .aria oohn Marcus, obeirg , g037 -  H-- rrv!WO.rshl p dunng these Sundays wll be .o |n casa  I Snals o men . was n ex o e river . *. .uuun urmge way u . v,, . . - - tom " - , daugh .mg .paxy'  tn   . neax Leetown, came m later after havo  .................... u vces will be held as usual mg pany. which the amlser - idea xor me nussrng man. It was no in*, xemained over nirht in Co]!-{  ov,ut to ,Y.,to; the .:  w. I _ " valued at $10,000 " :or; and broth- itill2'elckSundY mrmngthatJhn Oio. " 'i.lf./ro.a was reatwea oy..44,., rom! 0 ' _ .... " .. . , Percy V Y, g ong g a a precautio agmnst an attack The room when fl s "" "ito le equipment of the Independentl WILLIAM HARRISON GREEN. BRIDGE PROJECTS IN COURT. oftetau L ni hed will be i pied by Sam Blum as a clothing* Figh, of'Fe Company, of Charles Tawn. . Mr. William H. Green, a native of Bridges, one proposed for the Ope-, L J Virts the Sbenandoah Junction shoe store, Mr Blum  , : to move t  t.hirbe.  'to"*-' xounghis homemUrraYSat ClemmY Wagon Sunday.Smppee Page" ,cunty" vs., but for many y earsiquon Creek. at Burns ford, the other;Hotel proprietor, disputes the claim from .the Trpnell building farther er "-' Xll the men imperiled by the accident a res]?en oi tn.rms xpwn. ana .t,n_ -_ span the nen_a,nan emer .a of the friemis of B. H. Riddleberger! west m the same block. home were from CatansviHe. n, mva a me home oz n ugner, !$ayers IOr or KOCK s ierry, oeeupmelthat the latter caught the premier l Mr. W. r. .... eard, of o- . , Mrs. Harry Marsteller, on South Law- he.attention of the County Court on;bass of the season three weeks ao ......... v *, uu ana Oro "er the week- .......... -- ...... ' ........ Tence street, Charles Town, on Satur-]Friaay. Aside from the payment of when he hooked one weighing, four .... -, - _: t aer of M r. C. ' lls ec at ms cy, me sudaenl 1 : of Washington, spent the week-end at day. Mr. Green s health h. been f a- 'bi , bridges was the one subj. t th pounds and fourteen ounces.  week = : .as t g,=ealawn Mr. Grabb's home ,n .... West Boll_car. zng z.or some time,:ta.!mpaz.rn..ent oe-]receved act, on from the Court. !before Mr. Rdleberger's catch,. Mr. "twhile-sJurn:'ngs a arena at Aau,tic '-^Y i Mr.  Mrs. G: H=.Maieel and son, n.g aue .m. a comptmauon of disea._ .  m. M. 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Messrs. . , "!ousmess m l-lagerstown for f( ,, of Wash- Mrs. Putts returned home this week capenterin ChArles T o_m and in thelBurns and Ingdon are required tol James C- .Col!ms, a traveling sales- l years, and was well known here, rs= Emma ! from a visi to Gaithersburg, Md. i county. In the early hfe of the Jeff-  make a report as to its cost at a fu- i m_a, wno vmeu nares lown pracu-  ng vme ms bzxther frequently. Hill, over i Mrs. Ruth Kefauver, of Keedysvile, ferson Coperag'e Company, he was m i tare term of court, icily 0,nee a wee. ana. was on rms Jesenh E T ,,, ,^ : i Md., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. the employ of that company. Mr.: A compromise agreement wa o curare! n,ensmp wn many oi our lomedhe n,.:=-*'A":_' her home Claude Nolami over the weekend. Green's age was 67 years His fun-ireahed by the Commissioners in re. merchants, a rop]l aeact m the bal-Poto= .,.,,,-f,,_a an ng sever.! Mrs. E. L. McCormick had as herieral was held at 3 o'clock Ionday af-g,rd to the Opequon bridge. Middle- .con,y ?t e( CaLholic Curchlcoun'.  de,='; ":,eron B. F. !guests over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. ternoon, services in the Baptist Church way District, according to an order en- m vv mcnes:r wraie mass w,s be_ing'wedl v  1=,, :;-'I.'*" __2f'. Jesse Preston and son Richard. Mrs by the Rev. Goodwin Frazer Burial tered i :o bear half the nitial cost cemnrate .urmay morr, ng. The Rev !he :a -'-'---f- "'L'''': L?P' i ' : " " " " " ' : - Jo h H No/and o rot  as re*a a mlillonalre His tern'Ann Santman of,Boonshoro Ma ; Mr :wa m Edge Hlt Cemetery The sur-of the bridge while haft the cost of -p :  . ,.  bug Md.,w :-- '---: ..... -- " " ' '" " " ": . ': " " " - .... 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Koogte, of Brnnswick.erry. icause c daJ. ,Montreal. . in