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August 6, 1927     Farmers Advocate
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August 6, 1927

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$lg "FARMERS ADVOCATE, AUGUST 6, 1927. !:i! REMEMBER PROSTITUTES FEFLE-MINDED. ! Only two nolnnal girls in a group of  "He who won't be advised cannot forty-t. This startling fact was re_ i be helpl" ,,c w,,, the best---the most.libel11 vealed.., rectjy by the mento.l tests i Health and Accident Insurance in the given a group of patients attending world. Our policy is nan-limited. It the venereal clinic in Hunting, W. Va. covers every accident and every ill- 1_,-enty-eight of the girls tesced as ness. It pays for one day to a life-:feeble_ninded, six were border line time. We write any occupation, i .cases; and six tested dull, according R A T E S: !to the intelligence tests made by Mrs. $100 a Month Benefit i E. V. Bowers, of Marshall College, at Costs $5.00 a Month. l the request of the State Department $75 a Month BeneGt i af Health. All of the girls, who were Costs $3.75 a Month. practicing prostitution in cheap hotels, ff50 a Month Benefit {rooming houses, or resorts, were in- Costs $2.50 a Mtmth. The above benefits double for travel i fected with one or both of the venereal accidents, l diseases, which was the reason for See us before you suffer injury or ttheir appearance at the clinic. sickness. NOW is the time. I The average age of the group ex- Ju,,, ......... SHRYOCK INS. AGENCY  - . ........... _: _.. ..  ............. ,axmnea was teny-one, wmie ulel) .Mr. =vi. 1. I/lCK, ;1 W. Liberty, .... St. Charles Town, Representative.) !average men,at age was omy rune, "It is far better to look ahead and I beaxJng out te statement often made provide than to look back and regret." majority of girls practicing commer- July 30-2t. !by the State health officials that the PUBLIC SALE cial prostitution are feeble-minded. lit is stated that these girls, although C. W. BROWN OF REAL ESTATE! matured physically, have the minds of In pursuance of the provisions of nine year old children, and are there- JEWELEN that certain deed of trust from C. A. i foi'e no more able to judge the con- Plummer to the undersigned t.lastee sequence s of their acts, whether it be dated JanuatT 4th, 1922, recorded in the Clerk's Office of the County Court spreading venereal disease or bring- Charles Town vv Va. of Jefferson Cour.ty, West Virginia, in'ing illegitimate children into the " Deed Book 121, page 143, the under-!world, than a child of that age. One signed wi,ll offer for sale at Public of the patients at the clinic, a little Auction in front of the Com House in Charles Town, West Virginia, on . girl of tweh'e with a mentality of nine SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th, 1927, !,ears, was aholly to become a mother. ) II beginning at 11 o'clock a. m., the fol-i lowing real estate conveyed to said i THEY SOUND FAMILIAR. .... ' ........ trustee by said deed of trust, to-wit: We wish to call your attention to : "Those two certain the fact that "four out of every R FARMER i  ask the man who owns one," and "his situate in said County and State, nearlmaster, s voice" tells them, so they Harpers Ferry, on the east side of the R Shenandoah River, eotaining 99.25 "say it with flowers" and "spent the acres and 41 acres, 2 roods, 36 poles, difference" on "just a leal good cigar," more or less, respectively, which were ,and find that "it's best in the long We Are Offering the Famous conveyed to the said C. A. Plummer I ..... + ......... h h,,,1,;1 .... l,- by David J. Howell and wife bv deed i "=_, " ,-  ...... 6 ........ --.-,] of Janua-' 4 1922 recorde  ]n the ion and let electricity do the work OLIVER CHILLED PLOW ry ' '  ' Clerk's Offe o fthe County Court of t because "no house is complete with- said County; also that certain other i out one," esteciall- if "it's toasted," At About 25 per cent off Regular Price lo of acre, more or less, conveyed w ....... i sti "' "" bO the said C. A. PIummer by the same men ,s a ?urn,rig q ,u,e on "esr,,,, deed aforesaid. Ilisnea since rc#o ann agea m wooa, We are now ready to serve you with Sd properties herein conveyed be-l"contning no alcohol;" and "babies ing the same which were conveyed to i rx, for "t" because "t "chases e dirt" the International, Black Hawk and New -  " th the stud Davxd J. Hwell by the fol-land "save the surface;" you'll notice Idea Manure Spreader. lo deeds, to-wit: ....... " From W,illiazn F, Daitey and wife I "what a wnaie oz a inherence a zew Next comes the Lever and Flat Har- da March 15th, 1912, recorded in!cents nke," so why "walk a mile" said office in Deed Book 107, page 357. "eventuallvwh- nat now " Ask rows and then the good old Superior and From Joseph M. Jones dated March l ..... ---s' "t'e- -'*:'-" 14th, 1912, recorded in said office ini a---" mr  x - -- International Corn Planters. Vd Book 07, pa 320. )Penn S Fth. Fmn John Cogle and wife dated t We have Brown Wagons in all sizes Septebe 25th, 1913, recorded in said office in Deed Book 109, page 527. Spain is the land of centenarian& with or without beds. The price is very To aI1 of which said deeds and the IT he latest official census states that references therein contained reference 354 persons (96 men and 258 women), much lower than usual, is made for a further description of have reached the age of 100. Seventy- said properties. We are equipped and ready to furnish TERMS OFSALE:---(e-tirdeasb, five men and 204 women are more yOU with everything in the machine line b in equal installments in one tlnhave attainedle0 yearSll0Old,years.and aTherenUmberave and two years, bearing, interest from date, payable semi-annuHy, evidenced 22,150 men and 36,204 women more as the season comes, b the purchasers notes, secured by lien upon the property sold or cash than 80 years old. It wilt be noted Burns _ & Marshall  full at option c puxuse,, that the women are longer lived than FORREST A. BROWN, Trustee. the men. W. MAIN ST. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Ill I Ill m --= IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUILD A NEW HOME CARBOLEUM o,, worry yourself about the style of home you want, just let me bring you my "Home Plan Service The Best Known Dip For Sheep, Cattle, Books" with hundreds of beautiful homes to select from with plans for location of rooms and sizes of them. Swine, and All Live Stock. These plans are drawn by the best Architects in the country. Phone me your wants and I will call with NON INJURIOUS AND NON POISONOUS--..- books. I do all branches of Repair Work, Excavating, Stone, PITONS FOR THE USE OF CARBOLEUM Concrete, Brick, Tile, Stucco, Plastering, Painting, Plumb- ing, Heating and Roofing. MANGE OR ITCH:Use one part of Carbeleum to 50 parts of ' water. Dp entire animal if possible, or spray and wash thor- ,-r. --[[. --.H[['I[- oughly. Repeat the zpplication in 8 days. If cb is thick, break open with something rough. BUILDIN G CONTRACtDR. SCAB:--Dip entire animal in solution of one part Carboleum to Phone 255-W. Charles Town, W, Ya. 50 parts water. Immerse head several tmes. .Animal must stay in dip three or four minutes. Be sure and heat the dip to 115 or 120 degrees and dip again in ten days after first dipping. Break u crust with something rough. LICE:--Use one part Carbohum to 50 paris water. Dip en- tire animal if possible. If not, spray or wash t, horonghly with sponge or stiff brush. Repeat the operation in eight days. TICKS ON SHEEP:-,Use one part Carboleum to 100 parts water. Dip need not be heated. Dip entire animal, be sure it covers the head. One dipping is sutcient. FLEAS:--Dip Entire animal in solution of one part Caroleum ,m _l Bridged to 75 parts water. Repeat operation in eight days to kill nits stance s which have hatched. HEN LICE:--Dip hen in solution 100 to 1. Spray or sprinkle hen house, nests, etc. with same solution. Paint roosts with by modern motor equipment; crude Oarboleum. HOG CHOLERA :--Isolate diseased stock. Mix Carboleum no matter how far away you with drinking water, one part to 250 parts water. Also mix with liquid food in same proportion. Disinfect quarters thoroughly are, you can avail yourself vth Carboleum. Put Carboleum in their mud wallows, of our services. GALLS, SORES AND WOUNDS:Wash frequently with one part Carboleum to 100 parts water. THRUSH, GREASE HEEL AND SCRATCHES :--Wash daily We serve in the rural dis- with ten to one solution. TAPE WORMS:--One part Carboleum to 50 parts water, tricts as well as in town Give halrf pint internally twice a week. wherever discriminating pen- RING WORMS, SCREW WORMS:Wash with ten to one pie are to be found. Do Solution. Cover wounds made by screw worms with a little crude Carboleum. not hesitate to call upon us. FLIES OR MAGGOTS:--One part Carboleum to 50 parts water. CASTRATIONS:Wash with strong solution. DISINFECTING STABLES, OUTHOUSES. PENS, ETC.: In all cases of parasites or disease do not fail to disinfect quar- ,. u ='NAWAY' ters carefully and freely with 100 to 1 dilution of Caxboleum. D Also destroy foul odors in same manner.. DO NOT EXPOSE TO EXTREME HEAT OR COLD. Director of Funerals is a maffer, desire By the Pint, Qt. or Gal. Any Quantity Desired. PHONES 'LESTOWN HOME- 178-K WALL, STRIDER & WALL, Inc. w. Feed, Grain, Baled Hay, Straw, Laurel Flour, Poultry Supplies. LES VA OV -- lEgAL PARLOR rE STORE N. GEORGS ST. MELVIN T. FUNERAL DIRECTOR and LICENSED Charles Town, West Va. AUTOMOBILE SERVICE. MORGUE A COMPETENT LADY ASSISTANT 0 Phone 1$2. Residence pbt WASH DAY WILL BE LESS OF A "BLUE" DAY HAVE LAUNDRY TRAYS, A WATER WASHING MACHINE. YOU'LL HAVE OTHER THINGS--OR YOUR LAUNDRESS HAVE TIME TO DO OTHER THINGS, LAUNDRY IS PROPERLY EQUIPPED. Fairlax Supply Corn W. R. BURNS, Manager Charles Town, - . WeSt TELEPHONE 181-K. Telephone 257-1: When you need a PLUMBER t time. Our men will serve you well vice is one of the things that go making of a successful plumbLn#. ness. We aim to give prompt dent serviee Jno. K. PLUMBING AND Telephone 257-F. East Charles Town, West Vs. FUtlX ruIPPD 4.oa A New at a Lower The fastest Four in 4' the smartest and sturdiesL- by the famous "124" motO- pced Dodge Sedan ever the best. Longest any car under $1000. foot street. Twenty-five gallon at 25 miles per ho" You can not buy greater Dodge Brothers offer in rids D. L. HEDG $OD'T GEORGE ST. CHARLF- G