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September 2, 1948     Farmers Advocate
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September 2, 1948

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iMAgE @~MALLTOWlqPAPER$, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USE SUBdECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED 2---A SPiRiT OF JEFFERSON v.m~m,s ADVOCATE, CHARLES TOWW, W. V,~. IHURSDAY, SEPTEM~. - -- : - - - -- -' - ~ ..... Baltimore, Maryland, were recent of Oroville, California, announce [ Sunday at Braddock Heights. [ Smallwood. [ George Vickers was in Kevser, G. Dewey Hill to Raleigh ;ha~ TT a l"t rtlml't~ T'll~lrt 11~[T a ltTl"t T~J'tT "liar a 11~ ITlrlllyl [visitors at. the home of Mr. and the birth of a nine. pound and. four-~, t Mr. arm Mrs, . Harry,_ Shirley- a4aand [ Mrs. . RuslISs e "hitler- y and d'~h-auz [ W. Vs., on Saturday, attending the land wife, dwelling on East W~ ~,~'~.~ f~IRKI ~.II[D ]~U~V~ ~l~-JWb Mrs. Lewis Reek. ounce son, born m the Orovll~e-~ur- little daughter Judy along with M~'. [ter, Mrs. Lee Barrow, and two chin I firemen's parade with the Citizens [ington Street. The Shaffers esi~ I Miss Barbara Wheatley of New ran Hospital, about three weeks [ and Mrs. Paul Ring of Middle~iay [dr(n, Susie and Marian Lee, of [ Fire Company from Charles T.)wn. Ito take possession after e.~ :ea:~ By Mrs, G, E, Webh Telephone 2492 I York City has returned home after ago. Mrs. Fowler is the former [spent Sunday, evening in Winches- [Mi{~',l~way, were Monday night I Mr. and Mrs. Junior Harris and [improvements have been made.~. ....... ]spending a week with her grand- M~ss Phyllis Swope of Boli,ar, [ ter, Vs. [visitors~ith the former s son and I family of Charles Town, and grand- I and Mrs. Hill permanently reU - ] t . i , .... U~ -- i r " .............. I mother, Mrs. Blanche Wheatly, m daughte of Mr. and. Mrs. [ Mr and Mrs Bill Viands and [daughter-i'h~law, Mr. and Mrs. tlar- [ mother, Mrs. J. L. Chapnmn, were [ in Lurav. Virginia, where Mr. Annual Flower Show, Sept. 16 , not included in above specimen / Bolivar Swope. She is a graduate of Har- ! ,h .... "1~,~1o ~, .... " T'.~...=^ ,'^..: .... a ]re Shirley " [ guests over the week-end of Mrs. I owns and operates a stone qua.n , o " * r . i I..A. ~ ~aTcs, av~. u~r~'~:J, dllIlllil~ X~I'~'I[I~:: lllU classes, not more than 3 stalks of pels Fe r~ High School and se~ The Annual Flower Show will bel . [ Mrs. Joseph Reigger spent last . ............. - i Ronnie, 51rs. Lester T. Viands and ] Mr. and Mrs Oboe Johnston made I Chapman's daughter, Mrs Roy Har- I Lyda B. Grove to Margie . eacn. , . yea as a ~, .~ m ~ne ~arme ~orps ; .... I ris, and familv, at Stuart s Draft, [ Mitchell, dwelling situate on 4 10 held thin year m the Reeroa~mn[ ........... tweek wmtmg Mrs. Dell Star, m . ............... son Glenu and Mms Marion Van- ]another trap to the coal mines on I Virginia. " [ in Ranson. Mrs. Grove is movia$ }lall in tiae Camp Hill Methodist ! .~ t'o~e~l ~]ams -~. l-:t~o on~ ~ n g [ Strasburg, Virginia. ?urmg worm war ~l. ~:. ~o:vmr metre of Martinsburg were Sunday I Monday. , flank; z--vodage ~mne; d--,~zr~can ~ ~s secrezarv o~ me urovme ~nam- Church on Thursday, Sep~embert .... [ .h'. and Mrs. J. L. Mills and __ . ~ - .... vmztors w~th Mr. and Mrs. Bert [ Mrs Eimer Jenl.-ins and 'hree[ Rev. and Mrs. Carlton Fox, of I her recently completed home ViOlet. . . , oer oz t~ommerce ]he youngster -- " :16th. It is sponsored by the Garden ] ...... ]family of Brunswick, Marv,and .... ~" .... Vmnds and family. |ehild~on ,,f noa,- ffill~h,,,., Xr~ [ Clarksburg, W. Vs., were guests [ North George Street. " - ~ , , .~rrangemems--l-Smali arraage- s t S " has Deen namea oenrey ,~uwara. "...................... Y ...... I over the week-end of Miss Mamie [ D.P. Glessner, Seville, Ohi~ Departn ent of .the Woma~s Club ............ ~ pen , unday at the home of Mr. ~ ..... . . Mr. ann Mrs. Obie Johnston and ]spent Monday w~th her muter, Mrs ] LaRue and her brothers. I Allen Marshall and wife, bails Entries will be received from 10 ment oy cram unuer Yzye~rs oz and Mrs. G. E. Webbthe properw occup~e(l sy mr an(~ dau~hte~ Jo,,ce s,,~nt S,,,a,to, ~ :th IClude Harris and family m until 12 30m 0 end" to ~ age; z--Arrangement oz fruit, -eg- I The Lion's Club of Boli~ ~r and Mrs. W. E Keliean, and owned bv ~, - - ~ ..... ~. '- I - "" I Mr. and Mrs. John L. Vic:~ers I]ot No. 18 in Brownville. " ' " P" " P 1~ ] ~rn~.~i/4~~d t~ft~i, [ Hi~!~m:b:arl~lr~:l:bj!i:ay Hvil MMlisY:~!!~ C::~:: :~ dr~y ~eroaO~i,~ ~r~j~ahwr:;~il;;;a:i/ya~MMU!n~ ~(buuF~:: :iii:!:~, and daughter, Peggy, of Charles, Harry W. Foreman to .L H:'~ :~:e~b!!!~ :!!c~!c:~f t t [To.n. spent part of his vacation [ well, building site facing Route] r gl~ln.gTl~V s f [ last week with his parents, Mr. and ]9, East of Charles Town. Pen~ will be a guest speaker [ ;. "; ! -- . ., '" - Top House. Dinner will be served last week in Winchester, Virginia ....... " .... | . . ,. . .~. . ~:: ] Mrs. Ed Vickers. They returned | expect to build in the near futar er wire xofiage an(~ zmwers in ' , . , - .... 7 "m mar~msuurg, Bpen~ ~amraav/ann cnimren were in ~'iKesiue, w. [ home on Saturday. John L. attend- ] Frank V~. Drish to Lydia. Specimen Classes--l--Roses, any I ...... [ at 7 o crocK. The speaker o~ me Mr. and Mrs Theodore Hohues night in Washin,,+on D C " lxr. .~.n,l.v ~~ ...... ~ v;~.a~ [ ed the firemen's'parade on Satur- [Reedy, dwelling on North ~. I i or ri 9 s ' i s~rong corers; o--unurcn arrange- evenin will " ~ ~" ' " " *'~', ................................ coo" va ety; .--A ters, rhreef ..... *. c ,,Ao v~.. r:,.^ r .....g be Mr. Harry Moats, and daughters spent the week-end Mr o,a ~,.~ oh,no H~"r;~ .-d/-.... ,.. ~-i~= --" ~:1------:~-- " 3 .......... -- " ............. - as d's " , . .......... = ......... ~,~,,~,y ,Wu ~ r~me. I day with the Citizens Fire Co. from [ Street at East North Street. P n~ one container' , ,-Marigolds, [ ....... ] p t~ tnct governor, of m Keedyswlle, Maryland. two dauohters snent Frida- even | x~.. -..." ~-~ u ..... r~ .... ~ .._ " ...... i ......... : ........... 4 I rangement; ~--~mmas m re'ass or/vill^ W-st ~' ..... i- ~. ...................... -. ................ ~.rv ~ .c.~ ~,,',, [ Charles Totem. [ Reedy has occupied this dwe.~. : 1IJrt'c ~t t~le cool,artier l iarge); --[ .., ... . . I ~, ~ vll'g~t* ~. r o~oWn~g ~lr /**lien DinKle OI ~runswic~, :-~ ~ ~ *- -~- " ". - . " -*~-', ' - Zinni~us, Three in one container I copper Wl~ or w,~nouc accessor,.es; I speaking there will be dance begin- Maryland, spent the week-end at jnegnk~-~n ner sls~r, .~r~_ ~'.uuer |sons, #onnmexana l~(l~e, .:pent the I I for forty )'ears before purcha~ .. . . ,.. ~, . ,a--wo~ree lame arrangemen~ With I-i-- L ~ q ,,,, .~ . . _ ~ ....... . . a n~, near nm=uuro, a. /weeK-ena m vienna, va, w]~n her t,arge,; o--~,nmas, tnree ,n one I . _ .. . ~. In ng a~ou~.:vv p. m. r~acn ,.,on tl~e nome o, Mr aml m,~ t~oleman ........................ , ....... " ......I Real Estate Sold I . ........................ ...... accessories; u--~,onocnromatle ar- ..i~ ....................... " " mr. aria mrs. doe aam, on auu/parenv.s mr. ana Mrs donn rll, t I . I DROWNS BATHING DOLb .COllb~tlllt:V ~Slllall); O -- L/~.~.IIlILt~, . ~.. . . I V 1[ Idg ~tut:Ulll~/~lllea OV Ills ~,V1112 or J~unn, m 1sodvar - -, -- ~ ~ -, -~ - .. ' " " ' ..... = ........ "a: .... ~ ..... l" ~ ~ rangement; iv--Arrangement rep- I lad'" ri~-a " ,,... . . , . ~, aullly attenuea gnerergsKsun- I l ! tJlz~ ~lz uue cv.v ,u~z tmma l); .-- . y .~ vnu. visitors m ~own on oas~ ~atur-i i * .... e resenting Autumn (Garden Cluh - on Sunday, wh ch was held a. the Dahha. any color or vaclAy [ ........ [ Mrs. Anna Burgan. a member of day were" Mr and Mrs L C ....... [ ~TPP[~]~ i Recent Transfers of real estate I Nesco-eck Pa -- While b l~ . m e m n e r~ only); l~--l~uncfleon the I e i ..... ~ommunl~y house, near t~aroane. ~JL~L X UII (large); 8--Petumas, spray; 9-- ~. ...... ] o al H gh School Faculty, who Hershberger and family, of Patter- ~t.._a ft.. , ..... a w ........ | ........ I repmged by Alfred R, Linaweaver, ]her dull'in a' small creek 50 Real Estate & Insmance Agencx, --n~-,,~ns th-e" in ^-^ eoWain } ~ame arrangement tno sneer per- I has s--^nt th ..... me- --ao'-"-s ia , .. -.... -.- . ,,,,. a,u ~,,o. ,,~,~uu ,=,,,,v~:- / ~y tara. ~ vicgers I " " -" [from her home, little Ila D.' ~.a. u 'ago ", ~ ~ o~ ,.- i .._~. # vv e ~um r n nvn ~ son s ureeg. Iney are former !esl- ~nA d~,,,~hto~ M~rio-- ~ u-..~:..~ i ~ I m~teu). Va rb* , ..... ,s .... , ,, ., u.a.a,~..- ~ [ are: 1 /2, fell in and drowned. er (Garden Club Members On y); ] nde fit Umvermty, Nasnv]lle, dents of Harpers Ferry before be- bur~' and another dau-,hter Eve [ Miss Franees Heflehower who [ Warren Walker to Virgil Hous- [ 10--Display of 5 garden flowers, Visitm's From Arkansas [Tennessee, returned to Harpers in~, transferred b~* *he B a~a n , '~'. .... ~s :l -/ ......... '~. t , ......... .. ~ - ....... ~yn ana net nusoana, oi ttagers- ~was a pauent m me ~nar~es ~own I den and wife, of Shepherdstown, / ~ -. ............ . ........ .s ..... -,l:Mrs. J. Donald Eac~es,., and ~is- [ verry. ..anawm resume her auues as Railroad, a few years. .... ago, and were town, .~d., wer- ...... Su,,a .... = ........ ~ ..... on [General Hosnital,. , hasreturned [dwelling with 1% acres of land at[ Hyderabad's dispute with It .:..:**:,@.~~****:~..;..:..~;.~:.e,~,..:..:**:.@,:,~ hbraHan when school openshere fo~ a brmf xm~t w~th fmends / " " " _~i[ ter, Miss Leone Casson, returned t ....... " 1 " ' " visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Maude home. I Engle% W. Vs. . /of smmll homes..~ I I ~l~i~I* Y[ home on iast Thursday after visit- [. ~: v'anme ~.: L~oman )s spena- and former neighbors ........ II i~il BIIII~ _mlt T I in" thei ....... t~ i- Woun~in llill I mg ~ms weez w]m ner zrmna, .'ors Mr. and Mrs. Leon Edwards, of , :: 1 i ~rl~'ll~V .~. l .... , ..... I Helen Lake ]n Balhmore, Md Camp Hill are ~isitin,, relatiws in ~.i ~rKansas. "ltle) were caHe(l mere i. ......... 2: ' ~' - AID = ripE)]h'~][~tJ-.l on account of the illness of their] mr. i~ae~v]n ~ems ~s sunermg Chicago, Illinois, and attending the , nil,eU~| ev.2~nl II ' =~. -v.~, ,,, .'~L, ,v" ~. ..:., _'" i~i / father~'i. l, man W~rK.,. ' Is, thei, an(~ and" Returni~ ~ .... _ son,Siste"~wo ........ o,enn,oromers,"'Mrs home Glad~'s o~'-g'-'--io~u, ,,,ou~ ~elt withmDeekltthem ana" _, ,'[ from a Koystone L,me and Stone Company toeS,pmn~ ' . sustained aoou, ~mashed . " a week foot at -h's and ago ,,o,,.. broken at the Railroad dren, of Washington, Diting M,She,.. . Ira Fair,parents Dal. being g arn Mr and held. and" C, are vis-.t' there.MrsChfl. K . - " " " Y~ ~' ~I~ (~- Cushton Sole and the .I ~,~,.~ wo~ ~ ........ e ~i' ..... t~i,~ Mrs. Charles Edwards, of ~ear K. Cavalier near Bolivar Last Word in Comfort g/~'(l~"~o:~.n"~l'::Y"~ir* ~n'ff-'~'ir's Harpers Ferry, has been qpite .~ick Mrs. Frank Butts returned to "- "~'[ Eackle~'" a~c-nT,,~anied" ~b: :heir for the past two weeks, She is stay- her home on Camp Hill, last Wed- | f'~l|II~\\~(~ ., ~ M ~ .v * " " " * t ......... _ ~, mg at the home Df her daughter, nesday, after ws~tmg v,~th Mrs guests, motorea o wasnmgton, ~ ...... _ " ~ ~_ [ C and snent tho aa,, si ht-seem, vtrs. ana onara. Spencer Butts, in Alexandria, Vs. Ira" . : ........ he Methodmt Youth Fellowship Mr Joe Ruscko was dram]used ]he VlSl~Ors Will l'e~urn to ~rKan- . . . . , ... . of the Bohvar Methodist Church ~s from the Newton D. Baker Hosp~t- [sas on ~nursuay. planning an outing at Braddock al, near Martinsburg, last Thurs- Other Personal News Heights on Labor Dav. day, sperding the remainder of the Mr. Decatur Osborn of Washing- Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coxwell and week with his wife at the homeof ...... ton, D. C., spent the week-e]~d with two daughters, of Rommke, Vs., her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. A Wide Selection of Styles and Sizes Priced $7.50 his sister, Mrs. M. D. Castlenmn. i Mr. Leslie Bush, who has been a patient in the Charles Town Hos- i pital for the past two weeks, con- tinues to show improvement. Miss Anna Soslo, of Brazil, who is employed in New, York City as a Spanish Interpreter, was a recent visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs A. Kaphm on Camp Hill. .. D~. and Mrs. S. G. Moore ~pent SHOE STORE Next to Theatre the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Musgrovc and family, at Piney Point, Maryland. Mrs. Rose Applegate, of Wash- ington, D. C., has been a visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dailey. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brian ofi We have our largest selection and can fill your needs at a moments C mplete Selection of Both otla, d Oil Style and-Most Any Size notice. Telephone 318 Today and let us deliver the one you want. JEFFERSON FURNITURE CO. N. CHARLES'ST. CtIARLES TOWN, V; ,VA .... Aimost Everything F0r The Home'. spent the week-end with" Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hapd. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye and sqn spent Sunday in Charles Town at the heine of Mr. and Mrs. Mar- shall Frye where a reunion of the Frye family was held. Four gene- rations were represented. Mrs. Ja- cob Frye, aged 83 years, was pres- ent with her six children, c!so grandchildren and great-grandchiI- dren. A dclic/otm dinner was ~er- ved. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Harrison and two children, accompanied by i the former's sister, Miss June Har- rison, of Sandy Hook, enjoyed a motor trip last week to Annapolis, Md., and to the Eastern Shore. Mr. and Mrs. Theedore Carel of North Field, Minn., have returne(l home, after spending a week witl~ their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Harry Dahlin, on Camp Hill. Mrs. W. L. Sibert of Miami, Fla., is spending this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hape. Mrs. John Waters and daughter spent several days last week with relatives in Baltimore, Md. Mrs. Lewis Reek spent Saturday in Hagersto~b visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harwood Putts. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Elder, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Singhas and daughter, Betty, spent last Thurs- day in Washington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Noland spent Sun- day in Washington, D. C. Miss Lavetta Null ha~ returned home after spending deveral weeks with relatives in Pittsburgh, Pa. Misses Barbara and Nancy Ell- iott of Philadelphia, Pa., are visit- ing at the home of their grandmo- ther, Mrs. John Sponseller. Mr. Idnden Johnson of Alexan- dria, Virginia, is spending this week at the home o his mo~her, Mrs. C. ~. Johnson, on Camp Itill. Mr. and Mrs. James Turner and daughter, hnogene, spe~t last week end in Thomasville and York, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Young of Bolivar, ac.companied by their house guests, Mrs. G. E. Bequctte and daughter, Elizabeth, of Wash- ington, D. C., spent Sunday at tl~e home of Mr. and Mrs. D. O.'Stull at Berryville, Vir~nia, and enjoyed an annual picnic on the lawn there. Quite a number of relatives and friends were present. Mr. a~d Mrs. Thomas O'Brien and Mrs Nannie Littleton of Wash- ington, D. C., visited r~lati~es in Bolivar last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ramsdill left on Wednesday nmrning for Balls- ton Spa, New York, where they will visit relatives. They expect to re- turl~ home about September 20th. Sunday visitors at the home of I/It. and Mrs. Jack Hedican were: Mr. and Mrs. Char/es Dorrance, Sr., and their son, Charles, jr., and wifc, m~d Mr, Robert Hackley, all of Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cleveager and daughters, of Atlanhl, Georgia ~pent last week with thc former's mother, Mrs. Esther Clevenger, :rod with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlcs Trundlc. Miss Joyec Trundle returned home with hcr sister for a visit. ML Trundle had spent a week with his daughter ~md family in Atlanta, before their vis- it to Bolivar. Nichols. They returned to their home in Washington on Sunday and wero accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Nichols who spent the day there. Miss Betty Schultz spent scv.~'at days ias~ week in Washiugton, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wilt, who )urchased the Dittmyer property, across the ~treet from the Water's Grocery Store, have greatly im- proved it by having a new front ~orch built. Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Bush were: }.Ir. and Mrs. P. H. Duckworth and daughters, Nancy aiutAane, of Ar- lington. V~rginia, and M~ and Mrs. Charles. Schuller and two cbildren, Billy and Charlotte, and J. Kenneth Schuller of Winchester, irginia, The group of young people s~- sored by the American FrieiP~ Service Comnfittee, working "at Storer College for the past two months, have returned to their re- spective homes, after assisting in preparations for the erection c a gymnasium on the college grounds. Rev. Frank Shrader spent two days las~ week in Washington, D. C. The tiarpers Ferry Wom,m's Club was delightfully entertah~ed at the home of Mrs. Robert F,'itts, near the foot of Allstadt's Hill, on Saturday afternoon. Twenty-e~ght mcmbers of the Club were present. Delicious refreshments were served and thus( present report a cery pleasant afternoon, in the spacious I cool rooms of the Fritts home, de- [spitc the intense heat outside. Mrs. Harold Basore and ygung sou, Micimel Lee, of Cumberland, Md., spert last week x~th her par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Xern, in Harpers Ferry. Mr. and Mrs. Harwood White of Washington, D. C., visited the Yor- mer's mother and sister, on Camp Hill, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Corbett Hanger, of Ccaithersburg, Maryland, and Mrs. Alice Spivey of Norfolk, Virginia, have been visiting Mrs. Blauche Wheatley and her sister, Mrs. Geo. Hurt. Mr. and Mrs. John Edmondson and Mrs. Mimfie Virts of Harper's Ferry, accompanied b.~- Mr. Charles Edwards of Virginia, and Mr. ~nd Mrs. Harvey Carter of Washington, D. C., visited Mr. Joe Edwards at his home at Urbanna, Maryland, recently. Mr. Edwards, who'is 81 ycars of age, has been quite ill for the past two weeks. Mrs. Charles H. Iley and sons, : Charles, jr., and Harold, of Annap-: olis, Maryland, are spending t~ever- al days this week at C[/ffs/de Cab- ins, while Rev. Iley, former pastor of the Bolivar Methodist Church, is attending a conference at Westmin- ster, Maryland. Mrs. Iley and ~ons were dinner guests at the hom~ of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Butts ou Monday evening and at the homc of Mr. and Mrs. John Snider on Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. William Putts and two children and Miss Nancy Car- per spent Sunday in W~shington, D.C. MECHANICSTOWN By Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bowers Mr. ard Mrs. Clyde Harris and are improving their property in two littl~ girls, l'at~y and Sifir!ev Bolivar by installing ncw wi~d,)ws spent the day Sunday at Glen E:ho. and they will build an addition to Mr. a,m Mrs. Melvin Fritts .'nd thett ho,n, m b ........ d, 1 " " - .~ " t ..... ;*~ tutltre. ~ ug~ter Dorh and Mi~s Katl/,~rine Mrs. Blanche Wheat~ey~' is:qm-' C!iqe Sl~~t Sunday evening in: proving her property by' lmving it Wifiche#er,:Va. r painted. ' I Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Miller ~nd Mr. and Mrs. Rene Eaton of j family and Mr. mid Mrs. Ar~,hur Camp Hil! spent the week~end at lWilhidc and fanfiiy 0 Hagor, toum the home of Mr. and Mrs. Letter i and Mr. and Mrs. James Milton and Chaney, in Westernport, Md. Their I family were last Sunday visitors daughter, June returned home ~ith [ with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Milton. them, after a visit thcre. } Mr. and Mrs. Lester Edwards Mr. ~ud M~. Wa~r~a 2". Fv,v~crtal~d daugi~tcr ~hi~lcy ~p~ut th~ day TROUSERS Boys Wash Longies 1.98 Corduroy Longies 3.79 Cashmeres 2.49 MENS GABS 6.95 MENS TWILLS 5.95 MENS WORSTEDS 8.95 Work Coverts 8-oz. sanf. S H I R T S COVERT CHAMBRAY .59 BOYS TEES SPORT DRESS FLANNEL SHIRTS _ 79e 98c 1.95 1.59 SOX ANKLETS MENS---3-pr. for INTERWOVENS BOBBIES 25c 50c 55c BLUE DUNGAREES BELL 29 to 46 .98 DRESSES Girls Prints 1.98 ~~ Sizes to 14 L Ladies New ) i "~~' Summer Styles , | WORK SHOES FAMOUS ENDICOTT-JOHNSON Sfurdy Well Made BOYS Sizes 12 Vz to 5 ~z Sizes 2 ~ to 6 OXFORDS Mens Boys Childs 4.89 3.98 2.45 Poll Parrots BOYS and GIRLS Sizes 81/.', to 3 SWEATERS ALL WOOL Mens .98 Boys One Group .49 SPORT SHIRTS CORDUROY Tan, Green, {=9 : V, ine, Grey~)' GAB~RDINES Dark Tones COTTONS Long Sleeves t. 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