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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 15, 1928     Farmers Advocate
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September 15, 1928

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TWO r FARMERS ADVOCATE, CHARLES TOWN, W. VA., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1928. J Cannin9 & Preservinfl Time JELLY GLASSES GLASS JARS JAR GUMS JAR FILLERS ETC. SCHOOL SUPPLIES Ink Composition Books Rulers Pens Lunch Paper Musilege Pencils Card Board Loose Leaf Fillers Penholders Blotting Paper School Satchels Fountain Pens Carbon Paper Napkins Tablets Typewriter Paper Crayons Note Books Toilet Paper Paste. Lunch Boxes Compases Glue Taylor's Variely Shop HOOYRR AND FARM PRICES. Both Mr. Hoover and Governor Snfith have announced hat they will call into conference representatives of the agricultural interests to form- ulate and recommend some plan by which the depreed condition under which all agree this great basic indhts- try has suffered since 1920 may be remedied. SIXTY YEARS AGO---1868. MarriedIn Frederick, Md., Warner Rewkenbaugh to Miss Maria Morg'a, bath of this county; in MarCdnsbuz-g, by the Rev. W. D. Housan, Moses S. Granthaxa, to Miss Mebdna Kitchen, i All other interests have been taken!both of Berkeley cotmty. care of by governmental action and! Died--At the home of his father in i have prospered. Agriculture has had i Charlestown, Samuel Stfaith Ridenour, nothing effective done to keep it in - - . . son of Samuel Rldenour, aged 18I line with the prospemty of other m- I years; at her home in Balthznore, Mrs 1 teresvs. ! Nannie Lisle l_mgdon, dfe of Thomas During the world war when the law ip" Langdon, formerly of this county. of suuplv and denmnd raled the pmce i ......... . ". "- , __ . .. _ . , lne coralerl:one oI new .lelno- oI agricultural pIs0glucts To a nlgn level,  _. ......... _. . _ ...... i als L:aun:n was laa in nepnels- wle strong arm oi Lne govermnenitown, addresses being delivered by the was invoked to fix a much lower price level on the products of our farms. Rev. Mr. PoL'-a and the Rev. Dr. For wages and the products of every Roszel. other industry "t'he skT was the limit"] FIFTY YIARS AG0---1878. thea and is now. At that time Her-i bert Hoover was food administrator. ! When the government arbitrarily re-i dueed .,the price at which wheat was! Sales .-Service EXUDE BATTERIES MICHELIN TIRES MICHELIN TUBES RUSCO BRAKE LINING Holds--Wet--or--Dry NORTH-EAST HORNS NORTH-EAST STATION GENERATOR ARMATURES CARRIED IN STOCK FOR NORTH-EAST, REMY, DELCO, AUTOLITE, AND FORD. LIBERAL EXCHANGE ALLOWANCE FOR OLD ARMATURE. Goode Bros. Garage Corner South George and Congress Streets CHARLES TOWN'. - WEST VA. .......................................... selling a dollar or more a bushel it was understood to be on the recom- WE WANT YOUR OLD Books, Paper, Rags,. Metals, Rubber HYMAN VIENER 253 Phones 250 Charles Town, .... West FARM FOR SALE LOCATED IN ADAMS COUNTY, PENNA. 3 Miles East of Gettysburg. IMPROVED ROAD AL)NG FARM. Contains 134 Acres. Stone House 30 x 36 Bank Barn 40 x 70 Hog Stable 14 x 20 Wagon Shed 22 x 25 20 Acres Suitable for Pasture. Soil adaptible to Blue Grass Price $33.00 Per Acre. 60 Per Cent Can Remain at 6 Per Cent. POSSESSION TO SUIT PURCHASER. THIS FARM "HAS BEEN MANAGED BY A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION AND MUST BE SOLD. THIS FARM IS IN A DESIRABLE LOCALITY AND A RARE BARGAIN. WE ADVERTISE FARMS HONESTLY AND WE SELL THEM. C. L. MEHRING LITrLESTOWN. PA. i i ill  i i Quality Service Right Price  IN THE BEST FRESH MEATS, GROCERIES AND VEGETABLES. SPECIAL PRICES IN OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT SATURDAY. T. Shirley Eby "WHERE ONE PHONE CALL BRINGS ALL" PHONE ll5-W. W, WASHINGTON ST., CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. mendation and advice of food admin- istrator Hoover. So far as I know this was never questioned until since the presidential candidacy of Mr. Hoover, when the farmers' votes are needed to put him across. In his speech of acceptance he lauds the Coolidge admirdration to the sky. 'l'ice at, the earnest request of the many farm orgardzation, legislation recotmaended and agreed upon by them passed both %enate and House of Representatives, the object of which was to place agriculture on a parley Married--A Locu Hill ,*Ais coun- ty, by he Rev. Dr. W. H. Meade, Dr. i John D. M. Cordeza, of Philadelphia, .a to Mis Lizzie B. Packett, daughter of the late John B. Packett; in Char-i lestoa by the same minister, M. S. B. i! Robertson to Miss MaD" B. Dobson, , :;daughter of Thomas W. Dobson, of I, Charlestowp- The farm of John J. Locke, contain- ing 214 acres near Rippen, was sold to Caleb Burns at $50 per acre. S:. George Tucker Brooke, of Char- lestown, was appointed to the chair of law at the University of West Vir- ginia. FORTY YEARS AGO--1888. Married--In Washington, D. C., JoE- with other industries and interests, eph V. Belt, of this county, and Miss The tariff protection given other in-i Ella D. Arnold, of Lovettsville, Va.; d ......... hoe !in Cha-lestown, by the Rev W G usmes was no appncame to t . " - .... i Eggleston, Thomas Alexander Hooe, arrmultumd products ptx)duced In ex- " " - ..... n" -d the .,ur land Miss Ida May Davis, both of his tess oI (lomestlc oema as an s - " " - products of which had to find a lCuny" abroad. This su2alus had tot TWENTY YEARS AGO--1908. be sold in the markets of the world i Dr. W. W. Brown, located at Shen- in competition with hat produced else- ! where and the price for which this andoh Junction to practice medicine, urplus was sold fixed the price of that having moved the f:x)m Pittsburgh, Pa. used wit}fin the United States for do-i mestic consumption; 'ttereby making TheE. J. West bought "Bull Wallow i tariff protection of no value to those famn'" of 165 acres in Kabletown Dis- i px)ducts of which there was a sur-trict fn)m Daniel Heflebower for :14,-i| - !plus, and often fixing a price level !000.00. i below cost of px)duction. Legislation '* Died--Near Chestnut Grove, ifis !11 passed by both houses of CongoleSE counw, Miss Lizzie Wzlt, wife of!i undertakiag to regulate the orderly iThomas WiI, aged 60 yea:; south of marketing of this surplus so as not to Charles Town, Mrs. Virgie Roper, wife i reduce the price of that used for do-!of Walter Roper, aged 18 years; atl mestic consumption below cost of pro- the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. i duct2on was twice vetoed by President iNat Conrad, at the Bloomery, Miss Coolidge and failed to become law. i Laura Conrad.. aged 32 years. I Mr. Hoover was a member of the -0- Coolidge Cabinet, and from his ex-;, HINER AT HOME COMING. i perience during the world war as food i The Tucker Democrat in a recent i administrator, was more familiar with '.issue refers to a vLit of Honorable! farm conditions thml the president or iBen H. Hiner, Democratic Candidate any other cabinet member. The fair :for Cngress, to Tucker County, and! pesumption is that President Coot-i in its account of the Teachers' Insti- idge consulted Mr. Hoover and acted !tute says ttmt he on his way to Davis i upon his advice in vetoing these bills, to deliver an addiess at the Home-I As Mr. Hoover so fully endorses and Coming exercises there, paid the In-i PHONE 194. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. / ALLOW us To FILL YOUR WANTS IN OUR LINE KREAM KRUST BREAD ROLLS CAKES SWEET BUNS OF ALL KINDS Gol Anylhing To Sell? approves the administration of Mr. Coolidge, is any one go gullible as to believe that he would aprove any ac- tion that a coXtfferer'ce of farners would-recom-tend that would be in the least effective? Republican administraons have ut- terly failed to relieve the farm situa- tion. Everything the farmer has ask- ed for is dubbed "economically un- sound" and failed o receive the presi- brillian and scholarly addresses to a a large crowd. The Davis News says: "Hop_ B. H. Hiner, Democratic candidate for Con- dential approval. Why not try a dem- gress, delivered a well prepared ad- ocratie president and administration ? dress  y " r onen4 . t _ear Mr. Hme_ _ ..... ! Nothing they could do would be worse. Day, is, first annual Home-Comi .... n It is not unfmr to presume tha ! "  It, his year he. delivered the closing ad- lwould do better. The railroads are !dress He has many warn friends in i aUowed to change passenger and;Davis and 'icinity and they were on freight rates, with no fimitations on hand to hear him this year." salaries, wages, and o;her expenses, i 0 5 . to 6 er cent net !that will yield ,} p i The banks of Utica, N. Y., have return on a valuation greatly in x e.- ibetween '$31,000 and $32,000 in depos-' and cess of what the property cost its of unknoms. Advertising thus  :based on a replacement value higher,fa r has failed to btg response from i than ever known. '.the original depositors or their heirs,  Why give ever)" other interest spe-, ! ciaI legi2lathve favor that enables them i andterest.the accounts go on drawing in- i This question is addressed to you, Mr. Merchant,/Mr. Farmer, Mr. Anybody Else. THE ADVOCATE will carry your message into hundreds of homes. In some of these homes, you may be sure, there are people who are willing to buY what you are so anxious to sell. Why keep things in your stores or in your homes when an Advocate advertise- istitute a short v]si,t and being inro-t= ment would turn them into cash? duced by Superintendent Parsons re-il THE ADVOCATE reaches 1100 homes !sponded wth a shoi't talk which was !highly appreciated by the entire In- i In Jefferson County. ititute. [ In the Tite-up of the Daqs Home- Cming says he made one of his usual Buick is the Sg/e I No Trespassing. { will I , . This is to give notice that I prosecute any and everybody who re-! irayes boards from the fencing on my I !farm or who otherwise trespasses up- ion :-id fman. A.B. ttURST. i Sept. 8-1t. ! Administrator's Notice. i make good profits despite high costs of production ? When these spe- cial favors are not condemned a "un- economic," and whenagriculure asks only to be placed on the same footing with industr),, manufacturing, trans- portation etc., wh" not heed the faxm- er's appeal ? GEORGE B. KEEZELL. 5 CHAUTAUQUA TICKETS ON SALE Season tickets for the annual win- ter Chautauqua, to be held this year September 21, 22 and 24, at the [Graded School auditorium are now on sale at the Faaners and Merchants Bank, Clmrles Town. Anyone desiri tickets will please call there at once: Price $1.00 for the three days for both junior and adult tickets. No Words To Waste. Two farmers met on the road and pulled up. "St, I've got a mule with distemper. What'd ye give that one of yours when he had it?" "Turpentine. Giddap." A week later they met again. "Say, Si, I gave my mule turpen- tine and i [lled Killed mine, All persons with claims against the l !estate of the late Leo O'Beirne, are! !hereby notified to paesent the same: properly authenticated to the under- !signed administrator. Those indebted to said estate are helby urged to make prompt settlement of their in- i debtedness. K. K. CAV.LIER, ! ' Administrator. Sept.l-4t.-pd. Harpers Fey, W. Va. Dissolution Notice. I The titan of O'Bwan & Allen, at [Rippon, having been dissolved, notice is hreby gven that all bills and 'claims against the firm shou]d be pre- sented on or before September 30, for i payment. All those indebted to said i firm at hereby quesed to payall! i their bills on orbefore the above date; on account of the dissolution of said' i firm. 0'BRYAN & ALLEN 1 W. Va. Graceful contours instead of 00i00h/lines--the g/earn and ofhn0000,d colors and chrome plat* ing instead Of drab el:feels--, lb mar/helM bodies eer built'" Buick's ma00te00iece bodies by Fisher At & time when motor car beauty was practically" stan-- when imitation was the vogue-- when there was a glaring lack of originality in body design--Bulck has swept far beyond the common- place and achieved It style which the entire country is acclaiming as the most distinctive and beautiful ever shown! Fisher, the world's foremmt builder of automobile bodies, has co- operated with Buick. the wor)d's foremost builder of fine car s . to create a new mode--a new fashion --and so luminous is the result and so eagerly is the public welcoming it that Buiek's great factories have reached new production levels in an effort to keep pace with an ever increasing demand! Inside nnd out, the ne lk bodies by Fisher are the Wet beatrtiful ever built. Together  d the wonderful new stanaar.t,. performance introduced by Silver Anniversary I;uick, they ] wmmng the greatest iema the greatest preferenOe ever joyed by any fine car! tyl e! The new ]uick is the new And by that is meant, nt merely $ mew t.2ae of beauty--not mel thrilling turning lint in body . Vt't tt sign-but a great countr. vogue' THE SILVEP. A %NIVKSAgY BUiCN Witia Masterpit'ce Bo4ies bY; Fi#bl' S. W. KENT MILLER MARTINSBURG, WEST VA. Better Automobiles Are Buick Will Build