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September 15, 1928     Farmers Advocate
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September 15, 1928

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i i i nil| Ir1[|ll[/ u||ui|| VNmlIIIElV L- gl STP)NG AND RELIABLE I II  |/ COMPAmES PZZszrZD" on .............. ,., B A Share of Your Bus/m m i I w. JLt ".L'JL,UBi.JJr., . .L. J,.etJLP I/ So4idted. __ _1 i TELEPHONE 17 |] J. E D. BURNS, . AgenL I [] ............ I/_ Oice At Reside.nee  i i BATTERY RICHARGING |/ 5th_r-- g- e(SCryet, t [] JX# DuIn ,AUXU 1,1 exux DkxLxrxtiro Ut 'Telephone No. 251-W. i SATURDAY, SER 15, 1928. A PIECE OF HER MIND. (Continued From Page Three) of lutes and song. This is because my dornesti science is of the ex- tre impressionistic school, with quite a rked leaning toward futur- ism. Most of the work I plan is put forward to some indeYmite time in the future. I used to think and, indeed, say that housekeeping was an unfair burden thrust on the more or less loely pTTBT,TC ,AT, shoulders of the feminine sex, How ....... would a man like to give up his job Having rented--smal arrtment lwhen he married and become a pro- I will sell at public auctio'n" at m3 [ fessional dishwasher? With thisharsh home on South Samuel street, Charles'requirements to face, how many men Toxin, W. Va. on " would wed at all ? These sentiments - t SATURDAY, SEPTFMBER 15, 1928, were often expressed at do'raitory !,,  at 10:ao o'clock a. m, the paes nd i,- muo fud-en- i zolmng personaJ ppey: Freight HaulinE Wanted TO BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON AND RETURN OR ENROUTE TO EITHER OF ABOVE CITIES AND RETURN. TRUCK, A 2 TON INDIANA SPEED WITH EXTRA EQUIPMENT TO HAUL THE MOST DELICATE FURNITURE AND FRAGILE ARTICLES. Ray X. Merchant PHONE 176-W. CHARLES TOWN, - WEST VA. flarkin0 Back a Jew Centuries Back near the beginning of things, our prehistoric forebearers would have perished from the earth if they had not understood the science of reading advertising. The cavemen didn't know much about underwear, soap, or automobiles, but they did have to eat. The one who could follow the tracks of the game he hunted, or read the meaning of a twisted leaf or broken twig, off in life. Then as now, the most consistent reader of adver- rising was best dressed, best fed and most contented. There has been somewhat of an evolution in adver- rising in the last few thousand years, but the principle is just the same. The consistent reader of advertisements is invari. ably best informed on what to eat and where to get it; what to wear and how much to pay for it; what to do ud how to do it. He's up on the most important things of hfe. Consequently he gets the most from life. Throughout the ages, advertising has done much to make life Hvable and pleasant. We owe it much. In the new, re-designed, improved Separator every high speed point has high-grade ball bearings, and ONLY the New McCormick-DeeHng is so equipped. It takes much of the work out of the morning and evening separating. No wonder it makes a hit with .evmT man and woman who sees it and turns it. And that's only the start. The New McCormick- Deering has many other points of improvement. It is setting new records in clean skimming. Drop in here and see something really modelm in separators. Six Sizes---hand, belted and electric--for one-cow or a hundred. Burns & Marshall CHARLES TOWN, WEST VA. crusted applause. ONE FINE JERSEY COW Now, however, my opinions have One Jersey Heifer, both from Mc- changed a little. Housekeeping isn't Donald's herd. One 1-horse wagon with shelvings, so bad if done with the left hand and 1 good hay rake, on 1-horse barshear not. taken too seriously. There aloe plow, I double shovel plow, 1 garden even fleeting momems when it is en- plow, one 1-horse harrow, some plow joyable. Vacuum cleaners and lum- harness, some bug'gT harness, 1 wheel barrow, one 4-prong fork, 1 pitch fork, inure pans have no salary checks in 1 corn oop, 50-feet of garden hose. d]e]r vitals, but they are at least as lot of garden tools, i English riding good companions as most office para- saddle. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. phernalia. Two Bookcases, 1 especially hand- The woman who gives up a really some; 1 Mahogany Bed with springs; exciting career, such as grand opera 1 Mahogany Bureau, 1 metal bed with or parachute jumping, may feel that Mahogany finish wi springs; 1 steel she has sacr/ficed too much for the bed with springs, one  iron bed with mere company of inanimate furniture. springs; 3 cots, 1 oak bureau, 1 Chif- fonier and wash stand; 1 kitchen cab- _Most women, however, don' sacrifice inet, 1 Refrigerator, porcelain lined, anything in the least exciting. To the 75-1bs. capacity; three 9x12 Rugs, all young helot of the commerml world in good shape; lot of small rugs; running a house is a dozen times more sorme porch furniture, lot of rocking chairs, 1 Handsome Dining Table, stimulating than spreading a lifetime Mahogany; 6 din/ng room chairs, gen- out in the form of dots and dashes. uine leather seats; I old side table, 1 But here are, I must admit, a lot Martha Washington Sewing Table, one of perplexing things about housekeep- 2-tmrner oil strove, 2 ldtehen tables, 4 kitchen chairs, 1 Franklin Stove, lot ing. Why does the law of gravity of pictures, 5-gallon cream can, one operate in clothes closets with twice Water Separator, I ice cream freezer, the force that it nnifests anywhere I lam mower, 1 lard press, 1 meat else? What does one do when the grinder, lot of glass jars and stone crocks, and other articles not listed, garment-fall reaches two fee or more TERMS:--Sums of $20.00 and un-.and snowshoes are necessary for navi- der, cash. On all sums over $20.00 ] gating inthe interior? It is obvious a eredit of six months will be given on,tha t one can't go about eonstwaeting a satisfactory endorsed, negotiable, interest bearing, bankable note. No new closets all over the place. It property to be removed until settled !would spoil the snumery of the for. !apartment for one thing, and besides, MRS. HELEN WALRAVEN. 'visitors would always be mistaking C. Preston Engle, Auctioneer. *one of them for the ling room. C. W. Moore, Clerk. Then there are these little piles of Administrator's Sale I books' papers and letters that grow into Alps almost before one's fascinat- Of Valuable -Personal Property! led gaze. After one ile had reached As Administrator of the estate of fan imposing hmght, I covered it with the late Get. B. Johnson, I will sell a light bit of silk and voted -t a win- at Public Sale, on the Johnson farm, dow seat. But one can't o on estab- located 2b miles southwest of Char- les Town, Jefferson County, W. Va., on I lishing e-indow seats everywhere, es- pecially on the sides of the room TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1928,] where here are no window. cormnencing at 10:30 o'clock a. m., the t No doubt the logical thing Would be followin4g propery to-wt: SIX HEAD OF HORSES & COLTS. it get rid of such heaps by hard- heartedly burning them. Unfortu- One Brown Mare 5-yrs. old, a good ,,o+,q,, that ir imvgihle A we,n strap mare; One Bay Mare, good work- _j  ...... .'- .**. ......... ,*'--.-- er wth sucklin colt- One Brown can z cremate oooms on an eeenc Mare, good worker and driver, with I grill, decidedly not on a grill that melding mule colt; One Brown Heavy lmerely bushes a bit, even when going Draft Filly, 3 years old rs " "- " latibest. If local bookeenso e er TWO MILK COWS. I undertake any public burning of sedi- Both giving-good flow of milk. i tious volumes, I'm going to be on 27HEAD OF HOGS---27. ]hand 'ith all my little Himalayas, 1ive*Brood Sows, 3 BroOd Sows withllooking or a good daance to eneak 21 pigs, which will be ready to take off by sale day; the other two sowslthem into the blaze. will farrow about sale time. One I The eotant peasal of cook books young Male Hog. i furies another heavy domestic FARMING IMPLEMENTS. problem. I only -ish that they were One 4-horse wagon and bed, 1 old i given more to specializing in the old- wagon, 1-pair ahelvings, one 7-ft. J fashioned habit of happy endings. At Deering binder, in good order; one grain drill, 1 land rol-]times the plot hiekens, but usually ingle corn plater, 2 Oliver No. [/when it's not stppased to. Generally plows, 2 single shovel l+tthe anxious reader is left as far up plow& 1 water cart, 1 grindstone, 1 sleigh, 1 spring wagon, 1 old buggy, fin the cerulean as the reader of any 1 baud Gist Mil, 1 thribble tree, 1 I problem novel. double tree, 8 ug!e trees, 1 barrel "Cook," says the book, "until ers,Sprayer'2 log3 chains,StickS,some 2-pr.odd spread-chains, ready." Until what is ready ? Does it dig iron, shovel, crowbar, pick, old tin! refer to the domestic engineer or the roofig, tl/ree 4-Orong forks, I pitch recalcitrant vegetable ? .Also, I am fork ,1 scoop shovel, one 16-ft. ladder, Idrive n to taking vicious bits* out of 1 buggy pole, 1 wagon jack, 2 X-cut]the shelf paper by hese vague in- fieldSaWS' wirel cantstrtohers,hOok, 1-pairl handAmeriCanwire structions to "cook" something. Do stre4teher, scalding tank, 1 grain era-It hey mean frying, roasting, boiling, dle, 1 heavy jack, leigh bells, buck or digging a tren and holding a saw, scythe, sledge, iron pot, gum-ibarbecue? bluing st'icks, 1 barrel, 1 keg, lot of. junk, 1 springtooth harrow, 1 Deer-I But one thing about following in- ing mower, 1 horse rake, 2 doublelst-actions in a cook ,book is that a shovel plows, and other articles. ! laerson never runs into monotony. It HARNESS::--Two sets of breeching, is amazing how much initiative and 2 sets of lead gears, 2 sets of Yankee  . . harness, 3 coIlars, 4 bdles, checkl versatility is wrapped up in mere in- lines, 2 houserm, 1 saddle, 3 halters, . animate objects. I lve cooked a cer- driving harness, plow gears, lot of!t a in chocolate pudding at least two old harness. I dozen times and always I have follow- HOUSEHOLD GOODS>One S/x- ed the book with matemat/cal exact- Piece Upholstered parlor Suit; one  ....... i -s o+ tand 1 oak stand onei ness" very ame tins puaa ng na square stand, 1 oak Buffa, 4 dingcome out dfferently. Its epertore " " "na" room chmrs, 1 settee, one Reg I ranges all the way from mere watery Phonograph and Records; 2 arn chairs thinness to a series of small, interest- I ice cream freezer, 1 kitchen table, ing lumps which ought to string into 1 Cook Stove, 1 stand. ABOtT 15 ACRES OF CORN in :quite a fascinating necklace. I can .... a hardly sleep nights, sometimes, won- the shock. One Rick of Clover rt v. : dering what engaging little trick that t TERMS:--A credit of sixst:msmOnthoe s pudding is going to pull next. ill be allowed on all 20.00, bankable papar with interest: Anyway, when I ead such hearten- !from date. Notes payable at the'ing statements as the one made by Farmers & Merchants I)eposit Co., of iHerr Adler, I can at least be sure Clrle Town, W. Va Sums of $20.00 -  ma-- hat" m .... 1 - "  cash .k "'i 7 of " -r'nt' no er - y oner sins, an(] untie" * . flscoun - I i .... .... ' to be ' na e ne el anno ea anoay oy oemg i cent for cash. No property . " .... moved until terms of sale are corn- too expert a housekeeper. :plied with. ^ } J. BEVERLY WILTSHIRE, tr Administrator. Changed Her Name. C. Preston Engle, Auctioneer. Bane Brown, Clerk At the same time and place, and on the same terms of the above sale, I will sell t,he following property:- One 4.Piece Hand Carved Walnut Bed Room Suit with marble-top: One Double Heating Stove. One ld Chest. One 8-Day Clock, 12 Pictures. j. BEVERLY WILTSHIRE, Agent fo," Heirs of Haney Johnson, Deceased. A negro cook came into a northern Missouri bank with a check from the lady for whom she worked. As Man- i dy, the cook, could not write, she al- ways endorsed her check with a big ' X. But on this occasion she made a circle on the back of the check. "\\;\'hat's the big i dea, Mandy?" asked the teller. "Why don't you *make a cross as usual?" "A. done got arded yester(y, /!oss, and I'se changed my name." PLiJMBIH5 HEAT TINNING PUMP Prompt and Efficient Service i Falrlax Supply Cam W. R. BURNS, Manager Charles Town, West Fairfax Boulevard Close to George TELEPHONE 181-IL FEED Wall's Egg Mash Makes Hens Cotton Seed Meal, Clover Leaf Coarse Hog Corn Table Meal Cracked Salt, Fine and White Scratch Feeds !eef "Scrap Poultry Supplies and FLOURS, FEEDS, GRA Wall, Strider & Wall, CHARLES TOWN, . . , i r Come to lhink of WHY is it that the most suc- cessful merchants in the world are the biggest ad- vertisers? I WONDER if tl/ey are all fools, and I am the only ,-vise bird! CAN it be that in the ,Teat business p a r a d e every- body's out of step but me? MAYBE I'd better think it. over! Reflections of a Local Storekeeper Telephone 257-F When you need a PLUMBER *st time. Our men will serve you well vice is one of the things that go making of a successful plumbing nes We aim to give prompt dent service. Jno. ' K. Janney PLUMBING AND HEATING Tdephone 257-F. East Charles Town, West Ca. Tile