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November 24, 1928     Farmers Advocate
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November 24, 1928

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FARMERS ADVOCATE, CHARLES TOWN, W. . VA., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1928. In the new, re-designed, improved Separator every high speed point has high-grade ball bearings, and ONLY the New McCormick-Deering is so equipped. It takes much of the work out of the morning and evening separating. No wonder it makes a hit with every man and woman who sees it and turns it. And that's only the start. The New McCorndck- Deering has many other points of improvement. It is setting new records in clean skimming. Drop in here and see something really modern in separators. Six Sizes---hand, belted and electric for one cow or a hundred. Burns & Marshall PUBLIC SALE WINTER FROM CHINA. r OF JEFFERFSON MILLING / (Continued From PageThree) 1 COMPANY PROPERTY. / two hltfdng he roof and one the south J AT CHARLES TOWN, lwaH. They made immense holes as I JEFFERSON COUNTY, WEST VA. ithey exploded. All te electric lights, In pursuance of order of Honorable the wiring, and many desks, chairs, Wilbur H. Thomas, Referee in Bank-IIbles, mad other items of equipment rulYtcy, entered on October 4th., 1928, were gone. There were a number of !n the case of Jefferson Milling Corn-  .... mg .(. puny, bankrupt, pending ln i snell noms in the yard and in one cor- the Umted States District Court for ver was a dug-out, prepared by the the Northern District of West Virgin- techers as a place of refuge dtrring ia, the undersgned ti'u of said the bombardment. Our school is bankrupt will offer for sale at public auction in front of the Court House ri,ght across the street from the gov- in Charles Town, Jefferson County, ernmen and army headquarters build- West Virginia, on WEDNESDAY, ings, and consequently received many NOVEMBER 14th, 1928. shells intended for the other place as beginmng at z o'clock P. M., the real the Chinese are not always noted for estate ot said bankrupt consisting of their marksmanship in these wars. It LOT in Charles Town, in said CoRn- was a leal war scene that I was gaz- ty, on the southwest corner of North mg upon, and I could not help but Samuel Street and Valley Place, just think of all the innocent Chinese of North of the B. & O. Railroad, with MILL and other i marovements there- the city, suffering from the horrors of on, including All the Machinery and war during the days of bombardment. Equipment of Said Mill, being the The task before us now is to get same real estate which was conveyed things back to normal. Its a colosai to the said Jefferson Milling Company by T. C. Bowling and wife by deed of task, needless to say. Our schools August 5., 1912, recorded in the have been practically wrecked during I Clerk's Office of the County Court of our absence by the war and the lack said Coumy in Deed Book 110, page of men and money to run them Pu- 164, which said property is more ful- ly de,ribbed below, pils, at the verge of stalwation because TERMS OF SALE:One-third cash of the famine which added to the hor- I on day of sale, balance in equal in- rors of war,,were forced to scatter to sllments in one, two and three the four winds to keep body and sou] years, evidenced by the purchasers notes, bearing date of sale, bearing together. Some joined the army and interest from date at 67' per annum, are gone forever, and some have had payable semi-annually, secured by to sell themselves into practical slav- deed of trust upon the property sold. ery in order to exist at all. It tears The following is a fresher descrip- my. heart o pieces as I inquire about tion Of said propertv, and ar addi- tional information desired may be ob- this one and that one to learn their tained upon application to the, Trus- fate. While we were in America hav- tee at Ranson, West Virginm. ing more than plenty, they were here All of the Buildings, Machinery, suffering untold horrors. If we could Equipment and Real Estate, known as only have been here we could have Jefferson Milling Company's plant. mtuated m Charles Town, Jefferson helped some, anyhow, in spite of the County, West Virginia, at the inter- difficulties. CHARLES TOWN, - - WEST VA. section of North Samuel Street and The burden thrown upon the Chin- Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, consist-es e preachers was almo unbearable. ing of !One died under the strain, and two or One piece of Real Estate, approxi- mately 180 feet square, improved as three more had to give UP and return l'v. ............ follows with home. Pastor Yu remained faithful m A Frame, Concrete Covered Mill and in spite of the persecutions and Building, 48x60 feet, four stories and ,the difficult situation he was placed AJDVERTISlNG ''basement' 400 barrels per day capa-in'tgether with metal covered grain because of the occupancy of all elevator of 22,000 bushels storage ca- our compound, bore the burden till our pacity, in which elevator building is return. Few peolle could have hun- located all necessary receiving, clean: dled such a difficult situation as he did ]goragae nn)gstacnne?o nsStT1 He certainly deserves the sympahy Why Advertise? /n tank with four eomp'artments, and admiration of all. It would al- ireadirly taking care of 25,000 bushels most have made a saint lose his reli- -*;. a Blck Boiler an.d Engine Igion, to have stood up under that bur- I , wm metal stuck (ooller won), i. , . . , . aen so mg atone and a Brick Office Building, all of, which are connected with the main We begin the task of reconstruction mill building; also Dust Houses and a!with a light heart however as things So.rage Shed. ... . ]look more propitious for China than ne v, mmg .uacninery consists .... more specifically of 12 double stands for years. There ls a sprint of frmnd- Allis Rolls, 4 Nordyke Purifiers. two]lineRs among all the people such as I 200 barrels Wolf Levelsifters, to'geth-lhave never seen before. The new When To Advertise. eet  nees_salT Dust ColleeerstNationalist regime is making wonder- a ( yctone), croll I1111s,[ ...... ., . . Middlings Mills, Bleaching Machinery zul su'mes m raer govelzuneRz. and such additional machinery as is Streets are being cleaaed and graded, The answer is simple. It is because you want people to know about something you have for sale. If you have quality goods at prices people can afford to pay, you should advertise that fact. Every time your local paper is published. Store news is more interesting to the av- erage family, especially to the women, than any other sort. If the Standard Oil Com- pany, the Chew'olet Motor Company, Henry Ford and others with nationally known products find it necessary to advertise in order to boost sales for local dealers how much more necessary should it be for you, Mr. Local erchant, to do likewise? And if it pays them, why will it not pay you? If people see your name and business in their home paper every week your name will be the first one they will think about when they are out for anything in your line. J Where To Advertise. The best place is in your local Papers--- in all of them, if you can afford it, other- wise ir/the one with the best and biggest circulation, for the biggest circulation gets the biggest results. The more homes you can reach with your message the more prospective buyers you are going to have. If one paper is read in 1,000 homes in your territory and another in one half that many it naturally follows that you will get twice as much results from the one with twice as many readers. Why Some Do Not Advertise. Some merchants say they do not adver- tise because they cannot afford to buy space in the papers in their town. Do they refuse to buy a sack of flour that is needed at home because they cannot afford to buy one at each of the six stores in their town, or do they do without clothes because they cannot afford to buy a suit from each clothier in the town at the same time? The thing to do when you cannot afford two advertisements is to use only one and put it in the paper that will cmTy it into the most homes: Job Printing Done at this office---Will Please: necessary for a modern flour mill. The system employed is Allis, with modifications that make the plant l singu,larly well adapted to local mill- ing conditions. The Power Plant consists of one 250 H. P. Marine Type, internally fired Boiler and one 16x16 Ames-Stumpf Unaflow Engine, operating at 150 t pounds working pressure, together with necessary Feed Water Pumps, Feed Water Heater &c. The Water is supplied by a specially equipped well on the property and the Light furnished from a Generator that is located in the engine room. The Mill and Work Room of the Elevator are heated by exhaust steam, while the .O.tice is heated either by exhaust or live steam. Light can also be had from the city, through a double throw iteh, as lighting circuit is connect- ed with the mill. The FAevator is also equipped with an Electric Motor, vhich is serviced by the city, for use in emergencie The Real Estate is further improv- ed by a Coal Trestle (Iron and Con- crete), that mides ,storage for 600 tons of chat, This plat is located in the heart of the Weat Growing Section of the lower Shenandoah Vulley and, in ad- dition to the local supply of grain, (the cotmty producing about 350,000 bushels), there are unusual milling- in-transit privileges on both Norolk & Western Railway, and Bal.timore & Ohio R. R., whereby grain can be han- dled advantageously from practica'll all points in Pennsylvania and Mary- land, including Baltimore City; all nearby points in West Virginia and Virginia, together with points in the central and far weern parts of the United States; the outbound pi-oduct moving into Southern Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and to the Eastern Cities both for domestic and export trade. Nor- folk, Va4 is included in the eastern cities, as is also Richmond, Va., and Lynchburg, Va. York casts a total vote of ,252,758, In fact there is mot a point in the.. entire Shenandoah Valley so well lo- a change of 49,000 votes would have cated for milling-in-transit, since this wiped out, a majority which I-oover plant has been able to draw grain ireceived of 96,759 in New York state. from all directions within a radius of When it is considered tha in the self one hundred miles, upon terms ahd same state of New'York, a Democratic conditions that are considered unus- governor and a Demoeratic U. S. Sen- Rally satisfactory, and forward the ator were elected the real closeness of milled product accordingly, the election there can be appreciated. Especially advantageous is the mill's The majority ran from about 160,- ability to draw grain from the public 000 in Missouri down to 3,304 in New elevators in Baltimore, Md., since Mexico and there are 16 states where transit applies on grain originating in a change of a relatively small number the elevators of Baltimore & Ohio R. of voters would have upset the Hoover R., Pennsylvania R. R., and Western landslide of elec)ral vates and given Maryland R. R., when product is de- the election to Smi'h. In 8 out of stined to what is generallY, termed these 16 states, the Democrats elected "The Carolina Trade." embracing either a governor or a Uited States practically all points in states named Senator or Democratic delegation to above, the House of Representives. FRANK B. ROBINSON. Trustee. POSTPONEMENT NOTICE. The the trees planted, modern laws promulgat- ed, order maintained and the soldiers are the best disciplined I have ever seen. The ones here elon,g to the so called Christian General Feng. They never steal or make themselves a bur- den to the people as all other soldiers have in the past: Truly a new day has dawned for China and we are here to have a part in it. Pray for us that we may be given wisdom and strength for the opportunities of this new day. The task is geat, and we are so few to accomplish it. Yours in His serdce, F4AI.K H. CONLEY. 0 ,LACKED 350,000 VOTES. Did the final tally of votes as record- ed in the election justify" the pre- election expressions of doubt? Was the election close when the possible shift of popular votes is taken into consideration ? ? A nexamination of the vote of the states shows' fhat if 340,370 persons in certain places out of about 31,256,- 154 had changed their minds Herbert Hoover would have been defeated by two electoral votes. The total popular vote may go up when the exact fig- ures are recciced but the fac will re- main that less than 350,000 persons--, a minority of just slightly more than one-per cent of all the voters-had the opportunity to change the entire face of the election. In other words states that looked "doRSal" were merely puzzling because a shif ofi a relative- ly small nuraber of votes woud have put them in one column or the other. In,these days when a starve like New Milling Company property has been adjourned and postpaned until WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1928, at two o'clock P. M., at the same place. FRANK B. ROBINSON, Distance Is Bridged by modern motor equipment; no matter how far away you are, you can avail yourself of our services. We serve in the rural dis- tricts as well as in town wherever discriminating peo- ple are to be found. Do not hesitate to call upou us. P. 0 DUNAWAY' Director of Funerdls is a maffer desirt PHONES HOME = 17-K W. VA. SUSmESS- OFFICF- DUNAWAY FURNITURE STORE FUNERAL N. GEORGS ST. COMI'L[I[ IIR[ S[RVIC[ WE HAVE INSTALED A MODERN UP-TO-DATE TIRE AND TUBE VULCANIZER Vulcanizing from 30x3 High Pressure up to 32x6.20 Balloon Tires. We use the Latest Improved Method of Repairs, the Highest Quality Materials obtainable and Guarantee our work. Due to this New Method of Repair, a eat or break in a large tire cost about the same to repair as a small tire. thereby removing the objectional high cost of vul- canizing. We vulcanize every Tuesday and Friday Each Week. COMPLETE STOCK OF TIRES COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE. Goode Bros. Garage PHONE 194. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. C. W. BROWN JEWELER Charles Town. XV. Vs. Telephone 2b'7-F When you need a PLUMBER at time. Our men will serve you well. Set'- vice is one of. the things that go into making of a sueeessful plumbing bum-.: ness. We aim to giv.e prompt and eient $erviee. Jno. K. Janney PLUMBING AND HEATING Telephone 257-F. East Liberty Charles Town, West Va. ,?