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Charles Town, West Virginia
December 23, 1922     Farmers Advocate
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December 23, 1922

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FARMERS ADVOCATE. UAL RIGHTS TO ALL. SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE, PRICE:--S1.50 IN ADVANCE. XXXVIH NO. 47. CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1922. R. C. RISSLER, PUBLISHER. FFY"0UVkR RAN FOR FREEDOM&apos;S SAKE. WEEK'S DEATH+ROLL i LOWEST BID $139,442.50. WILL NOT CONDEI00 THE YEAR 'ROUND GIFr. On the adjournment of Justice! Bids for the construction of seven You cannot choose a more appro- I miles of new state road from Charles Sheetz' Court about 10 o'clock Wed- -- priate or a more appreciated Christ- STUDENTS AT HOME nesday night  colored prisoner by W. O. NORRIS, MARTIN KELLY Town to Kearneysville were opened COUNTY COURT DISAPPROVES mas gift than a subscription to your VACATION--CANTATA the name of Wethers or Puller, in AND MRS. MARTHA M. ENGLE }at the office of the State Road Corn- CR(J:-;S-C(;UNTRY ROAD TO home county paper--a gift that rq- MONDAY EVENING. custody of Policeman Allen, tookl PASS AWAY. ]mission in Charleston on Tuesday. MARTINSBURG. minds the recipient of the giver b'2 times a year+ The Advocate will bl+ French leave of the officer, by ming- Moore & Leslie,( road contractors of Christmas tree will be ling with the crowd of wi .tnesses and The funeral of the late William Opie IStaunton, Va., were the lowest bid- By a ur, ani .mu- vot ti.e Jefferson mailed to any address outside the feature of the yuletide festivi- spectators wno were .walking out. of Norris, a hrief notice of whose death der at $139,442.50. This is approxi- County Commiioners in session here county for $1.50 a year; or to any ad- in Harpers Ferry this year. It court at the same time, and losing was published m the last issue of The mately .$20,000 a mlle, fl.ust about what on Saturday decided to withhold their dress inside the ccunty for $1.25. given on the High School nimlz xrom view. Puller or Weath- kdvoeate was held in Zion Enional ne enganeers nave esumatea It coum aDuroval of the route selected bv the You will be doing us a good turn " '   "  be constrtd fer. The county will be State Road Commission for the new by inducing your neighbor to subscribe 6 o'clock Sunday evening, De- ers had ?ust been fined fifty do llar.+ Church, Me,day services by the rec- .... - ana na been given a sentence OT Six tr Rev. Conrail" H Goodwin. Burial ire uired pay for the right of way stat road from Charles Town to Kear- --the one who has been borrowing 24. Everybody bring hymnal months in jail for carrying a revolver, wa made in Zion churchvar! i an ence the new roaa c n otn sines+ neysville, by way of Bardane. The your copy of The Advocate every week. aidnewin theconcreteSinging.road in course of The fugitive is about 22 years old, and Mr Norris was a native'of the coun- i --------4}--- President with the approval of the Or, which vill accomplish the same aince October is to be is said to have exhibited a pistol with ty, a:d a life long resident here. TbelWANT INSANITY LAW CHANGED other members refused to sign orders thing, subscribe for him yourself. Nearly half the Advocates going to open to public travel before a threat to use it on some of the fre- only time he was absent fl)m the /or the condemnation of land for the Jefferson county people are borrowed end of the week. Straw used as a quenters in I.ester Morgan's shoe shin- county for any protarcted period was Members of the West Virginia leg- proposed right-of-way. was removed Wednesday, g parlor near t.he. Charles To-n while he was a cadet at the Virginia : islature which.convenes in Janum-y, The attitude of the court occasioned by one or more neighbors every week+ T to delivering the roadway arage, everal mgn ago. tie is !Military Institute from which institu- ,.are re. rag. urgeo r. amen.a tne present, no surprise as it+ had been generally ..... .,,  -- to a public more than eager to sun at large. ! tiOnah:d gnrafaU.te m :nndeiarlt2ew e a laV.tha,leSOar?aCyang 3 krnl tBhaaatd Wu  uAriendly tow: nUl tttitADT FARm, use of it. The unusual t rye, i n ;+ g g 'g" --" - " that i "'f'--n u- -r - e "  " . - . e . . .. majority  The Allstadt fprm of about 93 acres d to detour over the Shenandoah :non was succesxul, ms zarm near. s take p, o art se, or Ne- : the comrmsmoners are m avor of the la t Allstadt's tn]lot two, ,a ..... t L route had made that thorough- HORSE SALE IN COURT. [Myers, to.'n .,,= a_medel for the JLp?y00 00eto00, r by way of Ltown to  of Halltown, .as been sold through the almost impassable, with deep rur : B. T. MeHenry, a Frederick, Md., }nelgnvornol. for tne pa t.en.ty- I H"']" ;n"o''',h " "", learneysvllle.. ..... ! agency of the Moore Isurance and " splashy mudholes. _ _  horse dealer was the plaintiff in an in- i rive, yea ne has. oeen engagea mtne i '--; ":. ".-...:?o::^?.v..7:.: i .ne ailare ot e .cpur to c.oo.pera i Realty Company to S. David Hardy, +real estate aria lnsuran p -.w, ,,.= . ...+oo.. u w=v= wltn om n of Earl Keller, of the Loacon-teresting case before Justice Sheetz ........ ce vus ess m i ............ ', the Sme toa  mmmon  of Reedson, this county. The oonsid+ , Md., High School. and Mrs. Keller and a jury in Charles Town on Tues-!pnares. Low2,m vrotner-in.-mw, the i mYnfn seecfofvenerver fuherivg!on pfoqeedings eration was 2.50 per acre. here to snend the Christmas vaea- day Th ,t- t,a ointT ;laeol.t.'.t=new, oel,gmspartneri " ?-7.:'..-?,.- -= m=, u prooamy resm m oelaymg ne, Some of the historv of th Jnh with the l" atter's sister, .Mrs. Par-W.'Smallwo,"a "fa'e'r four-'-mniles ! the grear.paof the time.... Iexcep.nays ?2_ms,expend2  construion of the new road. for some + Brown raid is connecte-d wil:h the t' of Rev J W ParriB al; une : xomrnunlty aualrs a-u lOCal OUSl-  ' bttxa vzz , .zazzumt zm/$ ux ume The uommissmn ,l is asserea el. uniu ^ fa  ...... ,u_ _,_ v. wife . . . , southwest of town to get mmmsion of . . . .  , ...... -,,-, ,,- ,e p. t '. Parsonage on Camp l'lL . -- three horses that the ppeLt claimed !_hess enterpr+ses c.laaeed .much of hi. reco.rsc to the C,rcult Co,rt m iwu fom the,-+ that the ht+ Zoh,  s Ruth Harryman has . arrwee he bought from hun in Deeem-'atenln=- n ms. aevouon to .ne I "n w=" ...... =  ....... = v,,-=-lconaemmng, tuna zor roaa urpose Allstadt. : and i. s son, J ........... ",,,oo an. Westminster College Md, to t hreeearlmters with ; U narles Town Hospital from the &me j as o .  henever the County Court Pails to  stadt who has ast old th __, . when he left t ..........  j s e farm were t the holidays vnth Mr. and Mrs. the farmer for use in delivering the I t..haLt, insltuti, n wa..orgamzed he ex: I o act, the that thi.s wdl not hostages by+ Brown's men, and :he Bready. _ . animals in town. The consideration 15m'Y a pueblo sp.ln .rarely equa.nea + TRANSFER ROUSS FUND. I De, oone at tins time. trKe.l.ey coun- I held in the old e-gie house in the sses Laura and May Yung,. oT r, the pehase was $125 00 for the + m trois, age ox rusn ano pront-taag. . . ,I Y s ena oz the proposeu. tartmsurg-  Armory _yard at Harners. .... Ferry, -----rmtfl berland. Md. are spending Christ- thr In addition to vossession of l To his efforts largely the town a-d .A formal order was entered m the, Charles Town road will be delayed un rscued bv the U S Mannes on -- ....... + " " ' Cl " + .....  cto+ wath Dr. and Mrs. T. S. Stotler. :the horses Mr. McHenry sued.for $100 c_unry are maebtea zor thenospital:s .rcuit,uft on Sa, turday.authozing til the Legaslature authorizes another bur 18, 1859. Mary Clarke and daughter as damages for their detention. ,.ucces. ne v armers ann merena.- ,,,=,  ,.= ,,, ,,a, vona issue, ann xor tins reason, iz, ,of nearby Maland, haffe clo_s- For himself, Mr..Snllwood testified ihleanpe s !tu:drmLothp'Shut , tThTet WI y_ tpeffire, li,,noothefJefl'erson's end of WANT ANOTHER BOND ISSUE. r home ane wan mo  win- tha i1[ any sale  t+en mm oyt " - " "-- 1" , ............. =.'."-" i .... + m Washington. _. ,him .to the Fredeeck man, he had no sa,.,gaclp'.._. Mr. Notre. was.a mem be.r!aa m _W- Puss, the la Henry .C:! County.Commamoner Robe.rts was ._ Commerea.l orzations m many s Sarah Hughes returned this eonsemusness of t. The dealer, he I me om?m;zcommitxee who alrec.te.d +ie was nameo  t rtr_.r_ .amn?n t s.wo.rn taxer anot:qeroSlX ]rearterm be-: .wns an ues of the state are adopt- ........................ +^ ho h. th M. Pie .... ;a v""+ ...... o., ono_ ,o,hor ................... ,o, .,  me plans Ior tne nne new Dank Dill]d- ! er me xuna ouxang me taers llIe. ginning aanua, ry x, axter having gaven .... lng resolutions m xavor of another on Fillmore avenue. ,, him while he was suffering .from a [ln,,..teded their exee.utio. .Th.e^same m s_.ment ro.vlded for a the reqmred bond. Country Sperm-b.g bond se: The |.egslature that Camp Hill Sunday Seh_l wu, lapse of memory or other aflhctmn that!._ t n praxa. [Te ne was enantame , er,^rsr, t_. erry ee- !naen tonnam also qualm ea xor an-, will assem.Dle m unayieston early in ............ " -- ette atIthl udllr.. S ........................  A,|+  him ta en,t *" ...... i ut a Degree little KrlOWn to any except sor"$ .e,$: e m.. at;= e uce- : omer term. ox tour years Dy glvlng ' January. VlIl De urgell gO aunorlge rt ms Barrel," MemO, y. ,ev,jv. The jury could not be con,-inced.thatJ_ those near to hlm. All of hm life + : Mr:+ P+erry dfcled^ +ve+._pt tl + -bond. m a .penalty.of $I000. His i lss,ue+..of $2.0,000,0(}0.. for roads. ;,.. ber 25. Doors open at 7 ococz a genuine .sale had been negot+tl. ,!ceD:,+a oevou m.emer ox ne pm: em'w.* - "-'--'*"+''L:+,:"-:-'*': Irerm- wjt De+ gan Juy ,oz n ex t year. ] .ncpau_ng mg money Will De udon 15 and 25 cents, xou are and accordingly returned a verdict m !, ,ya nurcn, nrst at wleme ann .,,e fl. o ..... w =r,= m ,v [ alanes ror county omclals zor me !avaimme soon, the r oal contractors oi t to attend. . _ favor of the defendant, lrr a :61on unurcn: unar?es To vn, ,paty o x truse. .... tensumgyear were fixed  follows; the state orgam_zed at.Parkersburg . George R. Marquee and . a memoir ox me vestry err n.e ,ne.urusee has crge o; two .sep-[W. B. Allder. oepuvy snenff, $1Z0O;:Lnm wee z what they oemlate as the ter, Mrs. Show, went to Wash-: ,., - !,tr c nrcn +or some years. He m ar xunas: tree ot tem  es-Geo. C..Li.'nk, deputy sheriff, $660;iw. est Vrma Road Broiders Asso to attend the wedding of thetr ', WEEK OF PRAYER SERVICE !su.rvea  ms w)e, who was form- lls vy ne .tesm.tor o yeo annu?- Helen Phllhps deputy County Clerk atlon. Whether the co-tractors have ' ' i .rly ,ss unew. s+ster ot the late uol. rues xor certmn remlves ao xrmos $900: and assistant to the Circuit Clerk organized to limit the bids to be offer- : v .............. ++ - ---'1 at -ffi ...... ex___. _ ,. .,,._, R. P Chew. a,d by o-e brother Mr of his while the other is.tended to$7500 led on road contracts rum i Coege,to spendFredenek'the approaehgMd+' haSholi. :at"! C'Imrches of Charles Town.. . '' .................. .l"'re" ment-in"clr]''Tow'I:sPl +.- !low: T?WD?%?rre, rarp%svt a ! Pne aWc'%n. 'he new, organization gets ,n with her purem, Mr"and[ The Week of Prayer servacs will i After an illness of several weeks, : Ferry District $605; R.. S. i ' , I. E. F __  .. ,again oe ooserve o y e xour rro teS-iMr:_Martin Kellv, St., for 32 years a MARTINSBURG PIKE lrnosmn_unares own trpora.tion,] AMONG .THE CHURCHIF. + Florence , o wg- .taut unurenes ox..narles town__?ur- i remdent of Charles Town, passed away trbPN t'olrv ].lou, w. w. temory, +real .e2__te m I . . via.ling.her rustlers, mrs. Lm 2- mgne n.rt weez m anuary, t.. at, his home here Saturday afterroon _ . -- .......... t tlarpers erry lorp?ral;lon jU.. ! Scrvlee8 m St James Catholic !  ._vernon uross zor tDe Tle. ]oliowng are .the Sul).3ects'i t the 64th year of his age. HIS fun- The Mrtmsburg and Winchester,A An .?roer was e ntrea autriorlzmg Church Christmas morning at 7:30. ty seon. . agree upon Dy the mmsters m aeral wa held in St. James Catholic ! pike which has been in process of re- me camng o nve ouu; a,d wo $I000 Visiting PrieSt. , , ]count venus xo n i t et s.tenent in  J.ast issue that meeting Monday night, at the Baptist Church at 10:30 o clock Tuesday morn- i con.struction .from Inwood to the Vir-, __ Y .... r ca ce. m ion: .Th t m,,rvi ,*o,, i,, + r .... o,=. +" tanasran .t.t.enpare.yz- ...... i,. a Requiem Mass bei,g said byg) ma state hne since July, will ben?, rms .vuce.ase go oraw interest after ': chureh''eeon  .,:,a''.a".'%  role on a reeenx .vun m w asnwg-  monuay,aan.uary x=/,.mn pm pal I Rev. Father Curran, the rector, after :thrown open to traffic today, Saturday, }me enu o me curren year. + m-.:" Fou *h Sun-dav" // -- ' "" was erroneous, mrs. uoenran re- tnuren. uo3ee: aLsmonary wor!whieh interment was me ;n t-4oaccordin to unofficial advices The - ' "' "" " "- .... " " from_Washington on .lm  of the Chu . ]Hill Cemetery.  " " l sides of the road from the edge'of thel q i Sure, ices in Nelson Purl@., Re v. ymg exeellent.hesdtlt:. The re.po y, A a ..27-  C'hu.. t Mr . Kerly was an up-right citizen thard mxrfaee to the drains will not be[ CHRISTMAS SERVICF_ IN I Hunter Davion, rto Snday +m__m _ r_m _m yu vv e uee. mmang me mauons +nn!and was born ia Sl Conm. "-lmpletd, but tae..oro..Odare f.or[The Clle+ Tewn'Methodist Curhl+cemr: + p=__m., mummm+ om+, xroma +me, tm..,+p+ t+... +;+,,_+a.- Ism..+ ,+__M++++:.+ t-- tt. .Me mmae+ to umurJ_ +town. venl,+.  p rq!r " .Wnl ve m shape Oyl [+-,u o v. . ,mww.. + + r=mm=, ,m,+--- ,= sT --t v,_ , o . " 2- --++ner urass z .outry. w first establish-, tlmt date, n m me?]eve. .passage The public .... are cordially my+ted to Vim-Consul Harvey Lee MllbOllrue" , + that mpo00 00mou Chure00 M.m.00 O. Ow-te00 and ...+ +o+ a t [from m00.ood +o m+ ,me o++I ............ ] ...................... o_ . tion "on ll,:alL . ----.-.-- e; + atra t.ite OllOW'lng uILtsutllas servi- wt effa n urte pmg nn oun- .+ da - . . :Nail ...... tA short while afterward hemarrledthenew road will be pesmle the en-l ;. the .o u+ .......... } ..... .. r ....  .... ,,., t-...+,,,,+ rs u-eorL, e E Breaov ad dauh- hurmlay january --t-resbvterlan Mia .qh l.,t,lou dm, oqh,- il,tm "  .......... UnOa_U nUrem +, mtm : ......... .. o- . _  T ' - . -- " -- "" ..........  ......... " .'-." . [ Sunda , Dee 24, 11 a. m.--Sermon- m unhm. verybody invited. Doro.thy. are at the Hotel Churd flubjeet. Sprat of Cliristmn the la John S. Faterdav, who sur- l The bridge, at B-m. Hill which '"The P- of " - " "I + . o m W as+hington until .ar the C+_. = ..... l vires h,m. Mr Ke!ly took an active !has been imildmg this fall will also t Sun+o,, c . ea__.,+Io ' .+-.+o +,The ethodist oSUnda+y +Sc+ I at HeliX_ ys, after w "hh. riley Fru. y, an.. v.---on +.Ins.pal[mterest m the affairs of his adovted+be ready by that date. A plank floor'lasti_'_'.Y_ " _.Y_" _'L,7_e"'_'._":.,+_nenandoah :Junction will hold their + urclL nO Wan ug one nuur m wmcn uae pworn t to gO to New York zor tae win- unure Je:. . + . _gem., .__ I tom nd was a member of the Board i has been laid for the winter mui in !  ..... ,n .,,o%.+' IChristrn. entertainment in the Church ...... + Tneser. cesto oegmat':ocleellofStreet Cmmissioners for anumher[the spring a corete floor, it is un-l'on'"=,."'v:''*+,'.,.,+_ u^-- i n tiunaay night, December 24, at 8 mr .o+t Pie. and leaxe+._It was. uny .agreed tlmt+ensosand..fivedauehters: 3ohn+Bunker Hdl at the bridge has been( Pus+.'2:30, m--X,d,t,o.W.+ OnnextSundavevenin+tKP+,,K,. lf,mroa  ms rtg.nt sor tte stml! r/or .oe preaemng .rvees, ?W..Gore, Mlms C.ertrude, V, rRama, ]so .. +on+ether rode that there is[ .":'  " "Y" terian Sunda ho0] wi " .... +:: train bu ra er services There will be no  S , . . . tertamment by the Beginners, Primary t . . y i ill have their [y .m'j! while g.lng  .. t p..y . - ...... l:adie and Lomse Kelly, and Martin., rpraeu, lly+ no .ent or descent up-|and Junior De,,,--ents of the ...a., +Chrmnms service in me church at 7 , Y .m the yam .n Pitamurg.. Mrs. preacmng at any one OZallUaem.our t m,le I'" rnest, John, James, Edward, ]preaching the bdge proper as there ', School t-- ............  o'c]ocko and will partimpate" " in the" ' ' who was m Pittsburgh at the therefore, hoped that peo.p +Harry and Chanes Kell Also two [ was w me md srucmre ....... I "  " " " " - ..... -" d " + b'ects throu Ior bot y._ =_ _ b  _ Tuesday, 7.30 v ..... --Christmas Play servme.. The stian E-deavux w,il +b!pe++ with her bashan wall think the su J .. .gn . . .hers, Messrs. James ,,d F,.ton ] Jlmrda -rmr mvmtl|vlm+, tlom+Ivem mnl  o [le erVJlCeS in+go/v m+ .+ _:+.++_ u .+ + + ...... +- ++a o +.,++=+,,.o, u t+j,+ ......... e--- t--.-'+ +,++ ..,+ __ +. _---o -__-- .............. me to -] : ..... +,,+ mum+, mrs. mary . " n " ; + Shenandoah street+ i the spirit of prayer. Martin, of Bridgeport Connecticut tSECOND ACCIDENT. SAME PLACE you,g, people ...of the Sun da School. ] rstmas sc. iss Adele Y ott beadr of   , . weonesoay, ":t p m --l'rayer er- ] Th re r " o+ -w|;,DYscool a-----t u I * * [. Charles W. Fishpaw, a prominent !vice. T.M. Swam% Minister' !  ne ,gulamonth!y.ee2ngof tht 1 , . Mrs Martha M En le, wdow of xarmer oz uarge coun , was pamTul-   ;a.. N. Y:,.m spending th.e MEET HERE FEBY. 8 AND 7. ithe late Cant Cre w..l+ a^ ]ly. if not fatally injn an automo- ICh.arles Town .Baptist.rch will be t8 nOliOays Wild1 ner momer a  . .... . l  + hem on Weunesaay axmrnoon, Janu ++ of Dr. an_d Mrs. Ranson .......... + Charles Town will en^.rt, dele. partedothis Kfe at her home, 2 m,les| .b, i|e colhmo+n at the rote +r,_ ion+ of| THE COMMUNITY TREE. +,a+, ........., m +,+.+b, ..'-,o+.+ +-,,,m"+--" ++++,a .... gates and vmtors to .me  m. uaJ we++ oz nasles Town, earl last Sat -+ ne +urn pl,e .ana auv s re.n e, + + + . . . + . ;. -_ ..-- + eSSJ.e " oofn ?erll meeting of State Hortlcultural Socmty, urday morning, DecemberY16, 1922, imree orlcur runes wes oz erryvme, Catch th Spirit of _Christmas byiroo.m of the ehurch.+.This ,, , m- :+ -,  - + ,mamn uae ommuni Tre DUBinesB meeun ane all mum- . , - T e d n W nesda Februa 6 aged +event -six shortly afternoon on Tuesday. Just g y e the best g - foratwoweeksCh v _ u s ay a d ed y. ry - y years and 9 months.+ , . , .o. h,, +t .zv..aa.: and 7 Pruzams for both days have! She  az bon in Frederick cou-t  ten weeks ago H A. Clevenger. Mr.: thing t It  ever happened m our .nets of the soemty are urged to at u;++ , ...... m .... Co,,., been completed. . + Va., but later moved to Berkelev coun- + and Mrs. C. T. Hardesty, of Clarke+ : . + e knames ad the grown . :wer'tveln'om"lanionsf'r The program for February 6 opens i ty, where she grew to wowrthood. !cg,unt.y, were injured in a similar.a:c_- ps too..e, atthe tree n the C0urt I The Presbyterian choir is rehearsing  'n ,:" r  - iwJth an address by William Farris,  AIter her marriage she moved to Jef- t cmen at the same place,. r. lsh-  ,ue yr . o o cocz, aura.y  special Christmas music to be rendered " '--.":. ++no V !Mineral county, president of the State: ferson county, where he remaining-++paw, with his son operaung his car, :atern0on, me ra .ro welcome anmio n next Sunday. There will be a solo + .:..'='"''...'',l!Horticultural Society, and is followed+years were spent. Her maiden  and a farm employee on the rear seat, aus as ne passes through Our own. i by Mrs Roberts th violin oblirato of"h'eriver'"d"vd"i-"iby the report of the sccretary-treaw l was Chapman. and she'was the mother ! had j ustturned into the pike from the tenas,.prm" .u. t to sto zor an nour,,+byMr.rryBarr" Mr, E.G. Hens0n + " ., ! urer, T. D. Gray, the horticultural ex- [ of thirteen children, all living, except ilane intending to go to Berryville, :  aon   Jae. r. :  nenson, i will play the Cornet throughout all + :. 'v^. ..a rewitension speeialist, an address by G. IItwo, who died in infancy, and a son ] when their car was truck by a machine the po.pmar.manager oz the uperath e musical numbers, and Mr D C ...........   .... w "' "yen Lone Kli " xtoue, m going to have the band out .... ice ,is visiting friends /n "town. ILyn.m_n_._L__d_ea_n_ f. the Stt,__te C_llee ,,fl..h.P___rf___eed_ ed bur t the gravf sey, e.ralldnri,,bYo, Y +nn, nn,'fWches.ateff'ito meet him. tFul--t.-n- w311 take a special part in the Moore was court stenocravher for ................. w -- "" Y g - IMr Fish aw w ....... Contributors to the tree- A S + -+*---'------:'" - .... N R Peer. | rammer of the+Chanel All ..-.m ^_ ,---+ + lfound to be fraetured when he reached vower t;o., wmngana righting; E. G.l+n.eapusm.nurcnwmotmerveaweJ + nei ,ewcom.erm.neomgoucvnuesrn Ne-o Frui'-Growers'luse](ul-'life lte"r,a'' ?-Ulthe Hosnital in Winchester The nu.Henson, free tickets to a movie;]el prayer ?or missions with the fol- mmm s mini 4ma tnuna b mo  . . ------.-__ __ v,- -++ " " " =-- WO ' 1 al 1o rs: + , . ]Amsocmtien, and atalk on er-rop- rues of a true Christi wo sengers wth him were .or hurt. L. man Clul2, $15.00 , M .+ta Lodre[ wmgoeaae _+ .... 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Pacing+ .ann-cndu'ng the +sorvmes,+ after J earl. in life and iod hnm+ of a [ ,- ": ............ [a .em, ,lan.upxy "+4h .=,'It,S  . ..... f+ + +,ant. ++ on ,, --|--,., o, [ whien ne+ ., + .- -+ ++ +-- + '+ +--=-- .[ nna _eemsoo mone3,: omer x . d "+'v . "+' .':X.. "' ._"'_ glorio reaurreclaon. .L+unerm servl- scri "on list tak " .tmsSed ary  " Rlars to renew m. subsoript ,thin bran a-d the vlarm for its ex her husband in Edge F/ill Cemetery.  .ere eon.duete<! from the home t,eu" a_'pti'to beoom-' a e this  an ..ivita- tion . + at the eou+ held m .Welb . go-+ [P+++.., Ph,,m wm m.---- .,.,,[ Mrs. Emily E. Edmonds mtlvP Rev. Goedn Frazer. The body was+is m+ a Httl-  --+ -* '--+ .................. =' ....... sto  rob .  way e-,ry on z, rlemy mormng  w , m  im .om,==u. nls copy ev week. BlS " " M. J. ]gaumltmIm. I rage p _len_. A. R. Ru]e.[ , ................ I . . .  ery hop Peterkin, it W rogmzed , --of the Fterated Frui  .... .-.,- home oz --r/ - " " : i" L t Gers. will ..... + that the adm mUon of the affairs ne-Alta,  t daughter, Mrs Viola Fisher m Rm I ,.. ,,,., ..',+,+u,e+..+,+?,, ,m.u,. +,m.u +Wt V+.ffi. m'o.. +m.= ,._--]was tmrn Demmber 27, 18445. The de-IGeo, w Balleer. in Charles Town. "Clay HiW' fm, , mt P it+ h,, +h+ o]o,,o++ ++ .+^ +-.._+:- , - f v++ -l-,-*m + maa/a um#+Al f'llfflP + + , , . , ] *. , - - -- --- . -,--p--,  + v. m+ + a+ +lvotv+l tA iii UI+IIUWnC m years ago, has oeen orawng  .... m +.n .^-- +.. _L .........  wa the wi&nv of Wflham Ed- Mrs Alioe Pal-me .offi+l 95 +em's n+tel rn.. m-n , ++M-_ m co,t-o ++ .us. v+ +  -- -- + + eold w nters +p the..gro_.. . . o ..... +hortienltural wnrk t/us uo c]+lv with+. _. mo nds, Of Linden.. Warren oounty, Va, Death bemgdue to old age. Deceased eounty, was sold at __public sale in of Zion Church ..... ffharr]e+, __wn.++' Dr. .. anngve jst3c.- ;wth the aet;vtie ,-d ]s of theig re ne..r marl_, she was Miss!  daughter, Mrs. Joseph Berryvffle on Saturday last. The Gravatt succeeded to the full  pttr ut ,t.g m ztty /ttrl urUDDS OX wa tg  In ....... r St+e Farm Buee Federation  ='."  . . 7 .- .ren+ .  Mrs. De?. W. imle get,, of Hughes heirs who held a mortgage on on_the death_of Bishov P, quarter sen arver qua .rte "t The a,,+tl ba-m,et of the'Horti.eurnYhelea, ves .twehi.!.dren, tm'eenare. "low.: ava m_rs. ellie Star- the property bought ,it at a bid of it has since been debated Yr;Umjllnewho7]SvaemaZ.e'v+ .cultural ,eerv vll be held that even-+a+cm_re.;_tw,+s_v, "I'Ve wastangrnn, D..C. Funeral $26,400:_ Thr.e y e.r, ago t faun ++able t f ==+'-++,'-u,-+-,,* -i: ilng at 5:30 o'elod l+mm- pxrs; v+?m t mermes were hemam me home ox was sold to mrs+ Bla-cne ncmde_rson, diocese. '.....=.'"_ "= "'..,."--...+  i . _ ]n: ap+a 2,,+om, pernert  on Thursday, Deeem- for $35,000. The farm .,,.,.=y +m,=| - t.-snem, ma.,oe 30p. m. I.terment in acree, tweIveofwhichre is