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December 23, 1922     Farmers Advocate
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December 23, 1922

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if# TWO FARMERS ADVOCATE, DECEMBER 23, 1922. No Hunting Allowed. Notice is hereby given that all the properties owned or controlled hy the undersigned are protected by law against trespassers, and this law wil} be enforced against all who violate it The properties above referred to are "lhe Hermitage, Rose Hill, Oakland and Model Orchards and farms. E. G. WILSON. November 4-8t. Election Notice. The regular annual election for Mayor, Recorder and five Councihnen for the town of Ransom W. Va., will be held in the Council Room of said town on the first Thursday, or the 4th day of January, 1923. Any person or persons desiring to lmve their names placed on the ticket r"Tutt&apos;s HIIs-00 I F.nal Dyspeptics to eat whatever they wish. Cause food to assimilate. | Nourish the body, give appetite.[ DEVELOP FLESH ]  ,HOWE ASSESSED ORCHARDS. j Wilbur'HThomas, Special Orchard j Asscssor for West Virginia, gives out :'=----=----=':-:=--=-'--=-'' jfor publication, his method of assess- FIFTY YEARS AGO--1872. jing orchard property. One of the The work of rebuilding the Court jstmling statements in it is that sales House in Charlestown was completed of orchard properties are not a criter-[ at a cost of $18,500. The Howard tin of their value, whereas in assessing, l Wateh and Clock Co., of Boston, in- other classes of plperty, sales value l stalled a dock in the Court House i is a big factor. Thomas' reasoning tower. !is faulty in other aspects of the m-' Thomas A. Moore resigned his po- chard assessmenl question. .ition of deputy clerk of the County "The orchmx] problem, for the pur- ,,,n,, pose of taxation," hc says "presents i and Circuit Clerk in Clarke .......  " many complex questiors difficult to ;Va., to become clerk of the County - " Court of this county, solve. There are no two orchards alike. So many things ecter the  J Married In Harrisonburg, Va., by valuation of orchards which make it 'the Rev. Mr. We&tell, Joseph L. difficult to form a' accuFate e::timatc I Browm. of Charelstown. to Miss Emma Ask Anyone Ask anyone you know which is the highest quality baking powder and almost invariably they will tell you ROYAL. "My cakes are 100% better since ! bought that can of Royal," writes one deUghted user, and everywhere-- for any of these offices will report as to the value of this particular kiud same to the Recorder a oon as pos ....................................... M, Price, of ltarrisonburg; at "Allen- . ............ among your friends, neigh- -,. -- , , . , oI lanL Tne value oi tile SOil D02)FC sible. (Dec. 9-3t.) P.:,.Y':>=: dale. the home of the bride in erKe- , "r, ..... hers, relatives--you will .:,. --..-:'-..  :icy county ov the ev. W t rmnson car t" '* x'-; ....  .. hear]ml]arcommendafionr,. :---=;--:'-------'et'ntocRnolaersMei g.  ..... "" ..... "'" ............ p,an,,,'=voyou:z':a,, I'" ".t, "_ ti [] :_. . , , ........  " e( Ior, euid-ac.o'., sJcaj, , ,ur.- [] Si r ,-t: " fl i uapt. o. INe.vKII'K ,unmngnam to .ross t ...... " ,, . __ I . . '.llzlng age, varleEv, ec. !1 e" er ma- =-___ ::L=:  Lizzie McCleary, daughter of A. W i.. ,: .... " , The annual meeting of the Stock- g- ---] ['- L=-\\;k 15 .... "iter!auv ,nw te ,-a,,.e  s_e Royal ContalnsNoAlum holders of the Farmers and Merchants t F =,  \\;t  ! __ j Quite a number of orchard ow erz: f No B/tier Taste Deposit Company will be held in the  6 =:: G@_ II i FORTY YEARS AGO--1882. ttake the dew that only bc:ri g etch- directors' room of the company in Charles Town, W. Va., at noon, Jan-  r.: -- ! M  lards should be at',cd, o ...... e,0-  ..x"o.-2,, lo I [ larried--v Rev J. L Shiele' , ..... "" ,- ,'. " , , . uary 9, 1923, to elect a board of di-  , - - / i ... '  " - "ieontena tna an orcnara sncv,c rot be . ..... . .......... rectors for the ensui,,g year and for   :[J:G,XOIy g i Redr::tP:; s L errS"' r. S. Howarc l assesse d more tha-f,a !ad Th-- the transaction of any other business " . - '- : , o " ipton, Me., and Miss  , . , " appropriate for an arnual meeting. t21k\\; t.. oo .... ugg,, ff.l,amet.wocKret!,ofthscountv;neari _  . . - _, 0000dlon Barsel R. L. WITHERS. President. I I k. o ..a   D ............ - .. great outlay o me--<." o-. -v: r.:a  ...... ,   uhlelas, oy ev. I.L 2.1. ;,loser .carie i ht or *on ,ear itt ...... i S. LEE PHILLIPS, Cashier. lIml[I. J. BlackfordarxlMissEmmaJ Rone-l g . ,,..) , s _ , .. ,,  :' Siockbolders-Me/i"'......._.. , - , . ,.r,ng ,n,= ,n,o ,o,, . , .- ,::,,-  -! ' -- mus, ooth of the count)-; at Fort i(t e. rived of the ,. f t' i "o 7 eokuk. Montana Lt. E. S. A,as, form-, ........ .. E CO FECWIONS, CANDIES, &C. 'lhe annual meeting of the stock- . f . . iagncmrurai I)rpoea . t c,. "   l, t  erlv of ths cotntv and 3hss Fannie _ .... .  ; . .,  homers of the National Citizens Hank -,- | | %'*   . " . " ', , owners ann tncn!e,'e'- .c'.v.v , - ," ,_,. Y.KKG X L: ; ca,, of R,ch,o=(,. Va. ' "  he Chomest Drinks and Sundaes ,.viii be hehl in the directors' room of tfore they realize a:.yth; c .  : .e:r said bank. on Tuesday, January 9, 1923, at tO o'clock a. m., for the pur- l*ose of electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing- year and for the trans- act, ion of such other business as may properly come before said meeting. G. E. HUGHES, President. A. M. S. MORGAN. Cashier. Stockholders Meeting. The annual meeting of the stock- holders of the Jefferson County Tele- hone Company will be held "at the office of the company in the Telephone Building, Charlds Town, W. Va., on Tuesday, January" 9, 1923, at 2:30 P. M.Lf.or the purpose of electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other bus- iea as may properly come before said stockholders in annual meeting. G. E. HUGHES, President. MYRTLE BARR, Secretary. No Trespassing or Hunting. No trespeasing or hunting allowed with dogs or guns or in any other way on farm tenanted by Me and o W by MLSs M. M. Barder. near earneyavill . E. L. BUSH. Nov. 18-6t. No Trespassing and No Hunting. No hunting or crossin will be al- lowed on the following tracts of land: Grassland, near the water works station; Flowing Spring farm ortheast ot Charles Town; the Daven- port and Wood End farms west of Charles Town. Those who ignore this notice will be prosecuted. , MRS. JOHN C. BURNS. October 28-8t. Stone Crushing and Excavating. I This is to give notice that the l undersigned have bought the stone eeusher formerly operated by Henry Martin, and offer it for stone crush- ing in any part of the county. Re- member that we do Excavation Work a:ml Blasting. Let ns know when you want either done. JONES & CORDER Ransm West Vs. Nov. -3m. RAT RAT w,,.,. T " CORN EX ERMINATE RATS. MICE AND GOPHERS FROM YOUR PREMISES IN A SAFE, SANF. AND SANITARY MANNER. in addi- human be- Bubonic Trichinosis and ? It has Leprosy mui Cmder. Isn't it Horrible to tink You don't want unnecessary Dec- Bills. Don't have them! The), the unnecessary Taxes. these avoidable sickness : CORN NO ODORS OR SMELLS' them. - No matter ply DRY UP. and scientific dis- without a doubt the great. ,in the world; the !s" rats without any iagreeable effects. you. ,,50e and $1.00 per can BURNS & MAISHALL W. VA. "l'nece ts no logical reanj why anyone should hesitate I to take cod-liver oil This energizing food has been an mportant factor in the health record of thousanc l00atl's[malsJc00 is te easy and effective way | to take pure vitamine- LN bearin cod-liver oil. b | It is supr/sin how "-]l . many take it to help d [ build up body and strength. | 0 H J L I RENNER'S PRICES To December 23, 1922. dy 15e to 410 lb. elate Almonds 55 lb. Oranges 35 to 50 Layer Raisins ed St 35 lb. or 8-1b. for $1.00 Shell Almonds 3e lb. Soft Shell Pecans 75e lb. California Walnuts c lb. Fine Walnuts 28e lb. Brazil Nuts 18 lb, Filberts 20c lb. Mixed Nuts 20 to 25c lb. COFFEE. SPECIALS: Lord Calvert 38 lb. Kenny's High Grade 38 lb. Arbuckles. Breakfast 35 lb. Club House 30 lb. Diamond 28 lb. Caraja 30 lb. Maxwell House 38c lb. Steeple Chase 38 lb. Old Reliable 30 lb. E1 Capitan 40 1b.--$1.90 a can Santos,leo se 27c lb. Rio, loose 20c lb. or 5-1bs. for 90 Vantan 38c lb. Pearl Barley 15c pkg. Red and Green Coloring for cakes 15e bottle Pink Sugar 15e lb. TWENTY YI':ARS AGO--1902. iinvestment. And mten j -" "',<' the i AT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN. time they make arrange ., - :" un-- Live chicke.s, we,- qaoted at 6 to  v:st a mrge' crop. a!,,,,z;" :- . ne" If :S Something Nice in Box Candy for I cents a pound m Charles Town; tur-lfrot and virhmll-- m: +- tt e-" keys were clling ,or 1 cent a hound i ......... , Christmas, We Have It. ..... - "wete.w ou .I ousmcs io .... hev, Win. 0. Macoughtry sold the Buck- year " This has happened iu ,:- sec-: t les farm of 135 acres, near Keller, this tion "of the state for the rat two M I L T 0 N B A R S E L L i county, to Dr. J. M. Miller at $40 per years, thus losing to the grow'cr many I aere. hundreds of thousands of dollar. Ad 32axket House Building, Washington Street. Died--At Weston, W. Va., Dr. John then the d, and severe bail storms CHARLES TOWN, WEST VA. S. Lewis, formerly of this county; in frequently destroy an orchar which ..... 2, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mrs. Edna May leave their effect on the trees for years Gatrell, wife ofWilliam Gatell, form- to come. Thus it will he clearly seen erly of Harpers Ferry, aged 25 years, how difficult it is to arrive at a value Married---At West Alexandria, Ohio. on property which fluctuates from MissMaggiebl'Nicewarner'fMill" year t year" according t the size f MELVIN T. STRIDER vill this county, to C. T. Shackleford, the crop and price obtained therefor. of Ohio. Cammt Take Recent Sales. Julian J. Lyne, of Washington coun- ty, Md., bought the grain elevator operated by Billmyer & Lemea at Shenandoah Junction for $4,000. HEAT I N DEATH VALLEY. Death Valley, in California, is called  summer it kills. A man plays out in three stammers, naually. Souse a blanket in a tub of water and pull one end out dripping. It Will dry thoroughly while you are scrib- bing the other half. Dip a handker- chief in water and hold it up. It is dry in a minute's time. Jump into water fully clothed and you will be bone dry to the last thread in half an hour Ten minutes on the sand will bake an egg hard. Cut beef in thin strips, dip in brie and hang in the sun. It is jerky within an hour. Summer heat runs up as high as 160 degrees, highest on earth. At midnight ,it often touches 120 iegrees. The only animal life found in the val- j ley in summer is snake and other reptiles.--Adventure Magazine. %_ Gal. Marischina Cherries $1.90 Five pounds of sugar with all pur- Dan Murphy died recently as he chases of $1.00 or more for 38, or iwished, in the South Carolina peniten- 10-pounds for 75 cent.  tiary, at Columbia S. C., where for 25 Tan-Lac I 95jyears he had been a prisoner. Sen- C.FineL. ShoesOil for men " "75"90c" fenced for. the murder of the treasurer Bed loom Slippers for ladies $I.00 of Orangeburg county, in 1897, Mur- Under,gear '75e to $1.00 I phy had never ridden in an automobile Candy' for Sabbath .Schools at al-  nor seen a motion picture until a year most cost. G. L. RENNEIL :ago. Murphy was offered a pardon Charle Town. West Vs. !several times but always refused, say- .............. ing he was "too far behind the times Shot guns, Hfles shell and ear-j to g6 out into the world and try to tridges at Phillips & mg's. i take up life as he had left it" I i '  ii ,1 . - LETS MAKE IT A RADIO CHRISTMAS "'DO YOU LOVE MUSIC?"--GET IT BY RADIO I am now in a position to equip your home with an up-to-date DEFOREST RADIO, the loudest reproducer yet known to the Radio world. : .. t Do you know this will bring you daffy reports of the Market, Banks, Stocks, and Weather, as well as the best Miis/dal Talent in America or Europe. Would be glad to have aristotle interested to call at my demonstration rooms, 410 N2 Mildred street, at 8 p. m. any evening. Laurence W. Lyd, Radiotrieian. CHARLES TOWN, "WEST VA. I I ! i HUPMOBILE THE CAR OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY $1250 F. O. B. Factory GARDN, ER MOTOR CAR "IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF" $995 F. O. B. Factory. IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES BANE BROWN gent "Some one may suggest that a re- I cent sale of an orchard should gov-[ ern the assessed valuation. This can hardly be considered a correct rule for the reason that all property is a.ess,. [ ed aa of the first of January, and orch- ] do not ae]l vry high in the dead I ot winter. Ser year  a nu.,.[ at o--   .or ,.'ffit I wM tdsal flattering prk, bail this w'at  time Whe' the  were[ hanging full of fruit wifih brought the purchars a large part of the pur- chase price. But I do not hesitate to say that they may have a value far I beyond farm lands, and thin is what I concerns us whose duty it is to carry out the law in assessing all kinds of real estate. o PARENTS' RESPONSIBILITIES. (Florida Times Unfim). For tbn ,or twelve years, a popular subject for magazine articles has been What Is Wrong ,With Our Public i Schools? Persons from all profes-! sions and trades have written article I upon article on the subject. Every- body has been prone to blame the pub- ! lic school for every evil under the sun. As a matter of fact, the public schools i are of the greatest agency for good in this country. The great trouble is not with the schools, but with the homes. The! tendency now seems to be to leave all. the training of the child for the public school teacher. In this day of special- FUNERAL DIRECTOR and LICENSED Charles Town. West Va. AUTOMOBILE SERVICE. KMPI.MER MORGUE ATTACHED. Office Phone 167. Residence Phone 35-W. . o Christmas List ---LOOK IT OVER--- SOMETHING NEW IN CUT GLASS MOUNTED PYREX FISH PLANKS AND COMBINATION DISHES PHILLIPS & WYSONG THE HARDWARE STORE IS AN IDEAL PLACE TO BUY MANY USEFUL AND APPROPRIATE GIF'I SEE OUR WINDO'WS something in them tldse mot any mma, woman child, don't you think? We want particularly to'call your atttmtion to the Armstrong Electric Table Stove which you will notice will cook three things at the time; it isneat and compact, the utens are all al',_ inum, easy to clean and keep clean, the heat mmber . finished in white enamel, easily ktt dean. Call aa see iL GIVE US A CALL WHILE -SHOPPING. of the teacherif he is a fine physi-i cal ,pecimen, it is due to the care of the pmnts. The gublie school system is not per- i fect. but the sdools are doing excel-i lent work. It would seem that itl might, be well with parents who are given to criticizing the schools to turn the search light on themselves, and i fir d out if they are measuring up as ! well as parents, as the teachers are as temehers. Charles Witte blundered when he in- vited both of his wives to visit him while he was locked up in jail at New- ark, N. J. The two wives met, and now more trouble is staring poor Charles in the face. Both Mrs. Ger-! maine Witte .ard Mrs. Inez Rogers toek food, c(.:arettes, and fresh linen to their husb.d. Police investiggted ization, when the bread is baked out- side the home, the milk comes to the SILVER SANDWICH AND BREAD TRAYS BIRD AND GAMI CARVEI ' door in bottles ,the clothes are bought Community and ready made ,and even the music is l;eSiDe--' !mens;EI .eKnives'TFmmlreandandSPnS;Electric SterlingLamps; ground out of a graphophone and good _llry gazers, lea Kmves _and ; Ever Ready Flash- night stories come over the radio, it .  ltO Meters  Spot. Light. Pipes, Cigars would seem that parents would have l. m Ash Trays; Je)t 7 mokl. Hami-Made Tab- oreltes; Artifidial Flowers in Bankers. a great deal of time to devote to the , FI. L., of Aluminum  Enamel Ware. Lets of Thin training of their children. This [does ter the ltmdies, tome In anti See Before Baying. not seem tO be the case, however. S The mern tendency in the trainirgof G R A N D S T A F F' I children seems to be "Let George do it." George, of course, is the public North Charles Street. " Charles Town, W. Vs. i school teacher who must train the child I I in morals and manners, look after his physical welfare, see that his teeth are brushed watch out for defects of sion , ae him weighed regularly. he runs down physically, it is the fault i Xmas Is Coming